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Why do husbands make you feel guilty about certain things then can turn around and do the same thing and not think anything about it? Like trying to take an afternoon nap. If I do this, the world has come to an end. OMG, mom fell asleep, what shall we do? Who will take care of us? If he does it, it’s all good babe. why you mad? When I think of all the nights I have been awake while he snores away really makes this momma mad. When I go to bed, he will wake me up 90% of the time when he finally comes in. I hate this. Doesn’t he realize how precious momma sleep is? Doesn’t he know how nerve wracking it is to be woken up throughout the night. All you sleep deprived momma’s out there know what I am talking about.  I don’t think he gets it at all.


He also makes me feel guilty for not spending time with him after the kids go to sleep. The other night, Little L was not wanting to go to sleep, she gets off the bed several times. Then comes back to me to put her back on. I must of changed 3 pee diapers within an hours time. Finally at 9:30 she just passed out! No warning at all. I think she knew I was at my wits end. Oh how I miss the days of her going down at 8 pm then sleeping til 7 am. That was awesome! So she goes to sleep, I sneak out of the room. *Breathe* I get the computer for a little bit, reading some blogs and catching up on Facebook. Then about 11 I was ready to go to bed myself. My hubby then says,”You want to watch a movie?” It was like he knew what was coming. “No I want bed.” I said. “Oh you never spend time with me.” And there it was folks. That lovely guilt trip phrase that he loves to say.  I guess setting here beside him for 2 hours wasn’t good enough. So I turned the laptop off and just sat there. Eyes closing, head drooping. He lets me go to sleep and leaves me there for the next hour. When I wake up I stumble on to bed, a bit upset that he just let me sit on the couch like that.

The next day he comes in about 2 pm. Heads to the bedroom and lies down. I go to talk to him, see if he is ok. Sure everything is good, he is just hot.  All righty then. I continue to sit beside him and we watch Little L play and run back and forth. I come back into the kitchen to do a few things, go back and guess what? He is asleep. Yes, asleep! What the hell, right? Here he wants me to sit up half the night with him to watch t.v., but can’t stay awake to spend time with the kids and me during the day. I was mad, but like the good wife that I am, I let him sleep. Making as much noise as possible, that man slept for 2 hours! No lie!  I know he was tired, but I’m tired too. I sure could use a good 2 hour nap, couldn’t you?

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