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Friday started out ok. Oldest had an eye appointment at 10 a.m. We were up and made it out of the house on time and even got in early at the office. Her prescription has changed dramatically. She had been saying that it was getting harder to see things far away again and she wears her glasses all the time. The doctor did say that it looked like she had done alot of growing over the year and that is the reason for the big change. Which made me feel better. Poor kid, she inherited my bad eyesight genes.

We went out to look at the new glass frames and she began trying some on. A few she liked, a few she didn’t. Then she found the big nerdy pair that was on top of the glasses display. She put them on and was immediately in love. I, on the other hand, was not. They were too big for her face. The lady that was helping us came over and she looked at them and then told her to hold on while she went to grab another pair that was similar that may fit better. They were the same style, but smaller. Oldest did not approve. She was set on the bigger frames. The lady told her that those didn’t fit her face and wasn’t sitting on the bridge of her nose correctly. She would be constantly pushing them up since they would slide, and she added, with her prescription the lenses were going to be on the thick side, which would make the frames heavy. She walked off for this to soak in, but Oldest has a very hard head. I kept repeating what we were told, but she wanted what she wanted. She finally gave in and said that she would get the other pair. But she wasn’t a happy camper about the whole thing. The lady put in the order for them and then told us that we were allowed one replacement pair and maybe in a couple of months we could come back and get those. That sounded great to me, although Oldest wasn’t listening. She is sooooo stubborn. We left and I knew that the rest of the morning was not going to be much fun.

I had to pick up some milk, so we walked over to the Walmart. (I love having everything in one place.) Oldest wouldn’t speak to me for some time. I was looking around and picking up a few extra things for the house and all she kept saying was “can we go?” Towards the end, her mood started to change, she finally started to talk and joke around with me.  Then she asked if we go could to Target and get a pretzel. Here we go again. Target is close to the house, but in the opposite direction that we were at. She thought it was no big deal to drop off the groceries and head back out just to buy her a pretzel. I said no, maybe this weekend. Once again her smile turned into a frown. I swear this kid sets us up for failure all the time.

Once we were home, she ran in and told daddy that I wouldn’t let her get the glasses that she wanted. I knew that was going to happen.  I told him what the lady said, and he agreed. If she was telling her not to get them, then don’t get them. Made perfect sense to us, and I know one day it will make sense to Oldest. I just hope that day comes soon. 🙂


What is up with today’s young ladies fashions? I have read several things about if you let your toddler wear a bikini you are a horrible mother. My question is, what if you are a mom of a tween? Tweens are at the age of puberty. Every thing about their bodies are changing for them. So let us make it harder and throw swim suit season in. This time of year, all you see are skimpy little tops and bottoms. The girls wanting to find just the right suit and the mom’s cringing at everything they pick out. I, for one, just experienced this.

Oldest had been wanting a new bathing suit. She hasn’t had one for a few years now. Whenever she gets to go in swimming, she wears shorts and a tank top. Her dad likes it this way, she is covered up and no one gets hurt. But this year, she wants actual swim attire. We went up to Wal-Mart this past Wednesday and before we left she wanted to look at the suits. I was in the produce section right across so I let her go over by herself. She came back with a cute pair of swim trunks for girls, and a bikini top. Oh hell no, I thought. I collected my thoughts and spoke slowly. I tried to keep my words at a minimum, and my eyes in their sockets.  “NO!” “But mom” came out of her mouth. I told her there was no way I was going to let her take home that top. She grumped and groaned at me and then I told her that if she took that home, her dad would kill us both. She made her way back over to the suits and I finished up my shopping. She came back with another top this one was more like a shirt and she asked if she could go try it on. I said ok. By the time I made my way over to the clothes section she was done and she was in love with the shirt and shorts. I asked the normal questions, “Did they fit?” “Yes, they do, and the top comes down to here.” She pointed to her belly button. Ok sounds all right so I let her buy them.

We get home and she immediately runs in to try on the new outfit. Her dad and I was talking when she pops out of the bathroom. She was so excited to show us. Our mouths hit the floor. The top, which I thought was going to be at her navel, but wasn’t anywhere close. It was actually  snug on her and she had her shoulders bent in funny. Her dad immediately said no, she had to take it back. She asked why. He told her it didn’t fit right and he did not approve. She ran back into the bathroom. I knew I should have went in to that dressing room with her. Parenting fail on my part. She came out and was upset and mad and couldn’t figure out why we were saying no way. It is really hard sometimes to find the right words to explain why we don’t want her to wear such clothing. So I started off by saying, “For one, you are only 11, that top was made for an older girl, atleast 16.” “Two, it showed way, way, waaaayyy to much.”  Now, I don’t want her to be ashamed of her body, by all means. But she just doesn’t seem to get that even though she is not thinking about it, someone else may be. I told her I didn’t want anyone looking at her like that since she doesn’t look 11. She sulked around for awhile, and wanted to go back to return the top and get something else. I told her that we would get to it. It wasn’t a necessity to take it back right that minute.

She made plans to go over to her friends house tonight for a sleepover and asked me if we could take the top back, since there would be swimming involved.  Her dad and I talked about it, and I told her that she could wait on a new top and that she was just going to have to wear her tank top this time. We did let her keep the shorts.

At this point in my life, I think it would be easier to raise a boy.  🙂


I really hope this phase in Little L’s life will soon pass. It is so hard to take her anyplace. She gets so excited about going, I can hardly get her dressed. We get in the car and she does ok for the ride. When we get to the store, she will be great for the first few minutes. Trickery I tells ya. Then she will go crazy and take off running, laughing all the way.

We managed to take Little L to the Library with us the other day. It was her first time actually stepping her little feet inside. I haven’t taken her since she is such a handful.  But that day, daddy decided that they would ride along with Oldest and I. There was only one other little girl in the tot play area, and she left soon after we got there. She was a little older then L and her mom was following her around with a Starbucks drink in her hand. All I could think of was Hey you aren’t allowed to bring drinks in the Library, Lady. When they left, L had the run of the place, which was cool. She checked out all the seats. Climbing up into everyone and seeing if they were comfy. She played with blocks and looked at books. Oldest, after she found what she was looking for, came over and crawled around on the floor with her. They checked out all the neat things together. When it was time to leave, L ran off into the older kids section and was trying to check out all the seats there. Luckily daddy scooped her right up before she made a mad dash to another area. She didn’t cry or make a fuss either. Which was truly a surprise.


I had to go get diapers yesterday, and hubby wasn’t too thrilled about going, but my van is still acting stupid so I wanted him to drive us to the store. In his truck. Which is lifted and huge and although I have driven a truck most of my adult life, this one is really hard to park. So he is mad cause he doesn’t want to go and I know part of it is because the van isn’t running right. We get there and I jump out to grab a cart and he is holding L. She sees the cart and immediately goes nuts, not wanting to get in. We fight with her, wrestle with her, I try to get her feet in the little holes, lost a shoe in the process, but it was no use. You win kid. But did she. Back in the truck she went and daddy stayed with her. She also started acting like a nut in the Circle K store. I ended up not getting any drinks, just scooped her up with all my might and took her back outside.

Oldest didn’t act like this at all, so I am a little dumbfounded by it. She would hide in the clothes racks when we would go shopping, but she would always come to me and get in the stroller. She would fuss, but never would she flop around on the dirty floor acting like a fish without water, when I would try and pick her up.

I am hoping by not letting her get her way by not taking her in the store or taking her out of the store will sink in and this part of the terrible 2’s soon gets the hell over with. I don’t like it one bit! I see other little kids younger and older then she staying with mom and/or dad. Not acting like a wild wolf child that has never been in public before in their little life.



Little L, you are growing up so fast. It is hard to believe you will be 2 in a little over a month. Time truly does fly! Oldest and I were talking about it just today. How much you have learned and how much you do. You are like the energizer bunny rabbit for sure. Keeps going and going. Oldest misses your cuddles on the couch in the mornings. Now you will lie beside her for just a few minutes if that much, then you are up and running. No stopping you. L, your vocabulary has gotten so much better also. You have picked up several new words just over the past week, and your little voice is so sweet. While sitting at the dinner table today, you said, “Hi Momma.” “Hi Dadda.” pausing just enough to let us say hi back. You have known those words for awhile now, but to hear you say them, just melts my heart. You also broke out into a dance and singing. The words we could make out really well were Me, Myself and Me. We all laughed and you thought that was just wonderful. You are putting words together to make sentences, too. Just the other day, after coming home from shopping, you ran up to your Grandma and said, “I go bye bye.”  You understand so much. I just can’t get over it and I want to brag about how smart you are to everyone I see.   🙂


Just Be A Kid

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high heels“Stop trying to grow up so fast.” I told my oldest. This was the beginning of our heart to heart talk that we had a few nights ago. It all started while shoe shopping on Saturday afternoon. I hate shoe shopping let me say that. I can never find what I want. I like comfort, but I can’t wear flip flops. The thing that goes between your toes, just kills me. I wore them as a kid, but adulthood, nope, ain’t happening. I am a casual girl. Never felt comfortable in heels either, always wore flats. So…Oldest is bored while I try on my 10th pair, trying to find something that would go with my everyday mom clothes, yet looks nice enough if we did happen to go out to eat again, this year!

Now Oldest has always, always, always, liked high heel shoes. I remember taking her in when she was younger and she went straight for a pair of red heels and immediately tried them on. She couldn’t walk in them of course, but it was fun back then to see her in them. This time, since she was bored, she got to looking at heels and found a pair of black ones. Oh boy they were fancy. They were atleast 4″ tall and I cringed thinking about trying to stand in them, let alone walk. She asked if she could try them on and I said go ahead. She rocked those shoes. She walked around that store like a boss. Falling in love with them. I asked how could she walk in them, she said it was super easy. She sure made it look like it too. She finally set down to take them off and looked at the price. They were on sale for $35.00. She tells me the price and I didn’t really say anything to her. Then she asks if she could have them. “NO!” I said. “Well, can I have a different pair, a cheaper pair?” I said “You can look for sandals.” But no, she wanted heels. Then she starts following me down the isle. “Come on, all the kids wear them.” “I don’t care what they wear, you aren’t getting heels at 11 years old.” I was done with the conversation, but she wasn’t. She kept going on and on about having heels and why can’t she and how she never gets what she wants…blah blah blah.  I was listening, trying not to blow my top at her right in the middle of the store. I finally decided on a pair and we headed up to the counter.

Later that evening, she was sitting on the couch and the conversation turned back to those heels. How she just wanted them so bad. “How old do I have to be to wear them?” I said, “Maybe 15 or 16.” She didn’t like that answer. “Well,you are not getting them at 11, that’s for sure!” Then I said, “Stop trying to grow up so fast.” She started to walk away from me. I stopped her. She reluctantly turned back around. “You are 11, you have 18 years to be a kid. Be a kid. After that, if you live to be 80 years old you have 60 plus years to be an adult. You get me?” She didn’t say anything. I could tell, she was letting it sink in. I said it all to her again. Then I said, “And you are half way there baby girl. You have 7 years left to be a kid. Please, be a kid.” “Be my kid.”  She sat back down on the couch. We were both quiet for a little bit. Then she started talking about some silly video she seen on You Tube. Not another word about the shoes were mentioned. And the rest of the evening went pretty well. 🙂

Oh my Little L, you are learning so much. You learned your body parts over a month ago, now you are actually saying most of the names to match. It’s so wonderful to hear your sweet tiny voice. Today, you pointed to my ear and said the word without any prompting. Then we looked at the dog and his ears. You wanted so much to touch them, but you are still a bit timid around him at times. They other night, as we were going to sleep,  you pointed to my eye and said the word. That was your first body part word. I do have to be careful, cause that finger coming at my eye still scares me, after that time you poked me in it and sometimes it still hurts.

We think it is way cute how your n’s come out as m’s. You started saying the word no but it comes out “mo”. At dinner a couple of days ago,  you actually shook your finger back and forth and said, “mo mo mo” at me. We all busted out laughing. That’s ok though. You will figure out that n sound soon enough.

You are a pretty smart cookie, and although you can’t say alot right now, you know exactly what we are saying a good part of the time. All those words will be coming very, very soon.

Now if I could just get you to stop smearing yogurt through your hair…

Solo Trip

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Today we let Oldest do something that I would have never done at her age. Today we drove her to the library and *gulp* left her there for 2 hours by herself. Yes you heard correctly, By. Herself. 2. Hours. Her dad told her a few days ago that maybe we would let her do the alone trip one day for like an hour just to see how it goes. She got very excited and talked about it for the rest of the day. You see, the last time I went in with her, she said that I didn’t have to follow her around. Like I was embarrassing her or something. I guess she ran off and told dear daddy when we got home that mom was following her around and she didn’t like it. She tells on me alot.

Since he told her that she could do this solo outing, she made plans for me to take her Tuesday. Well, who would have thought that I would get a head cold Sunday night and didn’t feel like going anywhere for 2 days. She was a little miffed at me when I told her no, so I had to make a deal with her. I promised my mom to take her to the store, so when I did that, I would take her to the library. She was cool with that. Today was that day.

We went over the rules of staying in the building, no talking with strangers other then the library employees, (kids were fine) keep the phone on at all times. She knew to call daddy if she needed someone immediately, since we live like 5 minutes away. I dropped her off at 1 and watched as she headed into the building. We drove on up to walmart to do our Valentine shopping. 2 p.m. came really fast, we weren’t even half done, I texted her. No answer back. I waited then called. Went to voice mail. I texted her dad. Nope, hadn’t heard from her. Ok…don’t panic, not in front of your mom because she was against the idea all along. A few minutes, altho it seemed longer, went by. She calls. YES! she is whispering that she didn’t hear the phone. “Are you doing ok?” “Yes, I’m good.” “Ok, it will be a little longer.” “That’s fine mom.” The ‘mom, you are annoying me’ tone sets in. “Alright, I’ll see you later.” I barely got an I love you in before she hung up. Texted dad all is good. We finally got through about 3. I texted her I was on my way. Got there and she wasn’t outside yet. Checked my phone, no text back. I park and call. Again no answer.  Ugh. I get out and walk in side. She was looking at her phone, then she seen me. She was talking  with another girl, I heard her tell her she had to go. She had a stack of cd’s, a couple of books, and a couple of movies to check out. On our way to the car, she told me I got there too soon. “You were there 2 hours!” I said very loudly. “Another hour would have been good.” She added.

My little girl is growing up. It will take me awhile to get used to not going in with her. But you can’t hold their hands forever, right? Even though you may want to.

Thanks for reading.  🙂

While standing in Walgreens the other day, Oldest decides she is going to pick on her dear, sweet mother. We were waiting on her grandma, she was looking at some vitamins, and Oldest out of the blue tells me I have wrinkles. “Really?” I say.  She proceeds to say, “Yep they are all around your eyes.” “Especially when you smile.” “So you don’t want me to smile?” “No, I’m just telling you.” she says. Now mind you at home, she is always telling me how pretty I am, how great my skin is. So this lighting in Walgreens must make me look hideous. So I tell her thanks for pointing it out and that she could stop at anytime. She then tells me that I have them around my mouth too. OMG girl can you shut up. Before she could say anything else, I said, “Well, you have pimples!” It came out really loud too and the look on her face after I finished that last word, it was like UH OH! How could you? was coming from her eyes.  She did stop after I said that. Meantime, another lady was standing on the other side of my mom listening to the whole conversation. I think my mom could have crawled under a rock and she actually said outloud that she didn’t know us. Thanks mom!


Finally some peace and quiet. Awwww….

Oldest went to a sleep over last night and is still not home. They were going to a movie this afternoon. The new Hunger Games that just came out. I am not really into the series, but oldest likes them. She told me she couldn’t wait for it to come out on dvd and then her friend asked her to go. Let’s just say she was way happy about that.

Little L has been sleeping in a little bit in the mornings, so her naps are all screwed up. First day, she didn’t nap at all. Fell asleep at 8 p.m. right on the dot. Yesterday she did better, she laid down with daddy around 1:30. Today, not so good, I fought with her 3 different times to lie down. They say 3rd times a charm, guess it is. She finally gave up around 3:15. Now tonight will be hard to get her to go to sleep before 10. She has to have atleast 6 hours in between nap and bed time. I don’t know why, she set the rules, not me.

All in all, it hasn’t been a bad day. I miss oldest tho. I know when she walks in the door, it won’t be quiet anymore. She will be excited and will want to tell me all about the movie she went to see. She can literally talk your ear off.👂👅

The house is a mess. L ate breakfast just fine, but has not wanted much since. She made a mess with her lunch. Didn’t take one bite, but made sure it ended up on the floor before I got to it. Then I made hubby and I some lunch and usually she will share ours, but not today. She wanted to play in the food instead. So I have cheetos and animal cracker crumbs everywhere. 🍪

But it’s all good. Wouldn’t have it any other way! 😉


My little one who is now 17 months, is an expert already at throwing the all mighty toddler temper tantrum. Yes folks, she learned rather early and has been developing these skills every day since. Today I have to say had to be one of the funniest ones she has done. Although, not funny to her. She doesn’t like to be laughed at. Just a few of her tantrum throwing moments are:

1. Changing the diaper.  2. Taking her pants off to change diaper. 3. Putting pants back on after diaper is changed.  4. Not letting her dump lemonade or any other drink on the table, by taking her sippy cup away.  5. Not letting her pour cheezits on the floor.

The list could go on, as you can tell.  The other day, oldest and I were in Michaels Craft store. Little L riding along in her stroller. She was at a perfect level to crab stuff and carry it along with her on the ride. She must have traded out atleast 5 different things for something better. The last thing she took a liking too, was a bottle of craft glue that I was going to purchase. She seen it and had to hold it. That was fine, kept her busy for the last moments of the shopping trip. We get to the counter, the lady scans our purchases and then needs the bottle of glue. Oldest reaches down and takes it out of her hands, me not really paying attention to what was about to happen. Little L did the wind up and the crying began. The cashier, was great though, she scanned the bottle like she had dealt with a screaming brat child before and handed it right back to her. She was so fast, I barely got a word out. Little L took the bottle and smiled at the lady as if to say, “Hey, I like you.” It was a super cute smile.

But today, luckily we were at home for this mega melt down. Daddy was brushing his teeth, he gets her toothbrush and hands it to her. She is all set and puts the brush in her mouth, when she sees his in his mouth. The cries start. “No, you use your brush.” More cries. “Now come on, brush your teeth.” She puts down the brush and runs around the room whining and crying. “Get your brush and brush like daddy,” I tell her. She continues to cry, runs around room and begs for his brush. He gives up and goes back into bathroom. She then cries louder and louder, won’t touch the brush, won’t come to me for consoling. I start to laugh. I realized that her cries reminded me of a mad cat, which made me laugh more. She then, now this is the clincher, runs over to the foot of the bed and slams her little face into it. Well atleast she knew to do it on something soft, I thought. I couldn’t help but laugh harder. I did actually try to get her to stop, but using the I have had enough mommy tone, but she kept going. This went on for about 5 more minutes. My hubby finally came out of the bathroom and found her paci. He hates giving it to her, but she got so upset she couldn’t get calmed down. He popped it in and she was fine within a few seconds. Already forgotten about the toothbrush and why she was even crying in the first place. 😉