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Last night my daughter wanted to go to the park. “Please mommy lets go. We haven’t been there for so long.” It was true, since this summer had been so hot, we have stayed in doors for the most part. We went alot in the spring, little L was starting to walk and she loved exploring. My oldest wanted me to pinky swear that we would go, I told her I would think abour it.

Well, dinner got off to a late start so no, we didn’t go. Oldest gave me the silent treatment for awhile. (Man do I get those alot around here.) After her shower, I sat her down and told her we would go in the morning. “You promise,” she asked. “Yes, we will go in the morning after breakfast.” Doing online school does have its advantages, ya know.
When I was tucking her in last night she said that she wanted me to pinky swear. I asked why. “Because you always tell me if I pinky swear I can’t go back on it.” Ok so I pinky swore we would go.

We made it there about 10 a.m. It was already hot, but it was fine. We got on the swings first. It was nice, just the two of us. Spending some much needed quality time together. Then she started talking about the first time we came to this park. She was swinging and her dad and I were pushing little L in her stroller. It was starting to get windy so her dad told her we were ready to go. She was trying to get her swing to stop, and somehow, her foot got caught on the rubber matting stuff and she flipped out of the swing and face planted underneath it. She was lying on the ground, looking at us with a *what just happened?* expression. “OMG are you ok?” we both said. She said yes, slowly got up and dusted her self off. Luckily she didn’t cry, even though I think she would have liked too. I know I would have! But today when we talked about it, we laughed so hard. She was like, “Leave it to me to be the only one to face plant. And how the heck did I end up under the swing??” “Hey everyones looking at me, I must be so popular!” I lost it when she said that, laughed so hard I had to stop swinging in fear that I would do the same. 🙂

She started playing with some younger kids who were there with their mom, and I went on a walk around the parks perimeter. As I was walking, I was thinking about what a great kid she is. She can definitely be a handful at times, but I wouldn’t change her. I was happy that she did make me pinky swear!

A Trip to the Grocery Store

Posted: September 2, 2014 in funny, kids, toddlers
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Well, we spent our day, the first day of September, at a wonderful, magical place I like to call the Grocery Store. Oh yes folks, you heard me right. No cookouts for us, no playing in the pool one last time. Nope, we wanted to go where everybody goes and nobody knows your name…

Usually my hubby sits out on the grocery shopping trips. This time, for some reason, he wanted to go. I really hate when he does because we buy so much more stuff and most of the time it gets wasted. When he said he wanted to go, I said ok like whateves. I didn’t think he would actually do it. Since he was going that means little L got to go too. I plan my shopping when I know he is going to be around, so I don’t have to drag her with me. It is just less stressful on my part. Although she cries when I leave, she is so happy to see me when I get back.

Today was the day where she should have been able to stay at home. It started out good. She was all excited, looking at everything and everyone. Then my husband took her out of the cart. Wrong move honey pie! She wanted to play and run and run some more. After a bit of a struggle and some crying , we got her back into the cart and proceeded on the shopping journey. We hadn’t gotten very far, when my oldest says “Hey, where’s her paci at??” Oh dear Lord up above! We have done it now. The paci is missing! We search the cart, her bag, retraced our steps, (we only went a foot). Nothing! Nada! Ziltch! We started looking under the pallets in the middle of the floor. Everyone down on the ground now, we have a paci to find! After some searching, and some praying, my hubby saved the day and our sanity.

After the recovery mission, we went on through the store. Little L getting ansy, not wanting to sit in the cart, so she starts grabbing at everything. I would say she was thinking,  All this food and I can’t eat any of it! We went down the can food isle and my hubby parked the cart up against the shelves and started looking at canned fruit on the other side. He calls me over, me not thinking, goes. Then I start to hear, “get her, get her”. Hey that sounds like my mom and OMG what is little L doing now. I turned around in an instant and Little L is reaching for a huge ass jar of pickles. Now I ask you, why do they still put pickles in glass jars?  Everything else is in plastic. Why not that? Now this part was pretty funny. My hubby, oldest and I start running towards the cart, but all in slow motion. I was thinking I am never gonna make it, I am NOT going to…make…it. Finally I reached out saying NOOOOOO!!! I caught the jar before it even left the shelf. Laughter commenced and a round of high fives. We got this! Whew!

Our next stop we did not park the cart up against the shelves, we left it right in the middle of the isle. Making people go around was rather fun though.

We ended up taking her out of the cart a couple more times. She just wouldn’t stay still, crying and fussing. Daddy carried her, then I carried her, then sis chased after her. I just wanted this shopping trip to end. We made it to the checkouts and got everything unloaded. We were at one of those stores that you have to bag everything yourself. Oh joy! That’s the best part about bringing hubby, I have to say. He will do all the bagging. While that was happening, and I am watching the total go up and up, Little L is just throwing a fit in the cart. I grab a can of baby cheese puffs, that she loves, and gave them to sis. I go back to watching the total and happen to look over at the girls, Little L is opening her mouth and spitting not 1, but 3 cheese puffs out into her sissy’s hand. I yelled, “Hey, becareful! Don’t choke your sister!” I got the eye roll from the oldest but I was dead serious. We made it to the car and on the ride home, Little L quietly passed out. Ahhh! She actually continued sleeping after we got home for another 2 hours. She was exhausted. Needless to say, we were too.

Another fun part about this day was after getting home I forgot the garlic bread for tonights dinner. Yippee, I get to go back to the store. But this time I went alone!



Word Malfunction

Posted: August 26, 2014 in funny, kids, parenting
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My oldest daughter can be pretty funny sometimes. The best part is, she doesn’t even realize how funny she can be.

About a month ago, we were playing Just Dance 3 on the Xbox. And she wanted to take a selfie. I don’t know why, just all of a sudden had that urge. The lighting was bad in the living room so she ran off to the bathroom. She came back several minutes later to show me the pics.  All three looked about the same, she was staring into the mirror trying to look cute and all, but on every one of them, there was a spot right on her eyeball. I asked what it was, not thinking that hey lady, you need to clean that mirror once in awhile.

She started talking and instead of saying the spot on her eyeball was actually on the mirror, she called it a pupil. Now this is the funny part, instead of saying pupil she said poopil. Then she tried to correct herself, and she said it again. I was laughing so hard and in her frustration said it a third time. She yelled, pointing at her eye, “MY POOPIL”, “MY POOPIL!”  

She said it so much that it was starting to sound like poop hole. OMG I was done, I could hardly breathe at this point. Tears streaming down my face! It took me several minutes to recover, she was laughing, but I think it was mostly at me being in hysterics over a simple word malfunction.

AHHHH Good times!


Mom of 1 and 10

Posted: August 19, 2014 in parenting
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Just like my name states, I am a mom of a 10 year old and a one year old. Both girls. It’s crazy right? 9 and a half years apart, what was I thinking, and with no one in between. Just down right nuts! Well, yes and no. My oldest, being an only child for so long, was somewhat easy.

1. There was no fighting about who got the most presents at Christmas time.

2. Who got more whip cream on their desserts.

3. Who gets to ride shotgun with mom to the store. It was all laid out, nice and simple. And we were a happy little family of 3.

When I found out that I was pregnant at 40, I have to be honest, I cried and I cried a lot. Oh my God! What have we gone and done? My world was turning upside down. I couldn’t believe it. But they say things happen for a reason, and I do believe every word of that.

Nine months later we welcomed our second baby girl into the world. Now the only child was a Big Sister. But I was lucky, because with the big gap in age brought in an extra pair of hands when cuddles were needed. She hardly left her side for the first week. She was in awe! And I was too.

It hasn’t been all gummy bears and lollipops. Even tho she is older there are times when the ugly head of jealousy appears. I hear,

1.You like the baby more then me. No dear, the baby just needs me more right now.

2. Why do I have to give her ALL my stuffed animals? You are not giving them to her, you are sharing.

3. Why don’t you come play a game with me when she takes her nap? Because all tho I love you like crazy, mommy needs some quiet time before she goes insane dear.

But all in all it has been a nice little roller coaster ride over the past year. Sometimes I feel like pulling my hair out when one is crying and the other is in her “mood”, we still make it through the day together. And that I wouldn’t change for the world!



Give me a minute!

Posted: August 16, 2014 in humour, parenting
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Give me a minute! That is all I seem to say around here. I get tired of hearing my self say those 4 words. Then when I don’t say them I think them! My family, whom I love very much, think that the world is gonna end if mom goes and does something else other than be at their beck and call 24/7.  All the time it is mom this and mom that. Can I just get a break?

I know that it won’t happen, but it is a wish I make everyday.  Sometimes I make excuses to go to the bathroom just to get a quick moment of peace, recoup, then it’s back out the door I go. Being a mom is a hard job, don’t let anyone fool ya.

Take today for instance. It’s Saturday, a day to just do whatever, but no…you are a mom and you can’t do whatever. You have to get up, change diapers, fix breakfast, change diapers, wait for everyone else to rise, fix more breakfast, change more diapers. The list is endless and I could go on, but I think you get the point.

When the day is over, when all little brats and big brats are in bed I set back, put my feet up and think Lord I have to do this all again tomorrow! <sob>