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Monday Funny

Posted: August 3, 2015 in blog, funny, humor, jokes, kids, tweens
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Found this on Facebook today and shared it and tagged Oldest in the post. Her response was “You wouldn’t dare.” My response, “Try me!” She didn’t say anything after that. Smart kid.

It’s official. I am finally an Arizonian. Got my license Thursday, in the mail. The picture looks better then what the temp card made it look like. The best part is that I won’t have to get another license, because here in the good ole desert, they are good for a very very long time. Mine expires in 2037. Yep, 2037! Now in 2037, I will be pretty old. Atleast that is what my kid and my own mother kept saying after I got it. My birthday is coming up faster then I would like it to and I will be 43. For some reason I was saying I am 41 turning 42. But they let it be known that I was actually 42. So since they couldn’t let me get by with being a year off, I kept saying it over and over. “No, I’m 41.” “No your not,” they both rang out. So the more they said it, the more I said it.  This went on for some minutes. When they finally got tired of arguing. Then I told oldest that I knew I was 42, I was just messing with her. She didn’t think that it was as funny as I did.

When I turned 30 I cried, when I  turned 40, I took it a bit better. No tears. I did call in that day to work, which they didn’t like much, but I didn’t care. I sat and watched movies all day, hung out with my kid, and just took turning 40 in slowly. No big. So turning 43 isn’t much difference. Just a number. Although some days I feel like I am way older, cause my feet hurt, can’t hardly walk, or my knee makes that crazy ass popping sound more then I like. But it will just be another day. 🙂