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I Feel Used

Posted: January 12, 2016 in blog, funny, kids, toddlers, Uncategorized
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Little L was addicted to my tablet for about 2 months. Every morning when she woke up, she asked for my tablet. She could set and look at it for hours at a time. Every night before bed, she would watch videos on Youtube while cuddling with her grandma. Even once we were in bed, she had to have it in her hand, falling asleep with it by her side. Yes, she had a problem. Early December, she got bored with it and stopped asking for it so much. I was rather glad about this, but now she needed other things to keep her interest during the non nap days. (Which was and is every day!) A couple of days ago, she started looking at the tablet again, but this time, she wanted to play games. I told her she had a ton of games on it already, but she wanted new games. This is the task that is not fun nor easy. Trying to find a game that will be fun and entertaining and not have those dreaded pop ups every 10 seconds or them trying to get you to buy extras for the game is hard to do.

I found a couple that were not that bad and she seemed to enjoy, but after a few minutes of playtime, she would want me to find her something else. After about an hour of going through the game store and reading reviews, downloading, playing and sometimes deleting, we found a game about a penguin that has to run and get coins and stars. The game also has extra characters that you can buy for a very large sum of game coins. One she particularly wanted was a robot. My kid loves robots and that is all she kept talking about. Every time the Penguin would run and I would have to start over she would think I consumed enough coins to go buy her that robot. Before bedtime last night, she kept begging me for the robot. I told her after she went to bed, I would play the game and get her more coins. Which I did. There was a section that you could go into to earn free coins. I did a couple of things out of there and they also gave you 100 coins just to watch trailers of games to download. The robot was 20000 coins and I was just a few hundred shy this morning when she got up. We did a few runs and leveled up so that gave us the amount we needed. I told her she could get her robot. She scrolled through the characters and pushed the buy button and there he was!

After she ran about 6 times, she was out of energy. She didn’t like this and kept saying to fix it. I told her she had to wait, but could play as the penguin. His energy level was full. She didn’t like this so she went scrolling through the characters again and pointed to a fox and said, get me that one.  I looked at the amount of coins it took to buy and it was way more then the 20000 I just got for the robot. I told her she had to wait a while for that one. After a minute, she gave up and went on to something else. I feel so used! 🙂


I want an Elf on the Shelf! I don’t know why, but I am attracted to that little guy this season for some mysterious reason. I had only heard of him last year on Facebook, when everyone was posting pictures of where the little guy was turning up. I was like, what is this and why does everyone have one? I didn’t think much more about it but now it is one thing I think about alot. Oldest doesn’t want me to get one. She says that it is creepy. Then everyone in the house agreed. Well, except for Little L, she would play with him if I had him. I seen it for sale in the store the other day. Fifteen dollars. Not too bad, but still a little steep for my blood. Just for a game.

One of these days, maybe I will get one. Then place him throughout the house for the kids to find. I think it would be fun! (Or I am just crazy and like creepy things…but that’s another holiday.)  😉