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The Trip

Posted: May 2, 2015 in blog, short stories, Uncategorized
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It was going into April, nearing the end of 6th grade. Next year, off to Junior High. L was not looking forward to it. But there were a few months left and she was going to try and enjoy it. Now being a 6th grader meant one thing. A trip to Washington D.C., the Nations Capitol. L had done her share of fundraising so the cost to go was pretty much free. The teachers were making the reservations and setting up who were going to be in what room. There could be 4 people to a room, and if you didn’t have 4, she would put people with you. L didn’t worry. She had 3 other friends in the class and they were all set. They couldn’t wait to go. As the days went on though, her best friend, K, started talking to another girl in the class. They were getting to be good friends. It was one girl that she didn’t really care for one way or another, so L tried not to let it get to her.

One Sunday, L was at home and the phone rang. It was for her. It was the girl that her friend K, was starting to hang out with. She said that K and the rest of the girls were talking and they decided that L wasn’t any fun. They didn’t want her in the room on their big trip. They wanted her instead. L asked why didn’t K tell her this. The girl said that she didn’t want to hurt her feelings. L broke out into tears, and hung up. She ran to her mom, trying to tell her what happened, but she was crying too hard. She finally got the words out and her mom felt so sorry for her. She knew something was wrong though. K wouldn’t do this to her. They were too close of friends. A few minutes later, the phone rang again. L’s mom went to answer this time.

It was K. She started out apologizing. She said that the girl just called her and told her what she had done. “So you didn’t know about this?” L sobbed while trying to speak. “No, I didn’t.” “We don’t want her, you are my friend.” This made L feel so much better. The tears tapered off and they hung up soon after. She told her mom what K said. Her mom told her that she needed to inform the teacher the next day about this whole thing. L just wanted to forget about it. From past experience, she knew that telling the teacher wasn’t what it was cracked up to be.

The next morning, L went on to school. She was always the first one there, her mom dropped her off on her way to work. The teacher asked her to come on up to the room and help her hang up some things on the board. L was happy to help. Anything was better then sitting in the hallway by yourself. L was asked to staple some papers up on the board. Not much talking was going on, but L felt comfortable. She wanted to blurt out what happened the day before. She just didn’t know how to bring it up. She looked at the clock and it was nearing the 1st bell. She knew she wouldn’t get another chance. She took a deep breath and it all poured out. The teacher couldn’t believe that someone could do that. She was trying not to get emotional, she didn’t want the teacher to see her cry. She told L that it was going to be ok. She would “handle it.” Ugh, L had heard those words before, but atleast she could tell her mom that she did tell the teacher all about it.

Class began and the first lessons of the day went by pretty smoothly. The time was quickly approaching first break. The teacher brought up the subject of going to D.C. L  had forgot about earlier. Her friends were there and everything seemed ok. Before the teacher excused them for break, she told the class, “And there will be no changing of rooms. Who ever you signed up with, you are in that room.” L didn’t hear much after that. Her face felt hot. She knew it was bright red. The teacher, although not the way L thought, did handle it. L was praying that the girl wouldn’t turn around and look at her. She would surely know that she told on her. When the teacher was through talking and no one was pointing fingers, L sighed. And then she smiled.


A couple of weeks ago, my oldest wanted me to tell her a scary story. I decided to tell her about a time that I was in grade school. Something kind of spooky happened to me and I have never spoken of it, until this day. So in the spirit of Halloween, I thought I would share it with you. Here it goes…

One day in early fall, my whole school went on a field trip. I can’t remember exactly what grade I was in at the time, but I am thinking 3rd or 4th. The name of the place escapes me, but it was Paradise something. Maybe Paradise Park. I remember that their was a very long swinging bridge that we had to cross over, just to get to the place. This in itself scared me, because I was and still am, afraid of heights. But we all made it across, safe and sound.

The park was pretty good size, with a playground, and some picnic tables. There were buildings that we were not allowed to go inside though. They looked like houses, but I don’t think anyone lived in them. Ok…so someone started saying that in one of the houses, they kept seeing the curtain move and they seen someone looking down. The story spread throughout the playground and finally got to my friends and I. We kept looking up at the window, but really I didn’t see anything that looked scary. But just the thought into a young girls head, made you think you saw something. I remember us all eating lunch, then heading back to school, still talking about that window.

When I got home, I immediately started telling my mom about the day. All about the playground and what went on. I then decided to tell her about the story that was spread about the mystery window. I was almost finished, when the phone rang in the living room. I, being the nosy one in the house, ran off to get the phone.  When I answered the it, there was no one there. I said Hello a few times, and still no one, not even static. I was about to say Hello one more time, and something came over me. I literally got scared right at that very moment. I thought oh no, the story was true and they didn’t want me to talk about it. I remember hanging up and walking slowly back to my mom’s bedroom. She asked me who was on the phone. I said no one, no one answered. I got really quiet and my mom asked me what was wrong. I told her I was tired and just dropped it. I didn’t even tell her the whole story. I just wanted to forget about it and go on.

I then told my daughter that this was the first time that I had ever told the story. It was true. Sometimes I would think about it, but I never told anyone. As I type this I have chill bumps going on. As I was finishing with my story, my dear, sweet hubby walked in and said, “You promised you would never tell!” With a crazy look on his face.  I think my eyes bulged out of my head. He had been listening and thought he would give me a good scare and it definitely worked. Even my daughter yelled at him.

So there you have it…hope you enjoyed my story. I have included some creepy window pics for your enjoyment. MUHAHAHAHAHA



window 3


window 2

window 4


After arriving at the zoo, and the much needed pit stop, we wondered around for a few minutes trying to figure out what to do first. The oldest wanted to go to the barn area and pet a goat. I thought that this was funny since we owned horses when we lived in Las Vegas for awhile. We had a petting zoo in our back yard. We went to the barn yard and seen the goats, once we were in there, she didn’t want to stand in the line to go out to pet them. Hum, go figure! OK, so we made our way down to one of the little eatery’s and looked at the menu. We were getting pretty hungry but once we looked at the prices, our hunger pains went away. We did get some drinks and got the kids a pretzel to share. After that we left the area and went in a different direction so we totally missed the walk through of the monkey village and that was one thing I wanted to do.

We walked and walked and oh, did I mentioned we walked some more. The oldest seen her weird little monkey’s that she wanted to see, I got a couple of pictures but he was so tiny you can’t really see him in the cage. When going into that area, we totally missed the elephants. I was bummed. Little L was enjoying the ride looking at all the scenery and animals. Then we made the mistake of letting her walk…oh yea I am free, I know she thought. We had to wrestle her into the stroller more then once on this outing. When we got to the zebras and giraffes, we let her out and she was sitting on the bench being so good then all of a sudden she was down and running across the road. I was hot on her trail but she is very quick. I had my hubby and my mom yelling at me to get her. Like I wasn’t trying!

We missed one section of the park but it was just so big and we were all pretty tired. By the time we got to the top where the lions and tigers were, Little L had had enough. I gave her some lunch and she quickly passed out in the stroller. I was very happy about that. I know she was worn out, but the crying had to stop. She wanted out of that stroller so bad, but no one felt like chasing her anymore. Oldest wore the wrong shoes, so she spent the last part limping around. In my checking and rechecking of the bag, I forgot to pack her flip flops.

All in all we had a great time. We hit the gift shop on our way out and ewed and awed over all the high priced merchandise. The kids got a t-shirt a piece from their grandma, then we left. All of us were limping thru the parking lot except for little L who was still sleeping peacefully in her stroller.


037                                                           043


063                                                           076

Oldest posing with the Zebra’s.                                                                                                      Walking up to the Lion and Tiger area.


091 Sporting her new t-shirt and enjoying some nilla wafers.

Our family outing to the Zoo earlier this week was pretty nice. Since it was a school field trip, it only cost us 2 bucks a piece. Yes, you heard it 2 bucks! I could not believe it myself until I RSVP’d and confirmed the price. It was a bit of a drive for us, but with that price, who cares, right? The weather has finally cooled down a touch here, the nights are in the 60’s and the days are in the low 80’s. Perfect weather!

My oldest has been to a couple of zoo’s but she was 4 the last time we went, so this trip was long overdue.  Oldest was most excited to go. She looked up the zoo website and they had these little monkeys that she really wanted to see. We got up at 6 a.m., well let me put it this way, I got up at 6a.m. Oldest didn’t get out of bed till 6:40 although she said she would get up before 6 to make sure I was up. She stinks at being an alarm clock, I must add.  Hubby got up around 6:30 too, after I nagged him to death about it. We had mapped out the route the night before and he said he wanted to leave around 7:30. We were told to be at the main gate no later then 8:45. So with rush hour traffic and us living a good 40 minutes away, he wanted plenty of leeway. Now any other morning, my little L would be bright eyed and bushy tail come 7 a.m. Over the weekend she was wide awake before 7, both days. This particular morning, she wanted to sleep in, and it took the oldest and I both to wake her up. She sat on the bed staring at us. Total confusion in her tiny face. She finally made her way off the bed and then got really excited that everyone was up. She started playing ball, carrying it all around the kitchen and living room, wanting someone to bounce it or kick it so she could run after it. I was trying to get her to eat, but that wasn’t happening. Too much goings on! I went ahead and got dressed then quickly made her a bottle of milk. She drank with out any fuss. I was just glad she had something on her tummy. (This girl is used to 3 course meals in the morning.)

We were all ready by 7:30 when my hubby announces that he is going to go have a cigarette before we leave. UGH! I couldn’t believe I was killing myself to be ready by the time he said then it just comes to a halt. Well atleast it gave me time to check and recheck if I had everything for everybody. 10 minutes later we were loading up the truck. We started out pretty good, but then hubby had a bright idea to go this side street which then turns into the freeway. He didn’t want to get stuck in a traffic jam, so he makes a right turn onto another street that curves around and goes the opposite direction that we needed to go. After several minutes we get going the right way and we are making good time with the stop lights and all. But time is ticking away and the GPS kept saying the same amount of minutes altho we were getting closer. Which was making me nervous. It was 8:40 and we still had a few miles left before the turn off. My hubby then gets mad and says that they shouldn’t have people rushing through morning traffic. I told him I thought we were going to leave at 7:30. He then says I thought you said we didn’t have to be there till 9. OMG man, don’t you listen. I told him repeatedly, what time we had to be there. Within a few minutes of that drama, we were pulling into the parking lot. There were tons of people unloading and strollers going everywhere. Kids 2 and under are free and these momma’s were definitely taking advantage of that. We parked and I grabbed my bag and the oldest, and we headed up to the main gate. The teachers had on school t-shirts, luckily, so I got in line to pay and get our names checked off. We made it there right before 9, but they didn’t let us in the gate till 9:30. Then everybody was free to go their own way. And we did. We went the way that said restroom cause this momma had to go!

Stay tuned for Part 2. 🙂


I used to never enjoy Fall. It meant going back to school, and back east, it turned cold as soon as September 1st arrived. Now, living in the desert, and loving hot weather, I never thought I would actually miss the changing of the seasons. The leaves turning into colors of orange and yellow. The fact that my kids don’t get to feel the crispness in the air. Makes me very sad. I have been telling my hubby that we need to move. I miss grass. It does sound odd, but I do. All we have here is rocks and sand.

So now that it is almost the end of September, I am in the mood to go to a pumpkin patch. We got to go last year, for a school field trip. It was rather fun and we wanted to go back. Well…this year, the school has two planned, one that is 2 hours away, and another that is 3 hours away. You have to be joking. Why would they schedule these trips like that. Doing online school, you have to find your own way to where the field trip is. I am not getting up at 4 am to leave at 6 am to be there by 9 am and have to leave at 12 noon. This is when one is actually closing for the day.

I was thinking about this earlier today and how much of a bummer it is, when I remembered the time we were living in Washington. We found a pumpkin patch really close to where we were and went in the middle of the week. My hubby doesn’t like big crowds, so we try to plan stuff during the week, not the weekends. When we got to the patch, the lady took our money and told us that we get a free small pumpkin when we left. Cool, we like pumpkins. There was a hay maze and of course, the pumpkin patch but everything else was closed till the weekend. That was fine. We amused ourselves with the pumpkin patch, I took tons of pictures of  Little T by the scarecrow, by the pumpkins, by the hay maze entrance, in the hay maze. If there is a photo op I am gonna take it!

Being on the plump side, I didn’t want to go through the hay maze. Daddy and Little T went through it several times. I stood to the side and watched, laughing and enjoying the fun Little T was having. They took a break and Little T said I needed to go through it, just once. I said no over and over again. Came up with every excuse I could. She would not let it go. I finally gave in, and said yes. She wanted me to go first. I think she knew if I went last, then I could easily get out. I stood firm and made her go first. Well since she had been through it so many times, she knew her way. She was done before I got a quarter of the way in, it seemed. We were laughing and I was crawling when all of a sudden we came upon a really tight area. I went to go through, and got stuck. OMG I am stuck in the freaking hay maze. I told Little T I was stuck, she was behind me now, so she turned around and went back out to tell her dad. Well while she is doing that, I am cussing and fuming, how could they make this so flippin tight I kept saying over and over. There were no warning, no restrictions, or I would have definitely not went in. I got soooo mad, that I tried to turn around and forgot that there was hay above my head. Under that hay was a very hard 2 x 4 that when I raised up, I slammed my head into. I hit so hard, I thought I was gonna pass out.  It took me several minutes to shake it off.  I got even madder that I did this that something came over me and I got myself unstuck. I really don’t know how I did it, but I was free. Thank God. I told my hubby what happened. He asked if I was ok and I said yes, thought so. We ended up leaving shortly after this. But before we did, we went to pick out our pumpkin and I told the lady that there was a tight area and I got stuck for a few minutes. I also told her I hit my head. She didn’t seem too concerned. I guess since I made it out ok, she didn’t think it was too important.

The one we went to last year, was much bigger and they had all kinds of animals to look at and feed. Little L was only 3 months old, so she didn’t get to do a lot. That is another reason I want to go this year. She would definitely have fun!

100_1438  100_1457