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Having a conversation with Oldest about driving a couple days ago.

Oldest: “I can’t wait to drive. I can take myself where ever I want to go.”

Me: “You can take me places instead of me taking you.”

Oldest: “No, I will take me places.”

Me: *Ignoring her comment* “Cool, I won’t have to go out as much. If we run out of something, you can go to the store to get it.”

Oldest: “No”…

Me: *Cutting her off and still ignoring her*  “Hey, we need some butter and milk, run up to the store. Oh and take your sister with you.”

Me: “Yes! This will be great!”

Oldest: “Wait, what just happened?”

I love happy endings!  😉

Oldest has a follow up appointment with the Endocrinologist next Tuesday. Well she did. They called me this past Tuesday saying that I had not went in to have her do the 2 hour glucose test. I had put it off so long that I was going to just cancel the appointment anyways. They asked me if I could take her in this week. I told them the earliest would be Friday and would that be enough time for them to get the results. It was. So we made plans to get up early today and get out of here since she had to fast from midnight on. She is fine with no food, but she couldn’t even have a drink of water. Little L is usually my alarm clock. Always around 7 to 7:30, except for the days I absolutely need her to wake me up. I woke up at 8:06. Not even thinking about having to get up I did anyways since my bladder was calling. I was in the bathroom when I remembered we had to go. I got Oldest up and she went in to get ready. Then L decides she is going to throw an ever loving fit over a popsicle. I was trying to make her a waffle and she was screaming like a banshee because I would not hand her what she wanted. I finally got her to calm down, I turned on Paw Patrol and set down and started to watch. She forgot about the frozen goodie and started eating the waffle.

We didn’t actually leave until 9:15. I had a quick errand to run before we could go to the lab. But it wasn’t so quick and it was going on 10 when we found the lab. Luckily it was only a few miles away and I got a great parking space right in the shade, which is a necessity here. We go inside and the receptionist is very nice and she takes our paper work. There were only a few people in the waiting area, so we should be seen pretty quickly.  One of the lab techs was talking with the receptionist and she seen my insurance and said that they didn’t accept the one I had. WTH? The receptionist apologized and the other lady pulled out a map and showed me where the next lab was that accepted it. Just right down the street. Cool. We get back in the car and head down the road. I thought the lady said it was on the left, so I turned. Oldest said no it was on the right. I got up in the parking lot for one of the hospitals and there was no where to go to pull over to look at the map again. I finally got turned around, and head out of the lot. I had to turn right because there was so much traffic, I could not go straight across. I decide to drive back down and get gas since my light came on while doing all this. When we finally get to the right place after another turn that was incorrect, you had to take a token to have the gate open. Oh great, how much is this gonna cost me? We find a place to park all the way at the end of the lot and walk the mile back up to the office. When we open the door, it is packed. Great, just great. The receptionist was not as nice as the other lady and I tell her why we are here and she says that they close for lunch and they couldn’t see her. But we could drive another so many miles and go to one that is opened at lunch time. Nope not gonna do it. Oldest was already saying her tummy was hurting and having no water in 100 degree weather just isn’t right. So we left the office and in the main area was the station to get your paid parking token. I didn’t know what to do, so I pushed the Help button. I told the man who answered that I was only there for a few minutes and did I still have to pay he said not if you are under 20 minutes. I said thanks, and we ran out of the building, made the trek to the car as fast as our feet could carry us. I was heading to the exit when this other car decided that he was just gonna set and block the traffic that was trying to leave. “MOVE DUDE!” We got up to the gate and I popped in the token and the arm raised and off I went. Oldest had packed a sandwich to eat on the way home. She had it on her lap and asked if she could have it now. “Yes baby, eat.” We got home and I called the doctors office that sent us to the wrong place. After telling them what happened, I cancelled the appointment and they have to send me new lab paperwork and after I get it done, I just have to call them to reschedule.

Now I have a huge headache and Little L won’t take a nap. For a Friday, this day sure has not gone the way I would have liked. Here’s to hoping the weekend is much better. 🙂

This morning, I took Oldest up to the library. I never park in the front row, since that is always the row everyone goes for. I seem to get claustrophobic when I have to park in between cars so I always go for the row that is not crowded. But today, I hit it at a good time and it wasn’t too crowded. Anyways…(I sure can get sidetracked easily)…We went in and Oldest picked her out several books and some music cd’s. We got all checked out and started for the van. We were talking, and I told her to put the books in the back floor board since we had another stop to make before heading home. We walked up to the van and I pulled on the handle for the side door to open. It didn’t come open. Now I never lock the van, don’t have anything in it to steal. Oldest is still chattering away about I don’t know what when I looked inside the window and noticed a coffee cup in the drink holder. Wait, I don’t drink coffee. Then I realized that the handle was black, “OMG this is not our van!” I yelled at Oldest. We both took off walking very fast down the row and my van was parked about 3 more spaces down. We were laughing so hard that we were taking forever to actually get into the van. The side door didn’t want to come all the way open for some unknown reason and then gave me a hard time shutting. I jumped in and told oldest I hope no one saw us and thinks we were trying to break into someones car. Then a car pulled in on the right side of me. Really dude there were like 4 empty spaces to the left and you have to pull right up on me while I am trying to back out. I told you I had issues. So I am waiting for jackass jerk to get parked then I put the van into reverse. All of a sudden the van starts beeping very loudly like I was a big ass bus trying to back up. WTH is this thing doing now? Wait it did it one other time and hubby told me what to do, what was it??  Nope we both couldn’t remember. I headed onto our second stop and it beeped the whole time. I got parked, it stopped beeping. I turned it off, then started it again. Put it into reverse, started beeping again. Oh whatever! When we finally headed home, it beeped the whole time. We even turned up the music so we couldn’t hear it. By the time we got home oldest was covering her ears it seemed like the beep was getting louder and louder. I pulled in and hubby met us in the drive way. He wanted to see if the van was leaking still. Popped the hood, no leak. I told him “we have another problem.” “What?” He asked. “The van won’t stop beeping, it beeped all the way home.” “Did you open the side door and not get it shut all the way?” “Oh that is what it was. I couldn’t remember how you fixed it before.” He walked over and opened up the door, which gave him no problems what so ever. Then shut it using the button that for some reason I never thought of pushing.

Some days I just should stay home. I don’t know how I make it sometimes. Like I said…Two blondes don’t make a right! 😉