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Now that I am not as mad, I can set down and write about it. What? You ask. Well I will tell you what.  In my recent posts about my daughter’s upcoming bithday and her cake that I am supposed to make,  oh, I know…not again! Another silly whiny post about a cake…blah blah blah. Sorry, gonna do it anyways.

In my recent posts, I said I ordered some cake toppers. The puzzle topper was first to arrive, now in the picture it shows it outlined in white. Which makes you think that it is plastic. I mean it is supposed to go on a cake with icing, right. So it should be plastic. WRONG! It is a very thin cardboard and it sets in a clear plastic container. Kind of disappointing but ok I will deal. Then today, the first package to come in was the big bird and elmo car set. Now these I am super happy with. They are cute and functional.  The mail lady pulled back in about 30 minutes later with another package.  Hey it’s the edible topper. Wait…this says it came from California,  I ordered it from Texas. I opened it and it was the right picture, but it is blurry. BLURRY!! I look in the envelope and there are no directions and then realize it is NOT personalized. I was fuming and crying. I opened up the Ebay account and it says that the seller offers NO refunds. You have to go through Ebay.

I have been totally ripped off!!

I feel as if I have failed again. My hubby thinks its no big deal. NO BIG DEAL!!  It is to me. She will only be 2 one time. Maybe I am making it out to be worse then it really is. But I always, always have to settle!  With the stupid money I wasted I could have just bought her the original cake the way I wanted to.

So here I am 4 days to go and have no idea what I am going to finally do or use. I am a little worried about the edible thing because I have no idea who made it or how it was handled. I have read on how to use them. They say they can be good up to a year as long as they are sealed. Since this is not personalized, it could be old. I have no clue and it scares me.

So what would you all do? Use it and hope for the best?  Send it back to Ebay, and use the other toys as a topper? Or just go buy the damn cake as originally planned?


Last night I was obsessing thinking about Little L’s birthday and that stupid cake again. I opened up Google for the hundredth time and searched once again for Sesame Street cakes. Well that was disappointing. Every thing was so gorgeous. I can’t do this, what the hell. I was getting really upset about the whole thing, when my hubby said, “Why don’t you look at Ebay and see if they have anything for toppers.” *LIGHT BULB* Why didn’t he say something sooner? He has an Ebay account, he is on there all the time. So my happy little fingers typed in Ebay Sesame Street cake decorations and toppers and Wa la! We have 6 glorious pages to scroll through. Oh OMG I want that and that and that!! We found several items, and it was very hard to choose. We asked Oldest to come help, and she liked the opposite of things I liked. UGH! After about an hour we narrowed it down to 3 different cake toppers. One was a 9 piece puzzle, how cute is that, right? The other was the same that I had seen up at Walmart. Big Bird in a tow truck pulling Elmo behind him and it said the cars really worked. And the third one was an Edible Cake Topper! Yes, you heard me, edible! I had heard of these before but totally spaced it. You just lay the scene on top of the icing and it melts into it, and it could also be personalized. This is it, this is it. I was saying over and over. But then…more choices. We found a couple more that were really cute, but I finally decided on the one that has baby Big Bird, baby Elmo and baby Cookie Monster sitting together. After we did that, we were taking a break from looking when I decided to type in Blaze and the Monster Machines. L loves this cartoon! Well low and behold they had edible toppers for him too. Now I was stumped. What to do and why did I have to type that in? We got Oldest back out of bed. Yes we are bad parents. It is midnight and I have pulled my child out of bed to look at cake toppers for her baby sisters birthday, because I can’t make a decision to save my life.  At least she is on summer break! She picked out the one she liked and I put it in the cart. Then I went on a search for toys. They haven’t hit the stores yet, but Toys R Us has them mainly online to order. We found a talking Blaze. Put that in the cart. She also likes the car named Pickle but he isn’t available yet, so we have to wait on him. Then hubby got up to get some water and he came back and said, “You know, she may have a problem with us cutting into a picture of Blaze when we go to eat the cake.” I never even thought of that. A picture of my darling 2 year old toddler meltdown right over top of the cake went through my brain. I also pictured her smashing her little fists into it, too. Oldest had made it back into bed, so I had to go tell her. She agreed. Toddler meltdown would for sure take place. Scrap the Blaze cake. Which was fine, since I had already bought Sesame Street decorations.

We closed it down since it was getting so late and decided to take a look first thing this morning then place the order. Which I did, and I got all 3 toppers. The puzzle is going to be a gift instead of going on the cake,  the cars will sit beside the cake for her to play with also.  And of course we got the talking Blaze for her big present.  😉