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Last night we got to go to the Boo Fest up at the park. We had more fun then we did last year. Little L LOVES the bouncy houses. At first, she got in one and wanted out immediately. I think it was because it was just a plain bouncy house, and there was no other kids in it. She came out of it and ran over to the one next to it. This one you had to crawl under some things and go around a corner and climb up a wall and slide down a slide. She was doing great till she got to the climb up the wall part. She was stuck. We asked if Oldest could go in after her, since there seemed to be only little kids going through. The attendant said yes and away she went. It took her awhile, but they finally made it to the slide. Down came Little L, down came Oldest. Back in went Little L and back in went Oldest. They were having a great time. We knew when L made it to the step thing though because the line slowed way down. Once they hit the slide, everyone came pouring out. They went in a few more times then we talked L into trying a different one. We made our way around to one that only tiny kids could go in and L jumped right into the middle. She was all over that place. It had tubes to crawl through and several different slides and things to bounce on. She was having so much fun. The attendant told everyone to get out so more could go in. We couldn’t find L. After hollering for her she finally appeared and we told her to get out. She looked at us for a few seconds, got up and bolted in the other direction. We had to laugh and the attendant told us that was fine, there was only 3 little boys wanting to go in at that time, so she could stay a bit longer. She came down one of the slides and landed pretty much on her face and that is how we got her out. She came to us rubbing her mouth and daddy grabbed her up and we got out of everyone’s way.

We walked around for awhile and Oldest tried to go on a couple of the older kids things, but the lines were getting way long. So we ended up at the food trucks and daddy got a burger and fries to share with us. Then they seen an ice cream truck and ended up over there. We made our way to the pumpkin patch, which seemed smaller this year. They were only allowed to take one pumpkin each. L kept picking up a pumpkin then putting it down in a different spot, so Oldest had 2 in her hands as we were heading to the exit. The attendant told her that she could only take one, I told her that her little sister kept setting hers down, so we were just trying to get her one too. Since she stopped us, L decided that she was going to pick up 3 and carry them out. We had to talk her out of them and finally got her to just take one and we got out of that. By the time that was over, the lines to all the attractions were crazy long, so we decided to head to the truck. L was not happy. She wanted to go back to the bouncy house, and I kept saying we would, but she would have never stood still for that long of a line.

I didn’t get the to do the two things I wanted to do, which was the hay ride and haunted train ride. We got there earlier this year and I was going to let them play on the playground until 6. Well they had the whole thing blocked off. I figured out that that was where the haunted train ride trail was at. The equipment was all decorated and there was a cemetery. I really wanted to see it all lit up after it got dark, but didn’t. I guess I will just have to wait till next year.

Thanks for reading! 🙂