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“I Poop, I Sorry”

Posted: May 2, 2015 in blog, funny, kids, toddlers
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Little L has gotten another runny/stopped up nose. I really wish that we would stop passing this crud around. This evening she was in a playful mood so we let her go outside after dinner. She and her sissy played and when it started to get dark, I said bath time. While I was getting her water, I took her dress and shoes off,  then the diaper. We have a stand up shower and she got in it like she was going to take one. Then she said “Uh oh!” I was getting her towel and had my back to her. I asked, “What uh oh?” She stepped out of the shower, holding her nose and pointing. “I poop” “I sorry!” Very plain as day. It was one of those Awwww moments. “That’s o.k. baby. Momma clean it up.” I said.  “Let’s go get a wipe and get it off you.” We headed to the bed but she decided to go a different way. Then she put her finger in it and sniffed.  I about lost it. I’m yelling at her, “No don’t do that!” Then she acted like she was going to put it in her mouth.  I barely got the word NO out, when I  gagged. She thought this was hilarious. Momma’s little angel definitely has a mean streak. So she did it again and again, just to see me gag.  I grabbed a handful of wipes and chased her into the bathroom.

Luckily I got it off of her and in the tub without losing my dinner. 🙂


I think I am tired. Today, was a tiring day. Didn’t do much, but by dinner, I was ready for the day to be over. Little L ate part of her dinner then decided to rake the rest onto the floor. I spent a good part of my Saturday sweeping and mopping, so I took her plate away from her. That didn’t work, she still had enough crumbs on the table to add more to the floor. Then within 20 minutes of dinner being over with she wanted something else to eat. I gave her a cereal bar, she took one bite. Then she decided she was going to get into everything she wasn’t supposed to get into. She even grabbed a loaf a bread off the counter and gave it “hugs” as she ran around the living room. I just sat and watched. Sissy talked her into letting go of it, but the damage was done. I have one very smooshed loaf now. After that,  I threw her rump in the tub, sissy got in with her and they played for a little bit.

Come 8p.m. I was counting the seconds till bed time…


One hour and 6 minutes later, she was fast asleep.


Little L has really been pushing my buttons lately. She will be 20 months old this week. I guess she is doing what all 20 month olds are doing to their parents. Making them want to pull their hair out and pushing them to the edge of insanity. My little one is pretty good at it. She knows what she wants and when she wants it. If you don’t comply,  there is heck to pay, my friend. Heck. To. Pay.

She actually had me in tears the other night. I get her in the bath, she won’t sit down. She knows exactly what I am saying, she just keeps leaning over the side of the tub. She won’t play, she won’t sit, giving me a heck of a time while I wash her up. I am constantly saying sit down play with your toys. Oldest comes in and she is trying to get her to play, when little L leans one more time over the edge and out pops a not so wonderful surprise. Man, it just kept coming too. Oldest asks if she should get her out. I am literally screaming “YES” at her while trying to fish the floaters that have joined us, out of the water. Let me tell you, I am TIRED of this bath time routine she has gotten herself into.  I broke down and cried as I cleaned up the tub. “I just can’t win.” I kept saying, over and over. Oldest thinks I am insane in the membrane by now.

For Valentine’s, Oldest picked out 2 cute coloring books and a pack of crayons for her sis. L just loves them. It is so cute to watch her scribble on every page and then when she gets tired of that, she starts coloring on the coffee table. Big bold marks all over the light colored top. When I finally get her to stop, she takes off with the crayon and tries to put some beautiful artwork on the walls, before I can get to her. She is very quick, and has a grip on her that you wouldn’t believe. It takes 2 most of the time to get whatever she should not have out of her hands.

I always heard how the 2’s are the terrible years…what about the months before? Please don’t tell me it gets worse. I don’t think I can handle much more. 🙂

So my little bundle of joy has been doing this alot lately. Starting to really make me not want to give her a bath.

Take a few and watch Splish Splash Baby for a little fun and a laugh!

Enjoy!!  🙂

For the Poop of It

Posted: November 9, 2014 in Babies, funny, humor, kids, toddlers
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We all have had our share of dealing with poop from the little monsters we call our children. Just wanted to share and maybe make someone laugh. Happy Sunday! 😎

Sitting on the couch last evening, oldest and I were watching Little L running around the living room. I looked at the time and asked her if she wanted to take a bath. She shook her head yes, it was so cute. I told her to go to sissy to get undressed and I would start the water. She went right to her. A few minutes later, they walked into the bathroom and my oldest goes to take off her diaper. She looks at it and holds it up to me and says “Oooh she pooped!” “Why are you holding it up like that for, grab her before it gets everywhere!” I yelled.  I look down at L and yep, she pooped alright, it was all up her backside. I had her pick her up and I ran into the bedroom to get the mat to lay her on to clean her up. Oldest was so funny. She was trying very hard not to get totally disgusted. She put her on the mat and ran off to tell her grandma about the whole situation. I got Little L all cleaned up when I noticed her staring at her fingers. She had somehow stuck her hand in the poop sometime while being carried to the bed. I grabbed another wet wipe and washed her hand off then we were ready for the bath and we headed in. As I was washing her, oldest was playing with her hair in the mirror and I couldn’t get L to sit down in the water. Oldest comes over and squats down outside the tub and tells her to come play with her. I just happen to look at her arm and there was a line of dried poop going up it. I started laughing and pointing. “What, what are you looking at?” She cried. I point to the poop. “You got poop on you!” She looks down and starts to do a gagging sound. She runs to the sink to wash it off. While washing, she notices some on her shoulder, of the clean shirt she had just put on.

It was pretty funny stuff, I must admit. Usually I am the one covered in the ick.