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The night before 7th grade and Oldest is finally in bed. Her wanting school to start is officially over. No more going to bed at midnight and sleeping till 10. No more lounging about watching music videos in the morning while eating Rice Krispies. As I was kissing her goodnight, she was saying she didn’t want school to start. I told her to be grateful that she didn’t have to get up at 6 a.m. and catch a school bus like I did. She said that she was still going to get up early.  “Well yea so you can get started.” I said.  She said, “No, One Direction is going to be performing on t.v. at 7:30.”  I, in my sarcastic mommy voice says, “oh that is way more important then school!”  She was in total agreement.  We laughed and said our love you’s. My little 7th grader, you are growing up too fast. 🙂