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What is up with today’s young ladies fashions? I have read several things about if you let your toddler wear a bikini you are a horrible mother. My question is, what if you are a mom of a tween? Tweens are at the age of puberty. Every thing about their bodies are changing for them. So let us make it harder and throw swim suit season in. This time of year, all you see are skimpy little tops and bottoms. The girls wanting to find just the right suit and the mom’s cringing at everything they pick out. I, for one, just experienced this.

Oldest had been wanting a new bathing suit. She hasn’t had one for a few years now. Whenever she gets to go in swimming, she wears shorts and a tank top. Her dad likes it this way, she is covered up and no one gets hurt. But this year, she wants actual swim attire. We went up to Wal-Mart this past Wednesday and before we left she wanted to look at the suits. I was in the produce section right across so I let her go over by herself. She came back with a cute pair of swim trunks for girls, and a bikini top. Oh hell no, I thought. I collected my thoughts and spoke slowly. I tried to keep my words at a minimum, and my eyes in their sockets.  “NO!” “But mom” came out of her mouth. I told her there was no way I was going to let her take home that top. She grumped and groaned at me and then I told her that if she took that home, her dad would kill us both. She made her way back over to the suits and I finished up my shopping. She came back with another top this one was more like a shirt and she asked if she could go try it on. I said ok. By the time I made my way over to the clothes section she was done and she was in love with the shirt and shorts. I asked the normal questions, “Did they fit?” “Yes, they do, and the top comes down to here.” She pointed to her belly button. Ok sounds all right so I let her buy them.

We get home and she immediately runs in to try on the new outfit. Her dad and I was talking when she pops out of the bathroom. She was so excited to show us. Our mouths hit the floor. The top, which I thought was going to be at her navel, but wasn’t anywhere close. It was actually  snug on her and she had her shoulders bent in funny. Her dad immediately said no, she had to take it back. She asked why. He told her it didn’t fit right and he did not approve. She ran back into the bathroom. I knew I should have went in to that dressing room with her. Parenting fail on my part. She came out and was upset and mad and couldn’t figure out why we were saying no way. It is really hard sometimes to find the right words to explain why we don’t want her to wear such clothing. So I started off by saying, “For one, you are only 11, that top was made for an older girl, atleast 16.” “Two, it showed way, way, waaaayyy to much.”  Now, I don’t want her to be ashamed of her body, by all means. But she just doesn’t seem to get that even though she is not thinking about it, someone else may be. I told her I didn’t want anyone looking at her like that since she doesn’t look 11. She sulked around for awhile, and wanted to go back to return the top and get something else. I told her that we would get to it. It wasn’t a necessity to take it back right that minute.

She made plans to go over to her friends house tonight for a sleepover and asked me if we could take the top back, since there would be swimming involved.  Her dad and I talked about it, and I told her that she could wait on a new top and that she was just going to have to wear her tank top this time. We did let her keep the shorts.

At this point in my life, I think it would be easier to raise a boy.  🙂


Oldest decided she was tired of the blue hair. Yes, I know, already! I think I liked it more then she did. She wanted to change it to red. Red is not a favorite color of hubby so when she said it, I cringed. I took her up to Walgreens at the beginning of the week to look at what they had. She had picked out 2 different reds that were permanent hair color. I was standing in front of the Splat hair coloring when she came over to me. I didn’t want her to use a permanent color, and I was looking at her choices when she looked up and saw the Splat Fire Ombre kit. She was in love. It came with 2 colors, red ignite and hot ember. She had made up her mind, that was it. She and I both talked about it and decided that if it didn’t look good, she could just wash it more to get it out, unlike the permanent stuff.

She used the bleach the next day, but she missed some spots especially where it is super thick in the back. I wanted to help, but she wanted to do it on her own. She still had alot of blue back there, and wanted to do another bleaching. I told her no, had to draw the line. She finally got to color it this afternoon. Since she does a side part, she decided to do a different color on each side. Then when it was parted, it would overlap. The red ignite came out more a hot pink color but the hot ember came out just right.


The only bad part, the bottles were smaller then in the single color kits, and the hot ember wasn’t filled to the top. We ran out and she has some dark areas at the bottom. Looks good, but there should have been more on the bottle. I guess that is their way of getting you to buy more of their product. Come on Splat!

Anyways, she loves it and that is all that matters. I told her she had to keep this color more then 3 weeks though and then her dad told her this was it, no more. I hope she loves it as much as she said she does, looks like she is stuck with it for a long while.  🙂


Conversation with Oldest on a Friday morning.

Oldest: Mom, is it ok if I get into the shower?

Me: Didn’t you take one last night?

Oldest: Yes. But you told me to take another one before my sleepover tonight.

Me: Yes, but I didn’t say to take one at 9 in the morning. Wait till later, maybe noon.

Oldest: I want to take one now.

Me: You need to wait, because you will put on your good clothes then get them dirty before you leave. And you aren’t leaving til atleast 5 this evening.

Oldest: But I want to take it now. It’s no big deal.

Me: No you will not. You have to wait.

Oldest walks away in a huff…and I am shaking my head saying I actually told her to NOT take a shower! *face palm*


If you have been keeping up with my blog, I wrote a couple of weeks ago about oldest going to the library all by herself. Yesterday, she got to do another solo trip for a couple of hours while I ran a some errands for hubby. Before we went, she got the library card out of my wallet. Then she proceeded to tell me about the last time and how many times she checked for the library card in the purse she was carrying. She checked it before she left the car, once she got inside the building, while she was looking for her first book to look at, and a few more times. I thought this was hilarious. I was laughing so hard, tears were coming out!  She was so paranoid that she was going to loose it, probably because I kept telling her “don’t loose the card.”

While she was there, she told me about a couple of things that happened to her, so I just wanted to share her adventures with you.

She had a piece of hard candy, in her mouth. This little girl came up to her and asked, “What you have in your mouth?” Oldest responds, “A piece of candy.” “Can I have some?” the little girl asked, while holding out her hand way up at her mouth. Oldest thought she actually wanted the piece that was in her mouth, the way she was staring at her. She then told her, “this was my only piece, sorry.” She said the little girl put her hand down and walked away, looking pretty sad.

The other thing that happened, is that she was wearing her flip flops. She said she was walking down the aisle, in the kids section, and her shoe folded up underneath her toes and she face planted right onto the floor. She then said there were little kids on both sides of her and they were just looking at her like, “Oh good, the giant has fallen, let’s tie her up.” She told me this and I about choked on my water. No lie, I can’t make this stuff up.

When I picked her up, she only had a couple of things. I asked her why, she said she had some CD’s and DVD’s she wanted, but they came up error when she tried to check them out. So she just cancelled out and put them back. For some odd reason, she decided to check her account online at 8:30 last night. Everyone of them that came up error are showing up that she checked them out. UGH!! Why, oh why didn’t she think to look when we got home? Why didn’t I think to check it out? She told me that she cancelled it out and she didn’t think anything went through. I got a teensy tiny bit angry upset with her and yelled no screamed, no talked to her and told her from now on, she can go up there, but she has to wait for me to get there before she checks ANYTHING out! Here I am, trying to give her these responsibilities, and I have to remember that she is still a kid. She still needs my help. Even though she may not think so. Even though sometimes I don’t think so. She does. This makes me feel good. My tweeny bopper is still a little girl, my little girl. 🙂

Now I have to wait til Tuesday, so I can run up there and hopefully get it fixed without too much hassle.



Just like all other tweens and teens right now, Oldest loves her some boy bands. One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer are her 2 favs. All I hear most of the day is how great they are, how talented, how cute. Give this momma a break all ready! It didn’t help that for Christmas, the majority of her gifts were of one band or the other. Needless to say her walls are covered with their faces, even her ceiling has pictures looking down on her.  She also follows them on Twitter.  Why not right? 

Yesterday, I was going over her finished lessons and she picked up her phone. I was talking to her, when all of a sudden she starts making this weird breathing noise. I looked up and her face is red and she has tears. Then she squeaked out, “Michael Clifford followed me!!” “Who?” I asked. She said it again trying hard to get it louder. I finally realized who she was talking about. I should have known right away though. It was a member of 5 Seconds of Summer or 5SOS as they like to be called. She dropped her phone and ran out of the room. I was yelling at her to breathe, breathe. She was practically hyperventilating.  Then I heard her telling her dad and grandma the news. Meantime, I looked at her account to see if it was really him. It had his profile pic but something seemed way off. She calmed down and came back in and said she had to check it out just to be sure. (Smart kid.)

She pulled her account up on the computer, clicked on the followers pic then typed in the guys name and it went to another account. Both had the same pics but the posts were different. I saw her excited look turn. She was a sad little girl. “I figured, it’s a fake account.” She said looking miserable. I told her I was sorry that it wasn’t the real guy. “That’s ok,” she said, then she got quiet.  “But if Harry Styles ever followes me…” “If Harry Styles ever follows you, I chimed in,  you won’t be able to say anything. I will just find you on the floor, passed out.” We both looked at each other and laughed. “Yep, you’re right about that one mom!” I know I am sweet girl, I know I am! 🙂

Have you ever been shopping or out with friends and you get a phone call that you wish you never answered? It’s nothing bad, just really annoying. This happened to me the other day. Went up to Walmart to pick up a few things I had ordered. I am looking around trying to enjoy my day even though I am in crazy town with the crowd. I had one more stop to make before I was done and I had several things on my mind. Then my phone rang. Which was weird, because I had put the stupid thing on mute. So I pull it out of my purse and it was a local number but one I didn’t recognize. I usually send everything to voice mail, but for some reason, went ahead and answered it. A lady on the other end asked if this was Tracy’s mom. I immediately thought it was her school calling. Even though she does online school, she has teachers that call every now and then. So I say yes and she proceeds to tell me she has a dental appt on the 2nd of December. I had to stop her there and told her I didn’t make an appt for the 2nd. She ignored me and told me that she had left a message back on the 2oth of November. I told her I didn’t receive any message and I know I didn’t make her an appt. Then she says that she was last seen on March 30 and it had been six months. That is besides the point, I wanted to yell at her. I didn’t make her an appt. Then I asked her if they made the appt for her. Again she ignores me. So ok…maybe she has the wrong number. I ask her where the office is and she tells me and then I ask if she is sure she had the right number. She told me the full name and then goes back to saying she had to switch the appt from the 2nd to the 4th. I actually tried to apologize. I told her that I was in the middle of Walmart and not really thinking clearly. She doesn’t say anything. Usually in my past experience this is where the tension kinda breaks, she says that she is sorry and when would be a better time to talk. Nope, not this lady. She is full blown determined to get this appt. changed right here and right now. I again tell her that I didn’t make an appt so why don’t we go ahead and cancel this one. I will call the office when I can. She got kinda huffy and only said ok and hangs up.

Geeze Luise lady. No phone etiquette at all. I know she was just as happy to get off the phone as I was. I thought about it as I drove home and then began to doubt myself. I got home and started searching for an appt card. Maybe I just forgot. But no, I didn’t make the appt. I knew I didn’t. I coldn’t get a straight answer from this person what so ever. I can’t stand that. Just tell me who made the damn appt and I will be happy. Was it a big freaking secret? I think it was!

I will wait a few and then make her an appointment the correct way. Just hopefully it will be someone else at the desk when I call. 🙂

Last Monday was my daughters 11th birthday. She finally made it. We had a small party hear at the house for her with just us. She only has one friend here in town, since she does online school, and we live in the worst neighborhood where there are like zero kids around. I told her we could invite her friend over for the evening or even sometime during the weekend, but she said no, she just wanted it to be family.

She first started out wanting a Supergirl cake, but I couldn’t find one anywhere local. Not even a silly topper to go on top of a cake. I looked at every bakery in every grocery store in the area. I finally went on up to Walmart and they had the best selection of girl birthday cakes that I had seen. There were a few choices that I liked and I when I went back to order the cake I took her with me to pick the one she wanted. She picked Little Miss Camoflauge. Which was actually the one that I thought she would go for.


I asked her what she wanted for her birthday sometime ago, other then the 5 Seconds of Summer concert tickets, that I spoke about in an earlier post. One thing that she wanted was a Supergirl hat that she had seen at walmart the previous week. Now you all know that if you see something at the walmart you have to buy it then not later. It is either moved or all sold out. I went a few days before her birthday to shop, and that was the first place I headed. The hats had been moved, and I had to find where the hell they went too. After walking around the mens and boys department for some time, I finally found them. And guess what? They had one, yes one, Supergirl hat. Yeah me!!! I went back up to the juniors section and they have a pretty good selection of novelty t-shirts. I found her  a Superman shirt that was just really too cute. I then found her some camo print sweat pants. OMG I was on a roll baby!  One thing I wanted to get her was the 5 Seconds of Summer CD. Which was no where to be found in the music department. I was really bummed about it and picked out another CD instead. On my way up to the checkouts I found a stand with the new music and there it was. *Jumping for joy*

The next day, she and I went into Walgreens to look at Halloween items. While we were checking out, she saw a magazine that was all 5 Seconds of Summer. She wanted it so bad. I told her I couldn’t get it for her that day. Something else caught her attention and I looked at the price and then seen that the pull from shelf date was just 2 days away. I made an excuse the next day to run back out and bought it for her. The silly thing cost 6 bucks. Geesh! Then the lady asked me if I wanted a bag for it. I thought this was hilarious. I had to laugh and say yes please, its a gift, not for me.

I think she made out pretty well for her big day. She got a nice jacket and make up bag from her Grandma, who also sprang for pizza for the birthday girls dinner. I ended up getting her another t-shirt, this one Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which she loves, and two more of the teen mags so she could hang up even more posters. She was really surprised with the one mag that was all about 5 SOS. I told her that I had to sneak out at midnight to go get it before it went off the shelf. She believed me! I love that about her.

Atleast she dropped the talk about the concert tickets. Now all she talks about is One Direction. “I thought you were into 5 Seconds of summer?” I asked her.  “Oh I am, but One Direction is soooooo cute!”  UGH!!! I just can’t keep up with that girl.





As you all know, the ones that read my little blog, my oldest is turning 11 very soon. She is going to be the dreaded tweeny bopper. That is what I have been calling her and she seems to like it. So let me back up and fill you in…at the beginning of the month, we were shopping and my hubby broke down and bought the oldest one of them silly tweeny bopper mags. I was actually going to buy her the first one on her birthday, but he beat me too it. Oh well. He scored major dad points that day. So a few days ago, we run out to pick up a few items, and she has her 5 dollars burning a whole in her pocket from the tooth fairy. She spies another magazine. The first one she immediately hung up all the posters, and couldn’t wait to hang these new ones up too.

Back when we moved into this house, we had bought some really cutesy girly stickers. The kind that are reusable. The Dollar Tree sells some really nice ones. We bought flowers, butterflies, and of course peace signs. We spent one afternoon putting stickers all over her walls and it really livened up the room. Fast forward a year and a half, she tells she wants to take the stickers down. I told her that I didn’t know right where I had put the backings to the stickers and why didn’t she just hang the posters over top. She thought for a minute and agreed, saying that if she took the posters down, she would still have something on the wall. Sounded great to me.

The next morning, after breakfast, she heads off to her room. Being on Fall break, I figured she was off to listen to her music and watch those silly videos she likes. I went into her room about 30 minutes later to see if she actually did her paper that is due next Wednesday, that she had been putting off writing.  I walked in to find a crumpled up pile of stickers on her desk and bare walls. I didn’t know what to say. I started picking them up and I looked at her. It was like a knife to the heart. Now you may think that I am being over dramatic, they are just stickers, yada yada yada. But it was more, much more. It was a piece of her and me. A time where we spent just hanging out, doing girly stuff. She says I never hang out with her, I say your always hiding in your room. Come out and play.

I picked up the stickers and headed out of her room and slammed the door behind me. I didn’t mean to slam the door, it just happened. But it was a good effect. Her dad saw me and he instantly knew what was wrong. He got up and went straight to her room.   She came into my room and started trying to take the clump she made back apart. I told her to leave it, I would do it. I would just hang the stickers up over Little L’s bed. Her dad said she had to put some back up so she took all the peace ones and I kept the rest. Her dad also told her she was grounded and no sleep over on Saturday night. Oh no…not the sleep over. That is when her attitude changed and she was determined to hang up stickers.

After awhile, I calmed down, and went into her room to do what I originally set out to do. I was sitting at the laptop reading over her paper and she asked me if I was mad. I told her I wasn’t mad, I was sad. Those stickers meant something to me. She then told me that she wasn’t a little kid anymore. She was going to be 11 soon and she wanted a change. I told her that was fine. I was holding back what I really wanted to say. I wanted to tell her no, she couldn’t grow up, she had to stay my little baby forever.  She was still my baby girl no matter.  Then she said her dad told her she was grounded, no sleep over. I didn’t say anything. She waited several minutes and asked if she was really grounded. I gave in and said no, you can still go. We hugged and that was that. She went on to talk about how cute this boy was and how awesome that boy sang. I sat and listened. She even had me rate each band members picture 1 to 10. I kept giving them low scores and she would get mad. She finally got tired of it and went to play with Little L.

I sat for a few more minutes, taking it all in.



Back in June, took the oldest to the dentist. All was good, no cavities, I might ad. He did say that she would be losing 3 molars very soon. Well the third one finally came out night before last. I have to say she has been keeping me the tooth fairy quite busy.  Now everyone starts out getting like a quarter from the good ole tooth fairy, then they move up to a dollar. The older they get the wage goes up for them pearly whites. She had lost a few other baby teeth and never said a word about leaving them under her pillow, so when she lost the first of the three molars, I totally was not thinking she would remember.

The first night she didn’t tell me. I guess she wanted it to be a surprise. Oh it was a surprise. The next morning she was bummed because she didn’t get a visit, but hopeful that she would come that night. Well, I have to say, the tooth fairy had fallen asleep early and since she is getting up in years, just doesn’t remember things like she used to. Like they say third time is a charm. Third night, I snuck into her room and all I had was a 5 dollar bill in my purse. I thought ok, that would make up for missing the first 2 nights. Then a few weeks later out popped the second molar. Again, she didn’t say anything to me about putting it under her pillow, even though I should have asked. I went to bed before she did, cause it was a weekend night and she gets to stay up one night late. So my hubby comes in about an hour after I went to snoozeville and woke me up asking how much should he put under her pillow. She had told him after I went to bed that she was once again expecting the tooth fairy to make her way to her room. I told him I left her 5 bucks, cause that is all I had. He was like “5 bucks?!” ” I don’t know if I have that.” He looked and luckily he did. Daddy played tooth fairy that night and I had a very happy girl the next morning.


Now that third molar finally made its way out, and once again, I the good fairy forgot to make her appearance. She tells me the next day that she didn’t visit and that she even left the tooth out on her desk so she could find it.  I was so disappointed in myself. I let her down. So that night, sure enough I had another 5 dollars in my purse and I gave it to my hubby to put in her room when he went to turn her t.v. off when he came to bed. Oldest didn’t say anything the next morning about it. I went into her room to help with school work and saw the money on her desk. I asked where did that come from, she said “Oh the tooth fairy!” “But it was weird, I found the money on the floor over here and the tooth on the other side on the floor.” “Well that is strange,” I said. “Crazy old tooth fairy!” I asked hubby what happened and he said that he folded it up and stood it on one end on the table with the tooth on top of the bill. The ceiling fan must have caught it and sent everything flying.  “At least she showed.” I said.  I thought she was done for awhile loosing teeth, but she now informs me that she has another molar that is loose. This growing up business is sure making me broke… 🙂


My 1o, soon to be 11 year old already has body issues. It drives me crazy. Today, we were getting ready to run up to the store to return a pair of shorts she had bought 2 days ago. She was getting dressed and had on a nice tank top. All of a sudden she goes back into the closet and comes out with a regular t shirt on. I asked what happened to the tank? She said the arm fat was too much so she changed. “What arm fat?” “That’s skin.”  I tell her.  “It’s hard to explain, I don’t know what to actually call the area but its shows when I wear tank tops,” she said. I tell her that she is so young, that her body will change and is changing and give it some time. I also tell her that no one will pay any attention to whatever she feels that is wrong. She wouldn’t have any thing to do with that and wouldn’t change out of the t shirt.

I bought her a pair of really cute pink shorts a few weeks ago, when everything went on clearance. She had been begging for jean shorts the whole summer, when we found these, they were marked down to 5 dollars, so we got them. They were just what she wanted…now she won’t wear them. The day we went to the zoo, she wore those shorts. She was looking so cute, then she sat in something. Something that I think had to of been chocolate. It was a small spot but noticeable on those bright pink shorts. It was right on the butt cheek, of course. When I told her to let me see if I could get it off, her dad kept making fun and saying she pooped or she sat in poop. So here I am out in broad daylight, with a baby wipe, trying to rub this brown spot off my daughters behind. She got so embarrassed, she kept telling her dad to quit saying those things, (he doesn’t know when to stop sometimes) and yelled at me to leave her alone. Her dad and I decided to go off and look at a few animals so she would get over being embarrassed and when we came back she had on her sweats she had worn earlier over top of them. I scrubbed on them damn shorts for atleast an hour the next day. It still wouldn’t all come out, and now there is a lovely white area surrounding the original dark spot. Would of been cool if there was other bleached spots on the shorts but no. So now, she refuses to wear the shorts. Even around the house, because of it. I tell her over and over that no one will notice, it’s just us. No big deal. Nope, she said those shorts were dead to her. *Rest in peace pink shorts. Rest in peace.*


The shorts that we were returning were bought to replace the the above mentioned shorts. This pair was also bright pink, but had a skull and cross bones on the front leg. She loved them, but didn’t try them on before buying. When she did try them they were too tight in the legs. These shorts were knit, how can knit be too tight. They had a very tight hem at the bottom. When she sat down to show me, she said now my legs look really fat. I just wanted to scream, OMG your not fat girl. I can tell you straight up about fat, You are not! My hubby told her to wear them and they might stretch out. She wouldn’t do it, so once again, she wanted nothing to do with them after that.

I am definitely not up on the tween styles of today. I was never one to run out and buy whatever style was “in” at the time, when I was her age. One of the styles in is crop tops.  I wore crop tops, but I was 16. My kid loves them…but won’t wear them. Now this I really don’t mind, because I think she is too young to be wearing something that shows too much skin. But her reason is that she says she has a tummy. It’s just a little pooch, nothing to worry about. She is pretty tall for her age. I try to get her to understand it’s only baby fat baby. The taller you get, it will disappear. “When?” she asks. “Well I don’t know, but it will.” I tell her trying to reassure her.  She doesn’t believe me, I can tell. She sees all these girls on disney and nick that have flat tummy’s and she doesn’t understand why she doesn’t have one. I want to help her realize that she is just as pretty as they are. No matter what! Then today we seen a girl in the dollar tree, she looked to be about the same age. She had on a tank underneath a crop top. She had more of a pooch then my girl does. But the way she was wearing the outfit looked pretty good. When we got home, I asked her if she had paid attention to that girl and she said yes, and maybe she would try that next spring. God only knows what will be the “in” style next year. Frankly I am a little bit afraid to find out!

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