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Friday was the start of Winter Break for Oldest. Winter Break? No thanks, I say it’s Christmas Break. Always has been and always will be. Even Clark W. Griswold made a movie about it…Christmas Vacation people! Anywho…Oldest got sick on her first day of Christmas break. It started out with her throat feeling funny but not sore this went on for a couple of days and by Friday morning, I could tell that she was getting sick. The weekend wasn’t too bad, but now it has turned into a cough and snotty/runny nose. I have been getting some medicine in her, made chicken noodle soup and some hot tea, which she still hasn’t touched. I tell her it will help her throat. She won’t even take a sip, says it’s yucky. I guess she would rather bark her head off and be grumpy all week.

With that going on, I did get all the presents wrapped and yesterday braved the supermarket and got all the food for Christmas. I was planning on cooking Christmas Eve and then have leftovers on Christmas day. Oldest reminded me that last year, hubby got a little miffed at me for making dinner a day early. After she brought it up, I remembered how he gave us the cold shoulder all evening, until we finally hashed it out after the kids were in bed and we were putting out the presents. He says he wants the big dinner on the day, not the day before. Men!

We were invited to go down to his cousins on Christmas Eve and go out to eat, then stay the night. It was very nice of them, but we had to decline. First, we do our own thing on both days, Second, I knew my mom wouldn’t go. Third, their house is big, but it is pretty full so it would be uncomfortable to stay the night and Fourth, I want to see my kids open all their gifts on Christmas morning, not later that day.

Hope everyone is having a great Monday!

Thanks for reading! πŸ™‚



Wow, this month is just flying by. Can’t believe Christmas is right around the corner, gaining on me. I haven’t wrapped nary a present and the house is still a mess from putting out decorations. That is my plan this weekend, sweep, mop, and vacuum. Even though I expect no company, I do want it to look nice for Christmas morning pictures. Tonight after Little L drifts off to sleepy town, Oldest and I are going to start wrapping her presents. I think I got everything that my budget could afford and then some, because you always have to buy stocking stuffers, ya know. I took my mom up to Walmart to finish up her list yesterday, without the girls. While we were there, 2 packages finally arrived in the mail and I got an email saying that something I ordered for my mom was ready for pickup at the store we were in. So it all came together at one time.

Today I got the girls out of the house and went back to the library. Oldest went to look for some books while L and I went into the children’s play area. There was another mom with a little girl there and the lady said hi to L. L said hi back and then the lady started asking her how old she was and what was her name. I heard L tell her her name, but she didn’t know what to say about her age. I intervened with my protective mother voice, and said she was 2 1/2. “How old is yours?” I asked. “Oh she just turned 2 in September.” “Oh ok,” I said. Then she told L how much she liked her shirt and her boots. L just stood there, not really doing anything. Then she asked her if she liked to read. L shook her head yes, which isn’t true, but who cares. I was sensing stranger danger and just wanted the odd lady to leave. Then she went over and sat down on the floor and started reading not to her daughter, but to mine. I got up and walked over to them, and L got up and ran off to where her daughter was. The lady got up and was looking a little embarrassed and said that her daughter wasn’t really interested in reading yet. I said L was the same. The other little girl went over and was sitting in a chair and could tell that L just wanted her to play with her. She got up and L decided that she was going to sit in the chair and the girl walked back over and pushed L. I didn’t see the push but I seen L holding her arm and the girls mom telling her to apologize. They hugged and all was fine. Then the lady seen another woman that she apparently knew and went to talk with her. I told L to stay in the play area and she did. Soon they left and L was alone. I let her pick out a couple of books and we came on home.

I told Oldest we would go back over Christmas break and maybe there will be more kids for L to play with, and no strange mom’s hanging around. πŸ™‚

Oldest had a required class this morning for Math at 9 a.m. I turned on the computer around 8:30 to get the page up and check any teacher emails. I always go into the grade book at the beginning of the day and then at the end. She had been holding A’s in all her classes till a couple of weeks ago, when 2 classes fell to a B, Gum and Math. Gum is an easy fix, and she keeps putting it off. She just has to redo one assessment and get a passing grade on it.Β  I went into the math teachers webpage and she had posted a few ways for the students to get extra credit. Oldest jumped right on it and after I emailed the teacher about them, she earned an extra 15 points in the grade book. That has now brought her grade back up to an A at 90%. She did an Interim assessment in math today also and scored an 86, but that hasn’t been factored in since it isn’t due till Wednesday.

I went back into the grade book while all this was going on and like I said I check it every morning. She had an A in Science when I first looked. Then when I went back, it had dropped to a B just like that and she didn’t even have any assignments due today or at all this week. I instantly emailed the teacher to see what had happened. The only thing she said was to check it again in the morning and if it was still at a B, she would check into it. Excuse me? It was an A at 8:30. How could it go down without any lessons being submitted?

Oh and this is the clencher of the whole school day. The history teacher, whom I haven’t a problem with, sent an email saying that all lessons that are due this week were zeroed out in the grade book. As you do the lessons, your grade will come back up. So Oldest had been at a 92-93% for awhile, her grade after the teacher did this dropped to an 83. It’s a good thing I read the email before I seen her grade or I would have been through the roof. She did two of the “missing” assignments and her grade has already climbed to an 87. Three more to do and it should be back to where it is supposed to be. πŸ™‚

What do you do when your toddler won’t take a nap? Won’t isn’t strong enough, let’s see…refuses, abstain, balk, avoid, boycott, I could go on with this. But tell me what do you do? Run and hide? Cover your ears from all the screaming that said toddler is doing, once you say it is nap time? Enlist every member in your home to bar the doors and hold the kid down till she tires herself out enough that she might just close those peepers?Β  Tell me!

Little L doesn’t take many naps. If she wakes up really early I can get her to do it, but that doesn’t happen often. She took a nap earlier this week and only because she woke up at 7 a.m. and we went out to shop. She fell asleep coming home and didn’t wake up til after 4. That meant she didn’t go to sleep till around 10 p.m. I thought maybe she would sleep in a little bit the next morning, but at 7:15 her inner alarm clock crowed and she was wide awake. Yesterday she make it to 7:30 and I tried my hardest to get her to take a nap, but she decided to jump and try doing cartwheels across the bed. When she does this, I give up and she knows it. Today, once again, it was 7:30. She watched t.v. til I decided to get up and get breakfast going. Oldest has all mid term exams this week and next, before Winter Break starts in just one week. I was trying to help her in History and L wouldn’t leave us alone. I told her to go play with daddy and he was trying to keep her busy enough. After 2 hours though she had had enough and wanted us done. Then she decided to get into everything and make messes and beg for munchies that she couldn’t have. My mom made herself some lunch and she eats in her room, so Little L follows her and wouldn’t move out of the way for her to sit. I had to go in and drag her across the bed, cause this kid is very strong and feels like a bag of cement at times. Then hubby came and got her and made her lie down with him. I went with just to help out. He acted like he fell asleep as soon as he hit the pillow and I turned the t.v. way down and about 30 minutes later she dozed off. It was Glorious!!!

She has been out for about 45 minutes now. I know she will soon pop out that door ready to go again. I just hope it will mellow her out a bit and make for a more peaceful Friday afternoon. πŸ™‚


Library Saturday

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Oldest wanted to go to the library today and since we hadn’t been for awhile, I decided to to take Little L with us. Last time we went, I let Oldest run in and get a couple of books while we sat in the car, because I didn’t want a fight to leave and we had other errands to run that day. But today was a free day and I was going to take them to the park afterwards, but that thought went out the window after we passed it on the way to the library. It was jammed packed. Since the weather is still warm here, they play sports all year round practically and today they had soccer in one field and a baseball game in another.

We got to the Library and went into the children’s play area while Oldest went to look for some books. She made 2 friends while there. First a girl that was several years older, she actually sat down and was reading to her. Before she left, another little boy joined in. They were having a good time, then the girl had to go, but L and the boy, which she kept calling him “brother” kept up their game. It was getting time for us to leave, we had been there well over an hour and Oldest was getting bored. The boy’s mom came over and asked if he was doing ok. I said yes, but I needed to leave so she got him to go with her so I could get L. I had to pick her up and carry her out, but she didn’t kick and scream like she did at that park. When I told her I had fruit snacks in the car, she actually walked with no problem through the parking lot and got in her seat like a big girl.

So glad I remembered to pack them fruit snacks. πŸ˜‰




Oldest came to me about an hour ago saying that her phone wasn’t working. Let me rephrase that, to tell me that her phone had a crack in the screen and she couldn’t get it to work. This makes the 3rd phone that she has busted in the past 5 years. She is always carrying this phone around. She has it in her hands constantly, even when she is doing her chores around the house. We are always telling her that she needs to lay it down, and stop taking it outside when she and Little L goes out to play.

I was wanting to get her a new phone for Christmas. I even hinted to her about it, but she said that she liked her phone and didn’t want another. Even after it malfunctioned about 3 months ago, and overheated. She couldn’t get it to shut off. We eventually got it apart, but the battery in this phone is behind a separate case that takes a screwdriver and Macgyver to figure out how to get to it. Luckily, it began to cool down. After that, I wouldn’t let Oldest keep it on at night. I didn’t want it to over heat while we were asleep and start a fire. Then the battery started losing its charge fairly quickly. She deleted all her apps and turned off anything that she didn’t use or need but it didn’t work. Now it seems like if your parent was mentioning a new phone and Christmas right around the corner, you would be jumping for joy and saying yes, but not her.

Are we going to get her a new phone for Christmas? No. Her dad won’t let me. He is pretty upset with her and now he is upset with me because I am letting her use my old phone. She can’t receive texts or calls but she can run on Wifi all day long around here. I did tell her that she can’t take it outside with her, it has to stay in the house. She is fine with that. It runs a little slow, that is why I got rid of it just this time last year, but it will work for now and let her dad chill out about it and I know he will. πŸ™‚

Kids Can Be Jerks!

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Kids can be jerks. There I said it. It had to be done. I am sure that most of you will agree with me, even though you think your child can do no wrong.

I took the girls up to the park earlier today. The weather was right around 70, and very sunny. Since it was so nice, there were alot of other kids there too. L is quite content to play by herself, but today, this little boy that was much smaller then her, wanted to play. He had brought a soccer ball and they began kicking it to each other and running around. Oldest and I sat and watched for awhile, then she went off to swing. The little boy’s mom decided it was time for them to go, so L was alone again. She wondered around trying to find someone else to play with, but she still did her thing with the slide.

There was another ball that someone had brought and left laying that L wanted to play with. I let her pick it up and carry it around with her, but she got bored and dropped it. Soon afterwards, I seen a man kick the ball over to the side, so I figured it was his. She then seen a girl and boy that was probably a year apart, brother and sister. They were running up and down the side of the hill. She loves to run, so she joined in. The girl who couldn’t have been more then 4, ignored L. But she continued to try to join in on their fun. They were walking along the cement wall that divided the play ground from the grassy hill, L was following them. Then the girl turned to L and told her to go get the ball, which was back down on the playground. L jumped down off the wall and got the ball, just like she was told. I was watching, but wasn’t very happy with this. Even Oldest made the comment that it brought back memories of her at the park when she was little, and kids telling her to do stuff, but wouldn’t play with her. I told her I remembered way too well. L had trouble trying to climb back up on the wall, and by the time she made it up, they were gone.

L then had the ball and she came down to where we were sitting, and got down and had a drink of water and I asked if she was ready and she said no. She went to play on the slides for a bit longer. When we were ready to leave, I couldn’t get her to drop the ball. I kept telling her it wasn’t hers, but she wanted to hold onto it and go down the slide. I wrestled with this girl and got the ball from her, but she was kicking my butt that is for sure. She was not leaving without a fight and started crying and screaming. I got her up in my arms and we headed to the parking lot. I ignored all the stares that Oldest said was happening. What? You haven’t had your child throw a fit when you had to leave the park before? I think not!

We made it home and L had calmed down and she was excited telling her gramma and daddy about the little boy she got to play with. Only if he could have stayed longer. πŸ™‚

You know how to wake up a 12 year old girl? Turn on One Direction! They were on Good Morning America today, and I, myself do not watch the show, but my mom does. I heard her say they were going to sing, so I shot through the house to wake her. I opened the door and there she was still fast asleep at 8:45 a.m. I grabbed her remote and turned it to channel 15 and cranked the volume. I watched as she was opening her eyes and giving me this look as to say “Mom” but then she heard one of them sing, she turned her attention to the screen. “You better get your glasses on,” I said as she struggled to get up before the song was over. I left her sitting with a smile from ear to ear on her face.

Later this morning, Oldest was talking to a friend she had made online. The girl lives in Florida and was saying that her mom wasn’t doing anything for Thanksgiving because it wasn’t “on plan.” I asked what she meant and apparently the mom is pretty strict on what her family eats and how much. I told Oldest to tell her friend, we had pie and turkey to come on out, I would feed her.Β  Oldest knew I was joking. A few minutes passed and she looked at her dad and me and asked, “Is turkey meat?” Now I really did not know where she was going with this question and we both busted out laughing. She asked again, not understanding why we were laughing. We said “Yes, it is meat.” She then said, “Oh well, G is a Vegetarian.”Β  I just looked at her and said, “Then what is she worried about?” Oldest laughed and said “yea, really.”Β  She did tell her friend what I said aboutΒ  jumping on a plane and come on out. She said I was awesome. Awww, made me feel good. πŸ™‚


I have always thought this comic was funny. Why? Because it’s my daughters middle name. I know, I have an evil side.


Messy House

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You know your house is messy when…

*Takes a really cute picture of your kids.*

*Thinks to self, “I am totally going to post this!” *

*Looks at picture…sees the mess in the back ground.*

Changes mind.