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This is actually a few days too late, but I forgot all about posting it till now. 🙂

Friday was not a very fun day. My van had a leak,  and hubby didn’t feel well enough to fix it. He was in the house all day. Little L, once again, decided she didn’t need a stinking nap, even though she was wide awake from 4 to almost 6 a.m. that morning. See how my day was going? L was hanging out with her dad, so I took a chance and even told him I was going to sneak off to use the computer, which is always being held hostage in the Cave of Oldest! I get to the computer, first I have to check her school work and do attendance and see what is in store for the next week. Now that I did that, I went on to do what I wanted to do. Within a matter of seconds, I hear, “Where’s your mommy at?” Really! I hadn’t been away for more then 10 minutes tops. Then my hubby opens the door, which is not a good move. L gets into everything in the Cave. We yell, we argue, but will not take her out. Oldest gets up and leaves, but L stays. Why not right? It’s free for all time! The only way to get her out is to leave the room also.

Oldest does it to me too. It never fails, just when I think I may get a few moments of quiet, I hear, “Take it to Mommy.” Over and over. This makes for a very annoyed mommy by the time she finds out what the little monster sweetheart has in her hands. “Take what to mommy?” I will eventually say. But I am actually saying I know, why don’t you take it to daddy. He is sitting right there. Why is it always Mommy?

Then there is bathroom time. Everyone gets plenty of privacy but…you guessed it…me. I will even announce that I am going to use the bathroom and it’s only a matter of minutes before one of them are poking their heads in to see if I am done. Because no one can change a diaper or make any kind of food around here other then Dear Ole Mom.

Oldest has a bad habit of saying Mom over and over again until I look at her, so she can tell me something. Even if I say “What?” She still wants me to look at her. I have told her many times that I am going to change my name. She thinks it would be fun to guess the new one. *SMH*

To hear the word Mom, over and over, can get a bit overwhelming and frustrating. With the upcoming day of all days, please kids, I am begging, give your old mom a break and some peace and quiet. Before she loses her mind and goes totally nuts.


Yesterday was a pretty sad day. *sniff* Yesterday, we had to replace a very dear member of our family. Something that has kept us company when we were lonely, entertained us through many nights. *wipes tears*  Kept the children occupied while mom took well deserved breaks. Yesterday, we had to say good bye to our…*sniff sniff*…our T.V.  Why oh why did you have to get those nasty black lines running across your beautiful screen!!!???

OK. Sorry, I’m better now. Just had to get that out. Our t.v. had been acting up for several months. First it would only have the black lines for a few minutes, then would maybe last as long as a couple of hours, but would eventually clear up. Then 3 days ago, it started getting worse and worse. Started with one row of black lines, then another, then another. This morning the whole screen was covered, you could still see the picture, but the right lower corner was real jumpy and at times it looked like the character had 4 rows of eyes. Did it know that we had gotten our tax refund back and we had a little bit of money squirreled away. I think it did. Greedy little…

So we went on over to Best Buy and looked at their t.v.’s. We have had the Samsung for so long, it was hard to choose just the right one to replace our friend. We weren’t satisfied with what the first store had to offer, so we drove in the opposite direction to go to another Best Buy. They had a few different ones to look at, and my hubby picked a brand that I never thought he would go for. But it was almost the same price as the Samsung we were going to buy but a 60″ instead of a 50″. The new one is also one of them there Smart televisions. *said in my best southern accent*  OOOOH! It does look nice, but the picture is going to take sometime to get used too. Our other one, it wasn’t 3D but when we first got it, it was pretty darn close. The bad part was, that once you got used to it, you didn’t see how great the graphics were on it. People would walk into our house and say “Whoa, that’s cool!”   I have adjusted the settings several times tonight, trying to get the colors to come in crisp.  It looks better, but I am still not satisfied. I guess it is just me. But I am having buyers remorse. I hate spending so much money on things like this. There are a ton of other things I would rather have spent that money on. Lots of things we need and want. Take the kids on a much deserved shopping spree, maybe even buy me a little something. But no. The t.v. took first place. My hubby even put getting new tires for his truck on the back burner.

Here is hoping that this t.v. will last as long as our other. Or atleast half as long, but a long long time, cause I don’t think I can spend that much money again so quickly. 🙂

That is what I was doing this evening, minding my own business, when a call came through my husbands phone.

My hubby likes to look through the ads on Craigslist and he loves to tinker with projects. Today he found a go cart for a descent price, close by, that he was interested in for the girls to play on for awhile. When I got home from the store, he had me look at the ad. I said ok, so he asked me to call the guy, while he went outside to do something. I got his phone and called. No answer, went to voicemail. I left a message. Within 5 minutes he calls back, saying that he had someone on there way to pick it up. I said “oh ok then, thanks for calling me back.” Usually no one calls since I have an out of state phone number. Then he asks, so where is 702 at? I told him Nevada. “But I’m right up the road by such and such. We are just too lazy to change the phone number.” (Now mind you I said “WE“). Then he laughed and I laughed. He was pretty nice. Then he said, if the guy didn’t show, he would call me back. I thanked him and that was pretty much the conversation. Oldest ran out and told daddy that it was probably sold and we went on with our evening.

Later on, around 8 p.m., Oldest and I was watching The Voice, yes we are addicts now, his phone rang. I answered, It was the go cart guy. “Sorry to call so late, hope I didn’t wake you.” He starts out. “The guy came and bought the go cart.” Now I am thinking, why are you calling me 5 hours later, to tell me that it was sold. I kinda figured it was. But I was nice. I said again, “ok, well thanks for calling me back.” Then he said No problem, and he was like tripping over his words. I then said. Good night. He said alright thanks, or something like that and we both ended in bye. Everyone you deal with on Craigslist is weird anyways, so I overlooked this and Oldest asked me what was going on. I told her what he said, and we both figured he was going through his phone calling everyone back.

About 5 minutes went past and I heard my hubby coming in the back door, he was done for the night, when his phone went off again. This time a text. I automatically thought it to be our neighbor, so Oldest got up to check. She looked at it, with a weird expression, then hollered at her dad. I asked her who or what it said and she said she didn’t know. Hubby walked over to the counter, asking who it was. I said it must be a secret because she wouldn’t tell me. Then he read the text and said, “Really Lesa, Really!” “What?” “What did I do?” He then said, “This is for you!” I got up to see what all the hub bub was about. It was a text from the guy with the go cart. He sent a picture of himself, asked if I was single, and wanted to know if I would like to have dinner with him. I immediately broke out into a loud laugh. Hubby didn’t find it so amusing. I did. I thought it was hilarious. That is why the guy called at 8 p.m., that is why he was failing at talking. He was trying to ask me out. Now how can you ask out someone that you spoke to on the phone for no more then a mere 5 minutes?  I guess it was just my southern accent that got him. I kept laughing, hubby kept looking at me. I told him everything I said to the guy. Even my mom came out of her room, because she heard us talking and me laughing so loudly. She thought it was funny, Oldest thought it was funny. Hubby…no, not so funny. I was completely embarrassed too, I could feel my face turning red as I kept telling him it wasn’t anything I did. He was sooooo jealous. Finally the shoe was on the other foot. He loves to make me jealous, didn’t feel so good since the tables were turned.

I usually don’t like to call on whatever he is interested in at the time. Like I said, people are strange, some are nice, some aren’t. I always seem to get the ones that aren’t. So maybe next time he will think twice about asking me to call.



Accomplishment…you know the feeling. The feeling of actually getting something done. Something that has been needing to be done, but you just can’t seem to bring yourself to do it.  Well folks, today was my day to finally accomplish…mopping my kitchen, dining area and living room.
You see, I have linoleum in the kitchen and dining area, and tile floor in the living room. Both are good size. The tile has been a life saver with miss messy pants and an overgrown pup for a dog. But mopping these areas are not done close together. Nope I wait and wait till I just can’t handle it anymore.

y u no mop

Why you ask? Well I will tell you…because I know, deep down, that as soon as I get done, something is going to be spilled, someone is gonna walk through with dirt on their shoes, and that overgrown pup of ours is going to drip water throughout the kitchen after he drinks half his bowl. So yes, I wait.

cleaning pointless

Last night, I was thinking about how nice it looks when it is all clean and shiny. No more dirt spots, no dried banana bits stuck to the floor, no more smear marks from kid or dog. Ahhhh….so nice. Then I stepped. And my foot stuck. What the what? Dear hubby gave miss messy pants a freezer pop earlier and she dripped it throughout the two rooms. I asked why didn’t you put her up in her chair. His answer, “she was having too much fun running the house.” I told him he was mopping the next time. 🙂

cleaning with kids




I haven’t  written in a few days, I was really hoping that this week would be on the calm side. But this week, brought on a new adventure, or quest you might say. A quest for bath soap. Yes I know what you are saying. What is this crazy lady gonna write about now. But I  am serious folks. Let me give you a little back story.

I, like every other adult, do not like to run out of certain household necessities, i.e., toilet paper, shampoo, toothpaste, and bath soap. I always had a fear of running out of t.p. This stems from growing up with a mom that would only buy a 4 pack to last all week with 4 people in the house. Sorry it just doesn’t work. She was always having to stop to get another 4 pack or she would “borrow” a roll from work. Just to make it to the end of the week. I always always always buy when down to one or two rolls or sooner if I can. I do the same with bath soap. Well with the holidays going on and all the other running I was doing, I totally spaced getting a new package. I kept thinking we had one bar left. Well Sunday night, I was definitely proven wrong. I was the last to get in the shower and there it was, a very small, almost transparent bar lying on the shelf. I thought, oh, no problem. I hopped out, opened the cabinet, no bar. I opened top drawer, middle drawer, bottom drawer,  nada. Panic sets in. I opened up the door  again, must have missed it. Ugh! My eyes hadn’t deceived me. There was no last bar to be found. I got back in and knew I had to make the most out of this miniscule remnants of this once huge lovely bar of soap. Then I remembered that my neighbor gave me a wonderful gift set of caress body wash for Christmas. I was saved, and I not only smelled good, my skin was silky smooth too. 😉

I tell hubby what had happened and he goes into why didn’t I “check sooner” spill. Give me a break, it just wasn’t on my mind. Monday, I had to run to the bank so walmart is right there, I go in to get a pack. The shelf is bare. All other soap there, but that one. The price tag was still there, so it wasn’t taken off the shelf. Now you may say, why don’t you just grab another kind? Sorry, can’t do that…you see, hubby will only use one brand and one brand only. He doesn’t like anything to perfumy, so using my caress was out of the pic.   I went ahead and grabbed a few things and decided to run down to the nearest market to get it. They were out too. I text my hubby to ask him to give me another soap to get but he never answered.  Nervously, I decide on one and get out of there.

I got home and he wasn’t too happy with the choice, but oh well. I did go on my Walmart app and find it at a store not too far from me but I rarely shop there. I told him I would go Tuesday, I had to take oldest to the library anyways. To make this long story short, we made our way down there and I bought two, yes two, packs of his favorite soap. I vowed that I would never run out of soap again. Cause this quest is one that I did not enjoy!!! 🙂