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Oldest starting talking to this girl that lives in Germany recently. They have pretty much the same interests and likes, especially in music. The girl was telling her who and what bands she had got to see in concert. One being 5 Seconds of Summer. Which is Oldests favorite band. Sorry One Direction. She was telling me about the girl seeing them live and I asked if the band was coming here. She had to go look and yes, they are coming, in September. Tickets went on sale back last October.

So for the next few days, going to see them live was all she could talk about. We finally looked at ticket prices and the cheapest seats other then the lawn, (it’s an amphitheater), was 79.95 a piece. I told her I would have to go with her. She said she didn’t mind at all. Then we had to get her dad on board. Now being the kind of father he is, he always tries to give them more then we can afford or that they need. After looking, he decided she needed closer seats, which were right under 200 a ticket. I told him that was crazy and nuts and as long as she got to go, I am sure she would be happy with the cheaper tickets. Then a day passed where no one said anything about the tickets till later that night when Oldest broke and asked if she was still going to get to go.

The next morning, daddy gave her the money, in which she gave to me to deposit in the bank. When we got home, we ordered her 5SOS tickets.

Talk about one happy little girl.

Now excuse me, I got some songs to learn. πŸ˜‰

I had been putting off going grocery shopping this month. I usually make it out on the first of the month to stock up, but this month I just didn’t feel like it. It was a Monday for Pete sakes, and cold out.Β  I figured we would make it some day this week, probably on Wednesday. Well, Wednesday came and I had plans for all of us to load up and go, but hubby had some things he had ordered off E-Bay out for delivery. Our mail lady runs when she wants to run, there is no set time with her. And if you have a package being delivered, you better just cancel all plans and stay home, because there are some people that walk the neighborhood looking to see if you have anything that they can take. A nice pretty big brown box is just asking for trouble around here. So we decided to go after she ran, if she made it through early. 2 p.m. she made it down our street and hubby got his packages. By then I didn’t really want to go. Little L had been really really bad the last time we went so late in the afternoon. I told hubby I could make soup and sandwiches for dinner and we would just go in the morning.

We got up with full intentions of heading out around noon. But Little L had other plans. She was in a very bossy, whiney mood as soon as she woke up. She started demanding that I get up and get her paci and Carry (her stuffed toy) then she wanted cartoons on and of course she wanted one that wasn’t on that early. Luckily Sheriff Calli was on and she got interested in it. Then we made our way out of bedroom and she goes into screaming “Nack, me want nack” Which in 2 year old talk is snacks, meaning fruit snacks. She loves the damn things and I, like a big dummy, buy them for her. But I don’t give them to her so early in the morning. Daddy poured her a bowl of cereal with no milk so she didn’t really eat it like she does with me. I made pancakes for breakfast, which she kept saying, “Me don’t want pancake!” over and over. But she ended up eating the whole thing. In the meantime, all I could think of is I don’t want to take this kid to any store while she is acting like this. I told hubby and he agreed that just Oldest and I would go shopping when she got done with her school work.

It was nice with just us two. We made our way through the store in what seemed half the time and spent less money then I would have if hubby had went. So maybe she did me a favor by being so whiney. πŸ™‚


I can’t believe Christmas has come and gone. It just seems to go by quicker every year. I know the kids don’t feel it, but we grown ups sure do. I remember being a teenager, wanting Christmas to come, but feeling rather sad and depressed once it was over and knowing that cold,Β  January was right around the corner.

Well, Christmas eve was going pretty good, until about 8 p.m. when hubby and Oldest ran out the door to do some last minute shopping. He is always that wait till the last minute kind of guy. Little L got really cranky and was throwing a fit while I was trying to get her teeth brushed and ready for bed. She was extremely tired from being sick and you know it always gets worse at night. We argued and fussed at each other til the other two came home. Then she went to bed. I had to get the presents under the tree and the stockings put together. Which would not have taken long, if L didn’t wake up every 5 to 10 minutes coughing. Everytime I thought she was finally asleep, she woke up crying and coughing. This went on for about 2 hours. Finally around 11:30 she got really quiet and hubby and I got the presents under the tree. I stayed up well past my bedtime, we watched some t.v. and I downloaded this app on my phone that took a picture of your room and then placed Santa putting out presents. I played with that awhile and enjoyed the quiet. L slept pretty peacefully through the rest of the night and was ready to go Christmas morning.

It took a little over an hour for all the presents to be unwrapped. All that hard work, just in a big shredded pile on the floor. But the kids had fun and we did too, watching them rip through the paper. L would bring daddy the present, he would read it, then she would take it to who it belonged to. After that, I made a Cheesy Potato Breakfast Casserole for brunch that hubby just raved about. The neighbors came over to bring the kids some candy and he even made them try it out. They liked it so much, she called me the next day to get the recipe.

I made him his big Christmas dinner with turkey breast, home made baked macaroni and cheese, sweet potato casserole, corn on the cob, and hot rolls. He had seconds on that and was thoroughly stuffed. But he made room for the cheesecake that Oldest and he wanted, for dessert.

All in all it was a great Christmas. I was exhausted after 2 days of standing in the kitchen, but it was well worth it. Little L is on the mend from her cold. She isn’t coughing as much and I can tell she is in better spirits. Oldest still has a week left of her Christmas break, and I have to take the time before it is over and get this house back in order. It is always fun putting out the decorations, but taking them down and putting them away is a whole other story.

Happy Monday all! πŸ™‚

Follow me on Pinterest to get the recipes for the Cheesy Potato Breakfast Casserole and the yummy Baked Mac and Cheese I made.


It has been a crazy day. I have been baking for a few hours. Not much, just some fudge and cookies. But I have been trying to do other things in between the taking out and putting in of the goodies. Daddy let Oldest put some presents under the tree earlier. I thought we were going to wait till tonight like we usually do, but he said it was ok. Last night we got in a bit of a tiff over letting the girls open up a present on Christmas eve. It is the same argument every year. He says that when he was a kid, they waited till Christmas morning.Β  When I was a kid, we opened one up on Christmas eve. Just one. I remember one year she didn’t open anything until Christmas morning, because he threw such a fuss over it. I always pick out a special something for them to open,Β  usually pajamas. Last year, they opened one early and he didn’t get upset. After going to bed mad at each other, and I didn’t make him his big breakfast that he likes, he told me while the kids were putting out the presents, that they could open one tonight.

When I wrapped Little L’s presents, I put the name tags on them as I went, like any normal person. When I wrapped the ones for Oldest a few days later, I was going to do the name tags later. Today, while putting out a couple of things for her I was going to write the name tags. There was a big box and a small box. For the life of me I couldn’t think of what was in the small box. I looked at it, shook it, felt around on the box. Nothing was coming to me. Good thing I made a list. I had to look at it to remember. My memory is definitely gone, I tell ya.

I few more things to get done and that’s it. Just waiting on the jolly man in red to come visit. Even though Little L is sick she is still excited. After we set out the presents, she wanted to start opening them. But she is being good and left them alone when we told her we had to wait.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas Eve and a very Merry Christmas!! πŸ™‚


Oldest and I took Little L outside this afternoon. She loves to get into or play with whatever her daddy has laying around. He has an old car jack that belonged to my dad, that finally gave out on him this past summer. L loves to stand on it and pretend she is a pirate and not any pirate, Captain Hook to be exact.

But today she got to nosing around a bucket that he uses to wash the vehicles with. It had water in it, very dirty, yucky, black water. Little L kept staring into the bucket like she was itching to stick her hands in it. She loves water. Oldest seen her and told her to stay out of it, that daddy pooped in the bucket. When she told her this, Little L looked up at us, and said “huh?” Oldest repeated. “Oh,” she said. “Da da pooped in the bucket.” “Yes, he did, now stay out of it, cause it is very icky.” I had to go with the story, since it was keeping her little hands out of the germy mess that was in the bucket.

Daddy came back into the garage where we were hanging out, and I had to tell him what Oldest told L. He, of course, denied it. But L kept saying over and over, “You pooped in the bucket.” Just like, sorry dude, sis told me the secret, so live with it. Oldest and I were laughing and agreeing with L. He saw that there was definitely no way out of this and so he finally agreed that he did the icky deed.

I am just glad Oldest said it was daddy and not me! πŸ˜‰


Oldest is on Fall Break from school this week. Well, Wednesday thru Sunday. Instead of going somewhere really cool and fun and exciting, I chose to take this time to get my side of the garage cleaned out. It isn’t all my side, hubby has alot of stuff stacked in there too, but the majority, he will tell you, is mine. I have crate upon crates of stuff I have lugged around for years. The last time we purged was when we were getting ready to leave Washington to move back to Nevada. I got rid of a ton of toys and stuff we just didn’t use anymore. Now it is time to go through the crates that we did keep and say, “Do we really need to hold on to this any longer?” I went out yesterday, the day was bright and sunny but there was a cool breeze blowing and the temp was in the 70’s. Good time to start. After opening 3 toy crates, I started to cringe. Cringe at all the clutter and mess and mismatched crap that we have lugged around and stored for the past 5 years. Oldest ended up going through 2 of them with me yesterday evening and we got a lot thrown out and a lot up in the donation crate. So 2 crates became one. Yeah! Throughout the afternoon I emptied atleast 5 crates.

Then today I took the girls with me to Walmart to pick up a few things. My plan was when I got back home, I was going to tackle the garage some more. Wrong. Oldest decided her closet needed cleaned out. But instead of pulling everything out and starting with an empty room, she started going through a crate of stuff that she had boxed up. Then she started showing and handing stuff to the 2 year old. You know where I am going with this. Pretty soon the room was more of a disaster then it started out and Oldest got mad because now she was overwhelmed by the whole thing. Instead of asking me to help or say, “hey mom, could you just go ahead and clean my closet out for me,” she stomped through the house, then got into a fight with her sister. I gave in and took it upon myself to clean it. An hour and half later I emerged, hungry and mad. Mad because they, (hubby and daughter), were both sitting on the couch, feet up,Β  watching The Walking Dead on Netflix. Little L was running all over, destroying everything in her path. The living room and kitchen were both lined with toys. I wanted to scream, but no, I went on and made dinner and kept my mouth shut. I knew if I opened it, it was not going to be good.

Tomorrow I am back outside to finish, *fingers crossed* what I started Wednesday. Hopefully, all that will be left on Saturday morning is a trip to the donation center. πŸ™‚


Friday marked our 17th wedding Anniversary. 17 years. We often joke that we have been married more. Although we only knew each other 6 months prior to tying the knot. We didn’t do anything special, because hubby finally came down with the damn sickness that is going through this house. Everyone has had it but me. I am sure hoping I don’t get that nasty germy bug. *Knock on wood*

We never do anything really spectacular on our anniversary. Maybe get Chinese takeout. But since he has no real taste buds, it would just be a waste of good money, although I would have enjoyed every bite. 2 years ago, after L was born, neither of us remembered it was our anniversary. I opened up Facebook and seen it on the side. Today is your 15th Anniversary. We both laughed when I read it to him. Too many sleepless nights with a newborn to even remember our special day.

We have come to realize that not remembering is not the end of the world. We know how long we have been together and we know we want to continue. (Even though we could choke each other on occasion.) We love each other with all our hearts and that is the only thing that matters. πŸ™‚

I have been trying to sell Little L’s crib on Craigslist. I have only had 2 people contact me about it. One was this passed Sunday. Which is rather funny in itself, but I will share that story later.

Anyway,Β  hubby and I were in the bedroom talking about the crib and how cray cray people are, when he, out of the blue, reached for my arm. Now I was not expecting him to do this, so I moved and he ended up smacking me right in the nose. Since, it came as such a shock, he retracted his hand quickly and at the same time, he poked me in my right eye. I immediately grabbed my nose and as always, my first instinct is to cry. I ran to the bed and plopped down, but thinking about what happened made me start to laugh. In the meantime, he is saying he is sorry but when he sees me laughing he starts to laugh.

Little L  made her way in after she heard the commotion, and was up on the bed trying to console me. Then oldest came in asking what happened. L was trying to tell her sissy about it,Β  when hubby decides to reenact it for her. He ends up smacking her right in the nose by accident. Luckily she had on her glasses so no eyes on her were harmed.Β  She lets out a “that hurts” squeal and starts holding her nose, while I was still laughing and L was rubbing my face saying, “owwie nose”.

And that’s my life…one crazy thing after another. πŸ™‚

Oldest had her friend stay over Friday night. For breakfast Saturday, I made pancakes, 2 each. Now he can be a picky eater, but I know he will atleast eat 1 whole pancake, before saying he is full. So I get all the cakes of pan done, and holler for the kids. They come into the kitchen, and he is starving because he announces that he is going to have seconds. In my head, I am thinking sorry dude, didn’t make enough for seconds. I usually do and no one eats them. So they sit down to eat. I holler for hubby who is enthralled in a 007 movie at 9:30 in the morning. I tell him 3 times to come eat. (Funny how they always tune us out when watching t.v.) I finally make eye contact with him and he says, “Why didn’t you tell me?” Oh geeze give me a break. He then wants to eat in the living room, so he doesn’t miss any of the movie that has captivated him. I, being the good wifey that I am, brings him his plate and the sugar syrup bottle. He is spoiled I know. I go back to see if Little L is eating and she is, watching the boy the whole time. She loves when he comes over. I am trying to get my lonely pancake onto a plate when everyone needs something to drink. I go to open the fridge and had an idea. I shall promote Oldest to milk pouring duty. Momma is gonna eat a hot meal even if it is a measly pancake. I get my plate and am ready to sit at the table when suddenly everyone else is done. Oldest suprisingly couldn’t eat all of hers, but her little friend actually finished both of his.
They all scramble back to the cave, for some more xbox, before his dad comes to get him. I sit down thinking atleast I have my little baby to eat with. Nope, she sees them leave and off she goes, with the rest of her pancake in her little hand. “Oh well, atleast I have some peace and quiet while I eat.” I think to myself, since there was no one to say it to. I am about half way through,Β  when L comes back into the kitchen and points at her diaper. “Leave it on.” I tell her. Crap, I forgot to button the onsie when I changed her earlier.

She begins pulling at the tape and one side is loose within a second. Can’t I just eat one meal, without yelling, fussing, fuming, or threatening? No, not in this house. The other side is not coming loose, but this does not stop her. She pulls and tugs and finally wiggles free from its grasp. I slowly finish my breakfast. At this point it doesn’t really matter. She is happily running through the house with her bare booty a showing. Oldest comes through and I ask her to find the diaper. It was on the living room floor.Β  She picks it up and instead of trying to wrestle L back into it or even bring it to me, she takes it to the bedroom and throws it on the stack of diapers by the bed. Luckily, it was clean. After retrieving it, I cornered L in the cave and got it back on her then snapped her onsie. No more escaping today little one! πŸ˜‰

Friday Ramblings

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Today is my hubby’s Birthday. No real celebration going on though. He won’t even let me make or buy him a cake. We are spending the day playing my game he got me for Mother’s day. We only have 2 more chapters left and we are done. He has played the majority of it. He is better at killing the big bads then I am. I usually read the walkthroughs and help him pick up all the extra goodies lying around.

Little L went down for her nap about 30 minutes ago. She didn’t fuss too much, since I let her stay up and watch her favorite cartoon, Blaze, on Nick jr. Her Birthday next month, I am in debate on either Sesame Street cake I saw at Albertsons or look for Blaze or something like that. She does love big trucks. Although she calls them choo choos at times.
Oldest is lying on the couch next to dad. She is pretty much done with school for the year. They have 1 week left to go. She is trying to get a hold of her friend to see if they could have a sleepover this weekend.  Probably here, since the house is finally germ free.

Just a nice quiet Friday. Nowhere to go, nothing pressing to do. Life is good. πŸ™‚