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Now that I am not as mad, I can set down and write about it. What? You ask. Well I will tell you what.  In my recent posts about my daughter’s upcoming bithday and her cake that I am supposed to make,  oh, I know…not again! Another silly whiny post about a cake…blah blah blah. Sorry, gonna do it anyways.

In my recent posts, I said I ordered some cake toppers. The puzzle topper was first to arrive, now in the picture it shows it outlined in white. Which makes you think that it is plastic. I mean it is supposed to go on a cake with icing, right. So it should be plastic. WRONG! It is a very thin cardboard and it sets in a clear plastic container. Kind of disappointing but ok I will deal. Then today, the first package to come in was the big bird and elmo car set. Now these I am super happy with. They are cute and functional.  The mail lady pulled back in about 30 minutes later with another package.  Hey it’s the edible topper. Wait…this says it came from California,  I ordered it from Texas. I opened it and it was the right picture, but it is blurry. BLURRY!! I look in the envelope and there are no directions and then realize it is NOT personalized. I was fuming and crying. I opened up the Ebay account and it says that the seller offers NO refunds. You have to go through Ebay.

I have been totally ripped off!!

I feel as if I have failed again. My hubby thinks its no big deal. NO BIG DEAL!!  It is to me. She will only be 2 one time. Maybe I am making it out to be worse then it really is. But I always, always have to settle!  With the stupid money I wasted I could have just bought her the original cake the way I wanted to.

So here I am 4 days to go and have no idea what I am going to finally do or use. I am a little worried about the edible thing because I have no idea who made it or how it was handled. I have read on how to use them. They say they can be good up to a year as long as they are sealed. Since this is not personalized, it could be old. I have no clue and it scares me.

So what would you all do? Use it and hope for the best?  Send it back to Ebay, and use the other toys as a topper? Or just go buy the damn cake as originally planned?


Little L’s Birthday is coming up soon. The big 2 is finally right around the corner. This year instead of making the cake, I was wanting to buy one. I had went to walmart and they had several really cute Sesame Street sheet cakes and cupcakes. I had Oldest take pictures with her phone so we could show daddy and figure out which one to get.

Once we got home and we were settled down, I went into how cute the cakes were. Right in the middle of my sentence, hubby broke in and said, “Why don’t we just make it ourselves?”  Omg, hadn’t he been listening. I didn’t want to make one this time, since last years was…bad so not what I had intended. We argued for a few minutes when Oldest chimed in and said she wanted to bake the cake too. Wait…what? She was all for buying it earlier. She always takes her dads side, especially when it means more work for me. We all started arguing some more. I thought I had a valid point. And I like to bake, but a cake decorator I am not. Hubby kept saying store bought cakes were not good. But he only had one piece of last years cake. That I made. And he wants me to do it agian? Oh come on.  🙂

This evening when going into make dinner, hubby asked what we were having. I told him I was thinking about hamburgers and french fries. Something easy for a Saturday evening. He said that he wanted something else, then he came up with going to Taco Bell. We haven’t visited the Bell in 2 years. I lived there back in Vegas. It was like my number one place to eat on my days off. So, I said ok. I love not having to cook, especially on the weekend.


When we got there we had to go in. We should have went through the drive thru, but you know what they say…You always get f****** in the drive thru. We go in and there is like no one in the place. 3 tables were taken and that was it. There was no one in line, and there, behind the counter, was a very eager Taco Bell employee ready to take our order. We looked at the menu for a minute. It had been so long since we had been there I had forgotten what I usually got. Upon finding it on the board, I told her what Oldest and I wanted. I always ordered the taco salad with beef. Oldest gets Nachos Bellgrande. Then it was hubby’s turn. He was trying to tell the girl what he wanted, but she was getting everything mixed up. UH OH a newbie. Well, you got to learn somewhere right. So he tried and tried to tell the girl, then actually had to take her over and show her the picture on the board. While that was going on, Little L was running a muck all over the front end. She thought we were at a park, an amusement park that is. She ran around the bars that on a busy day would hold all the people like a line of piggies waddling up to the counter. She ran over here and over there. Oldest was trying to make her stop, but it wasn’t working. I felt like people were saying, “Oh look the after dinner entertainment is here.” She even got down on the floor and was rolling around. *Please Lord, give me strength!!* Then L started doing this high pitch squeal that I really have never heard before. It was rather funny but annoying all at the same time. Maybe going through the drive thru wouldn’t have been a bad idea after all.

I finally paid and got my ticket and hubby took the kids to sit down and wait. Little L was on the inside of the booth and she was still being rather loud. I told her to knock it off. She gave me her sad look and kissed my arm. Then thought it would be a great idea to crawl over the table. Daddy stopped her of course, so her next move was to crawl under the table. Which she did and she made it out. She ran to the next table and crawled up in it. Oldest went over and sat down to block her in. Nope not gonna work dear sissy. The little brat did it again, crawled under the table. I said that’s it and told hubby to take her back to the truck. When they left they called us up to get our order. Which was in like 10 bags, because they packed everything separate. Geesh!!

We got home and dug into our haul. Little L wasn’t too thrilled but she managed to eat a bit of a soft taco and part of a bean burrito. I’m gonna be hating tomorrow’s diaper changes! They messed up on mine, of course. Gave me steak instead of beef. It was good, although looking at the bill, the girl did put in steak which is a dollar more then the beef. Hubby ate the majority of the food and now he is sitting beside me feeling rather full. It was his idea. The sad thing is that we hadn’t been for 2 years and I think I could go another 2. Really haven’t missed out on anything.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Who would have known that this little contraption would be a sanity saver. Let me tell you all about this beauty…it slices, it dices, it pulverizes! No wait sorry wrong kitchen gadget.  😉

You don’t realize how much you need one until yours quits working, that’s for sure. My old one decided it had lived a good life and decided it was time to move on. It gave its last turn last Wednesday night, around dinner. Then I went to the store like the next day and forgot to pick one up.  I did not remember until the next evening when I went to use it. Man, I thought I was going to have to use my teeth that day.


I finally got this little beauty and it works like a dream. And it was under
4 bucks, too. 🙂

Something New

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Trying something new for dinner tonight, so far I have set the smoke alarm off twice… They say 3rd times a charm or it it 3rd time means order pizza? Hum??? 😉