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Last Monday was my daughters 11th birthday. She finally made it. We had a small party hear at the house for her with just us. She only has one friend here in town, since she does online school, and we live in the worst neighborhood where there are like zero kids around. I told her we could invite her friend over for the evening or even sometime during the weekend, but she said no, she just wanted it to be family.

She first started out wanting a Supergirl cake, but I couldn’t find one anywhere local. Not even a silly topper to go on top of a cake. I looked at every bakery in every grocery store in the area. I finally went on up to Walmart and they had the best selection of girl birthday cakes that I had seen. There were a few choices that I liked and I when I went back to order the cake I took her with me to pick the one she wanted. She picked Little Miss Camoflauge. Which was actually the one that I thought she would go for.


I asked her what she wanted for her birthday sometime ago, other then the 5 Seconds of Summer concert tickets, that I spoke about in an earlier post. One thing that she wanted was a Supergirl hat that she had seen at walmart the previous week. Now you all know that if you see something at the walmart you have to buy it then not later. It is either moved or all sold out. I went a few days before her birthday to shop, and that was the first place I headed. The hats had been moved, and I had to find where the hell they went too. After walking around the mens and boys department for some time, I finally found them. And guess what? They had one, yes one, Supergirl hat. Yeah me!!! I went back up to the juniors section and they have a pretty good selection of novelty t-shirts. I found her  a Superman shirt that was just really too cute. I then found her some camo print sweat pants. OMG I was on a roll baby!  One thing I wanted to get her was the 5 Seconds of Summer CD. Which was no where to be found in the music department. I was really bummed about it and picked out another CD instead. On my way up to the checkouts I found a stand with the new music and there it was. *Jumping for joy*

The next day, she and I went into Walgreens to look at Halloween items. While we were checking out, she saw a magazine that was all 5 Seconds of Summer. She wanted it so bad. I told her I couldn’t get it for her that day. Something else caught her attention and I looked at the price and then seen that the pull from shelf date was just 2 days away. I made an excuse the next day to run back out and bought it for her. The silly thing cost 6 bucks. Geesh! Then the lady asked me if I wanted a bag for it. I thought this was hilarious. I had to laugh and say yes please, its a gift, not for me.

I think she made out pretty well for her big day. She got a nice jacket and make up bag from her Grandma, who also sprang for pizza for the birthday girls dinner. I ended up getting her another t-shirt, this one Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which she loves, and two more of the teen mags so she could hang up even more posters. She was really surprised with the one mag that was all about 5 SOS. I told her that I had to sneak out at midnight to go get it before it went off the shelf. She believed me! I love that about her.

Atleast she dropped the talk about the concert tickets. Now all she talks about is One Direction. “I thought you were into 5 Seconds of summer?” I asked her.  “Oh I am, but One Direction is soooooo cute!”  UGH!!! I just can’t keep up with that girl.





As you all know, the ones that read my little blog, my oldest is turning 11 very soon. She is going to be the dreaded tweeny bopper. That is what I have been calling her and she seems to like it. So let me back up and fill you in…at the beginning of the month, we were shopping and my hubby broke down and bought the oldest one of them silly tweeny bopper mags. I was actually going to buy her the first one on her birthday, but he beat me too it. Oh well. He scored major dad points that day. So a few days ago, we run out to pick up a few items, and she has her 5 dollars burning a whole in her pocket from the tooth fairy. She spies another magazine. The first one she immediately hung up all the posters, and couldn’t wait to hang these new ones up too.

Back when we moved into this house, we had bought some really cutesy girly stickers. The kind that are reusable. The Dollar Tree sells some really nice ones. We bought flowers, butterflies, and of course peace signs. We spent one afternoon putting stickers all over her walls and it really livened up the room. Fast forward a year and a half, she tells she wants to take the stickers down. I told her that I didn’t know right where I had put the backings to the stickers and why didn’t she just hang the posters over top. She thought for a minute and agreed, saying that if she took the posters down, she would still have something on the wall. Sounded great to me.

The next morning, after breakfast, she heads off to her room. Being on Fall break, I figured she was off to listen to her music and watch those silly videos she likes. I went into her room about 30 minutes later to see if she actually did her paper that is due next Wednesday, that she had been putting off writing.  I walked in to find a crumpled up pile of stickers on her desk and bare walls. I didn’t know what to say. I started picking them up and I looked at her. It was like a knife to the heart. Now you may think that I am being over dramatic, they are just stickers, yada yada yada. But it was more, much more. It was a piece of her and me. A time where we spent just hanging out, doing girly stuff. She says I never hang out with her, I say your always hiding in your room. Come out and play.

I picked up the stickers and headed out of her room and slammed the door behind me. I didn’t mean to slam the door, it just happened. But it was a good effect. Her dad saw me and he instantly knew what was wrong. He got up and went straight to her room.   She came into my room and started trying to take the clump she made back apart. I told her to leave it, I would do it. I would just hang the stickers up over Little L’s bed. Her dad said she had to put some back up so she took all the peace ones and I kept the rest. Her dad also told her she was grounded and no sleep over on Saturday night. Oh no…not the sleep over. That is when her attitude changed and she was determined to hang up stickers.

After awhile, I calmed down, and went into her room to do what I originally set out to do. I was sitting at the laptop reading over her paper and she asked me if I was mad. I told her I wasn’t mad, I was sad. Those stickers meant something to me. She then told me that she wasn’t a little kid anymore. She was going to be 11 soon and she wanted a change. I told her that was fine. I was holding back what I really wanted to say. I wanted to tell her no, she couldn’t grow up, she had to stay my little baby forever.  She was still my baby girl no matter.  Then she said her dad told her she was grounded, no sleep over. I didn’t say anything. She waited several minutes and asked if she was really grounded. I gave in and said no, you can still go. We hugged and that was that. She went on to talk about how cute this boy was and how awesome that boy sang. I sat and listened. She even had me rate each band members picture 1 to 10. I kept giving them low scores and she would get mad. She finally got tired of it and went to play with Little L.

I sat for a few more minutes, taking it all in.




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When my little L was getting close to her 1st Birthday, I had made up my mind to make her cake myself. Years ago, I had made her sister her first cake, so I wanted it to be a special tradition. After the first one, it is store bought with all the cute little themes and toys on top.

Now for the one I made 8 years ago, it was a simple one layer cake, nothing fancy. It was a white cake with white icing. I know, usually you get chocolate for the first time on that special day, but believe me, she didn’t miss a thing. She gets plenty of chocolate! I remember her birthday really well. She sat in her highchair and actually ate with a spoon. We even put peaches on it, which she loved. Yes peaches…my husband has always said, peaches with cake, ice cream with pie. Try it, you’ll see! 🙂

Over the years, I have been trying to be a little more on the creative side. I decided to go online and try to find some ideas for 1st birthdays. I found several, mostly too advanced for my creative skills to handle. (Like who are you kidding? Betty Crocker lives here or something!) After searching for sometime, I came upon a video on how to make the cake look like the number one. Yes, this is it! I thought. Something unique for her special day! I saved a diaper box for the cardboard, you know, the giant economy size box. I wanted to have enough space. One side to lay the cake on and one side to cut the number out of. With the help of my hubby, (he did all of the work), the number cutout was pretty much perfect.

I went to the store and picked out the cake mix, the one with the rainbow sprinkles in the mix. My oldest helped pick out the icing. We went with purple. Then we got some that came in cans so we could decorate the outer edge and write her name. The night before I baked it up and let it set till morning. While she took her nap, my husband, my oldest and I got the 1 design cut out. Moving it to the foil covered cardboard was a bit of a problem. It wanted to fall apart. So we smooshed it back together and opened the icing. YIKES! I didn’t think about letting it set in the fridge overnight, it had melted and was almost runny. We started putting it on anyways, and it just got worse. The icing was dripping and the cake falling apart. I was so upset. My husband kept telling me it would be ok once all the icing was on. So we plugged along, and actually started to laugh about the whole thing.


After putting all the icing on and using the cans around the edges, we realized what we needed was more icing!  We all piled into the van, little L wearing her “It’s My Birthday” t-shirt. All set for her day. Actually, she didn’t have a clue and was happy to get to go for a ride. We bought more of the cans to finish the edges and I bought another tub of the purple just for good measure. Then daddy had to take us into the toys. He put the birthday girl on the floor and told her to pick out a toy. She went straight for an Elmo doll. He sings a song and the abc’s and tells about shapes and colors. She was dancing in the isle to the song, over and over. We had a winner!

After adding a ton more icing, (I think we over did it),  we finally finished the cake and was ready for opening of the presents. Little L  was a bit overwhelmed and couldn’t seem to get into the spirit of things. My oldest by now was mad, ’cause I told her she could have a piece of cake and it was taking forever to get to that point. Birthday girl didn’t eat her cake with a spoon, she would rather play with the spoon then use it the way I show her. She ate with her hands, which was fine and this kid is not crazy about peaches. Give her watermelon tho and she will tear it up, I tell ya what! .

All in all we survived. The baby got new toys, the oldest got her cake and I, well I got the joy of cleaning everything up!