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Today started out like any other Sunday. The little tyrant girl of mine woke up bright and early at 7 a.m. demanding that I find her Carry. Which is the name of her stuffed toy she loves dearly. I finally find him, then she wants her paci. I felt around and couldn’t locate that darn thing, but luckily there was an extra one by the bed, so I gave that one too her. After all this, I had to get up and use the bathroom. When I came back, she wasn’t finished with her demands, requests,Β  this time it was milk. I made my way to the kitchen got her some milk and kept thinking I just want to go back to bed. I gave her her cup and she drank it down, then cuddled up beside me. Within 15 minutes she was back to sleep, took me just a tad bit longer, but I managed to do it. Around 8, I heard hubby talking to her. Crap, I don’t want to get up. So I laid there as quiet as a mouse, waiting to see what was going to happen. He got up and she went out into the living room with him. Ah, yes! Now this is what I am talking about, I thought. After all it is my Birthday! I dozed back off for about an hour. After that, I was awake and needed to get up to get everyone fed.

The day might have started out kind of slow, but it was rather nice. I took Oldest and my mom up to Old Navy. Oldest has been wanting some new clothes and we don’t usually shop in stores like that, but today, I made an exception. She got her a pair of jeans, 2 tees, and a flannel shirt. She doesn’t usually wear jeans, she has always said that they were uncomfortable, but she has been wanting a pair for awhile. And apparently the flannel is what is pretty popular with the teens these days. After that we headed to our usual hangout. I know that is sad, but Walmart is the one stop shop.

When we got home, we ordered out. Chinese food, YUM! Then afterwards, headed to 31 Flavors for my Birthday treat. I thought that would be better then a cake sitting in the house for a few days just begging me to eat it. A couple of scoops and I am done.

Last year I wrote a post Turning 43 Isn’t All That Bad. I read it over just now, and I want to remember and take in what I wrote. Age is just a number. But this year, it was a little harder to deal with. This year, I want to cry even though I won’t. I will save that for next year! πŸ™‚



I love to scrapbook. I have been doing it since Oldest was 3 years old. It can be a lot of fun, but sooooo time consuming. I told you in one of my last posts that I had some pictures developed from Walgreen’s since they were having a great sale. I started looking and thinking about what all I wanted to do, when I remembered that I didn’t do any scrapbook pages from last Halloween. I found seven pics that I had developed, but no pages put together. Hum, only seven pics? I wondered. I had to throw Oldest off the laptop so I could see just how many pictures I took last year. It wasn’t very many, that’s for sure. I went through them and seen 2 more that I really liked, so I decided that since the sale was still going on to see if I could do it again. I went through each folder and realized that I didn’t do any pages from Little L turning one and on up. This had to be corrected now, and I started adding pictures to the cart. I got 1st and 2nd Birthday and a few odds and ends plus the 2 from last Halloween. The order came to right under 6 dollars with the coupon added in. They were ready by the time I started dinner, and I was going to go right after to pick the order up, but then hubby told me that I had only one brake light on the truck. He was going to wait till morning to check it out and fix it, so I wasn’t going anywhere, even right up the street.

I sat down after dinner and began looking at the pictures I had done from the other day. I realized that I was missing several from Oldest’s birthday. I went back into the account and seen that 5 pictures were just sitting there in a folder that I had totally missed. I added them to the cart just to see how much it would be. Then my mom said that she would like to have a few copies of one to send out this Christmas. I let her pic the one she wanted and added them on and placed the order.

When starting a new project, I always want to do something really creative. I went on to Pinterest to get some ideas. I got really depressed because most of them are digital. They are very pretty and look great, but I do all mine by hand. No fancy machines, just scissors and glue. Later on, after L had went to sleep, I pulled my Halloween papers out and started putting some layouts together. Now this is also time consuming, because I will change and rearrange a page at least 10 times before deciding. Sometimes I have to walk away and come back then it will come together. I can’t work on it like I want to, L is into everything, so I have to wait for her to go to bed. Last night I got lucky, she was asleep before 9. Hoping for that again tonight, *fingers crossed*

Although it is time consuming and a bit overwhelming at times, it is so fun to look back and see those beautiful faces and how much they have grown. πŸ™‚


Well today was the day. My Oldest, once my little girl, once my only, turned 12. Yep, she has gone and done it. Even though I have threatened and begged please don’t get any older, it happened.

About 2 weeks ago, I asked her what she wanted for her cake this year. Last year we ordered it from Walmart, so this year she wanted me to make her one. On one of our trips to the store, she picked out the cake mix and icing. It was a tye dye cake mix and vanilla icing. I didn’t look at the instructions till 2 days ago. There was alot too it, but seemed simple enough. You just had to divide out the batter and use the included food coloring packets to make your colors. She decided on a 2 layer cake and she wanted to help me make it. We started on it around 12:30 today. After I got the batter made up and divided I opened up the 3 coloring packets. Now this was a messy part. The food coloring got all over my fingers because the packets weren’t but an inch or 2 big. There was not enough in them to do all the colors. Luckily I still had my food coloring kit from Little L’s birthday. We got all the colors made and started putting them in the pan. 30 minutes later, it was done. Simple, right? Wrong! I let them cool for about 2 hours. Oldest was driving me crazy wanting to icing them. I got out the icing and started mixing up the colors since we had a colorful cake, why not some colorful icing. I went to get the first cake out of the pan to set on the plate. It wouldn’t come out. It had stuck to the pan so bad. I was about to cry. Oldest was trying to help and getting mad at me because I was getting upset. She didn’t understand that since I was making it for her, that I wanted it to be pretty much perfect. I felt like I had never made a cake before.

After some work, we got the first layer out of the pan, but alot still stuck. I started to put the icing on it and oldest decided to work on the second layer. It broke in half and some of it still stuck in the pan. I told her to leave it alone while I finished up the first layer. I didn’t want it to break any more. I got it placed on top and smooshed it together and prayed that the icing would hold it. That’s when oldest said she wanted to do the icing. I walked away to do some other things, and when I went back, the cake, well, it didn’t look at all like I wanted it to. She got bored and went into her room, so I mixed up some more icing and went to work on it. As the icing got mixed together though, it was turning purple. You could still see some of the other colors, but purple was the main one. Could this cake get any uglier? I thought. When I got done, I pushed it aside, and hoped that it tasted better then it looked. Thankfully it did. πŸ™‚



Today I had to do a few errands and get the final stuff for Little L’s Birthday. Now that doesn’t seem hard but in 100+ degree weather it is, trust me. It got hot way too fast this year. Needless to say, the trip to the park for a birthday picnic is out of the picture. But I needed to go and get some balloons and my mom wanted to pick her up “one last gift.” Oldest had been given a dress by her friends mom. It is kinda Goth looking with lips and skulls all over it. She loves it and wanted to wear it.


Isn’t she cute?

So off we went about noonish. When we were almost done in Walmart, Oldest needed to go to the restroom. Even though I hate to let her go off on her own, I said o.k. She made it back and said that this woman started talking to her about the dress. She said that she used to wear stuff like that when she went to school.Β  At first Oldest thought she was going to give her a compliment about wearing it. Then this person said “then I realized they were ugly.” And walked off from her. I was like WTH? Way to make a kid feel good about themselves. I wished that I had gone with her. Good chance that the woman would not have said anything if I had been there though. I guess no one ever taught her manners, or she was just jealous cause my kid was rockin that dress. πŸ™‚

We get through shopping and finally get to the checkout. There is 2 people in this line, so I pull in. The guy in front of me looked a little peculiar to say the least. He was wearing sunglasses and didn’t have but a few things, which when it was his turn he told the cashier that he didn’t need them. I am a people watcher and if something strikes me a bit odd or off, I pay attention to the situation. I was starting to unload my cart when he looked at me and said excuse me and pulled his cart out of the way. I told him no problem and went back to what I was doing. But I do remember looking back at the cart to make sure my purse was there. Yes this dude gave me a weird feeling. Off he went and the cashier starting talking with us. I was almost finished unloading, when I looked up, and there in front of the store was atleast 10 security guys with this man that was in front of me moments ago. Two of them had this guys arms behind his back, one on each side. I, which cannot be quiet, said pretty loudly, “There goes that guy that was just in your line.” The cashier looked over and then looked back at me. I asked, “That was him right?” She said yes and that her knees just went weak. We were just looking at each other and then thinking about what I had said, I go, “and I said that rather loudly, didn’t I?” We all laughed and then went on about checking out. I did tell the cashier that I used to work at Walmart, and I remember following potential shoplifters around the store. Having to catch them before they hit the doors. Not fun at all.

After that excitement,  we went over to the Dollar Tree and got a few helium balloons for the birthday girl. One is Elmo’s face and the others said Happy Birthday. I got a bag of regular balloons that we are going to spend Wednesday night blowing up.

So that was my fun Monday outing. I am not going anywhere the rest of the week. It is just too damn hot! πŸ˜‰

Now that I am not as mad, I can set down and write about it. What? You ask. Well I will tell you what.Β  In my recent posts about my daughter’s upcoming bithday and her cake that I am supposed to make,Β  oh, I know…not again! Another silly whiny post about a cake…blah blah blah. Sorry, gonna do it anyways.

In my recent posts, I said I ordered some cake toppers. The puzzle topper was first to arrive, now in the picture it shows it outlined in white. Which makes you think that it is plastic. I mean it is supposed to go on a cake with icing, right. So it should be plastic. WRONG! It is a very thin cardboard and it sets in a clear plastic container. Kind of disappointing but ok I will deal. Then today, the first package to come in was the big bird and elmo car set. Now these I am super happy with. They are cute and functional.Β  The mail lady pulled back in about 30 minutes later with another package.Β  Hey it’s the edible topper. Wait…this says it came from California,Β  I ordered it from Texas. I opened it and it was the right picture, but it is blurry. BLURRY!! I look in the envelope and there are no directions and then realize it is NOT personalized. I was fuming and crying. I opened up the Ebay account and it says that the seller offers NO refunds. You have to go through Ebay.

I have been totally ripped off!!

I feel as if I have failed again. My hubby thinks its no big deal. NO BIG DEAL!!  It is to me. She will only be 2 one time. Maybe I am making it out to be worse then it really is. But I always, always have to settle!  With the stupid money I wasted I could have just bought her the original cake the way I wanted to.

So here I am 4 days to go and have no idea what I am going to finally do or use. I am a little worried about the edible thing because I have no idea who made it or how it was handled. I have read on how to use them. They say they can be good up to a year as long as they are sealed. Since this is not personalized, it could be old. I have no clue and it scares me.

So what would you all do? Use it and hope for the best?  Send it back to Ebay, and use the other toys as a topper? Or just go buy the damn cake as originally planned?


Last night I was obsessing thinking about Little L’s birthday and that stupid cake again. I opened up Google for the hundredth time and searched once again for Sesame Street cakes. Well that was disappointing. Every thing was so gorgeous. I can’t do this, what the hell. I was getting really upset about the whole thing, when my hubby said, “Why don’t you look at Ebay and see if they have anything for toppers.” *LIGHT BULB* Why didn’t he say something sooner? He has an Ebay account, he is on there all the time. So my happy little fingers typed in Ebay Sesame Street cake decorations and toppers and Wa la! We have 6 glorious pages to scroll through. Oh OMG I want that and that and that!! We found several items, and it was very hard to choose. We asked Oldest to come help, and she liked the opposite of things I liked. UGH! After about an hour we narrowed it down to 3 different cake toppers. One was a 9 piece puzzle, how cute is that, right? The other was the same that I had seen up at Walmart. Big Bird in a tow truck pulling Elmo behind him and it said the cars really worked. And the third one was an Edible Cake Topper! Yes, you heard me, edible! I had heard of these before but totally spaced it. You just lay the scene on top of the icing and it melts into it, and it could also be personalized. This is it, this is it. I was saying over and over. But then…more choices. We found a couple more that were really cute, but I finally decided on the one that has baby Big Bird, baby Elmo and baby Cookie Monster sitting together. After we did that, we were taking a break from looking when I decided to type in Blaze and the Monster Machines. L loves this cartoon! Well low and behold they had edible toppers for him too. Now I was stumped. What to do and why did I have to type that in? We got Oldest back out of bed. Yes we are bad parents. It is midnight and I have pulled my child out of bed to look at cake toppers for her baby sisters birthday, because I can’t make a decision to save my life.Β  At least she is on summer break! She picked out the one she liked and I put it in the cart. Then I went on a search for toys. They haven’t hit the stores yet, but Toys R Us has them mainly online to order. We found a talking Blaze. Put that in the cart. She also likes the car named Pickle but he isn’t available yet, so we have to wait on him. Then hubby got up to get some water and he came back and said, “You know, she may have a problem with us cutting into a picture of Blaze when we go to eat the cake.” I never even thought of that. A picture of my darling 2 year old toddler meltdown right over top of the cake went through my brain. I also pictured her smashing her little fists into it, too. Oldest had made it back into bed, so I had to go tell her. She agreed. Toddler meltdown would for sure take place. Scrap the Blaze cake. Which was fine, since I had already bought Sesame Street decorations.

We closed it down since it was getting so late and decided to take a look first thing this morning then place the order. Which I did, and I got all 3 toppers. The puzzle is going to be a gift instead of going on the cake,Β  the cars will sit beside the cake for her to play with also.Β  And of course we got the talking Blaze for her big present.Β  πŸ˜‰

Little L’s Birthday is coming up soon. The big 2 is finally right around the corner. This year instead of making the cake, I was wanting to buy one. I had went to walmart and they had several really cute Sesame Street sheet cakes and cupcakes. I had Oldest take pictures with her phone so we could show daddy and figure out which one to get.

Once we got home and we were settled down, I went into how cute the cakes were. Right in the middle of my sentence, hubby broke in and said, “Why don’t we just make it ourselves?”Β  Omg, hadn’t he been listening. I didn’t want to make one this time, since last years was…bad so not what I had intended. We argued for a few minutes when Oldest chimed in and said she wanted to bake the cake too. Wait…what? She was all for buying it earlier. She always takes her dads side, especially when it means more work for me. We all started arguing some more. I thought I had a valid point. And I like to bake, but a cake decorator I am not. Hubby kept saying store bought cakes were not good. But he only had one piece of last years cake. That I made. And he wants me to do it agian? Oh come on.  πŸ™‚

Before dinner, I asked Oldest to help me by getting the laundry out of the dryer and taking into the bedroom. Little L was in a mood, so this was a good way to get her distracted. She loves to play in the clean clothes. So off to the bedroom they went and Oldest started folding and L was playing. I sat down to wait on the oven to preheat. That can take forever, that is for sure. L came out of the room carrying one of the kitchen towels. “Go give that back to sissy so she can fold it, ok.” I said to her. She turned around and headed back. A few minutes later, she came back out, this time carrying a dryer sheet. “Cool, thank you.” She again goes back in. Another minute passes and she comes out, this time carrying what I first thought to be another kitchen towel, but upon inspection I realize that it is a pair of underwear. My underwear. I tell her to take that back in the bedroom. She must of sensed the urgency in my voice, because she did not turn around and go back. Oh no, she stood right there in the living room with my undies in her hand. My mom was sitting right beside her and she didn’t make a move to grab them, which I was kinda grateful for. So I jumped up and went over to her, which made her run past my mom. “Give those to me.” I said. She gives me this weird look then puts them around her neck, like they were a trophy. I caught her off guard and snatched them off of her before she could turn and run. I ran into my room and threw them inside the closet so she couldn’t get them again.

After dinner, I was trying to get the kitchen cleaned up. My mom likes to do the dishes, so I let her.Β  Hey I just stood in the kitchen for an hour cooking, if she wants to do the dishes, go for it! Anyways, I got through with my part and headed into the living room. There, I seen Little L standing by the coffee table. Then I noticed she didn’t have on a diaper. I say pretty loud, “Where is your diaper?” Her response, she takes off running as fast as her little legs could go. This girl can haul ass, literally! She rounds the couch and scoops up her diaper, luckily it was clean, and circles the kitchen table. I just stop and it caught me so funny, that I just burst into laughter. I mean, what else could I do. So I grab my camera to see if I could get a pic of her in action. She stops and hands Grandma the diaper. Then she turns around for me to take a pic of her little bare behind. Yes, I am not kidding you. I took the pic and got her into the bedroom, and wrestled the diaper and a pair of shorts onto her.

Hubby comes in and decides that he does want something sweet for his birthday after all, and wants to go to the store. Oh yeah. I knew I should have showered earlier. And now I got to wrestle L into pants and socks and shoes. Oh and clean her face and brush her hair. At one point, I wanted to say, you and Oldest go, I will just stay. But I didn’t, it’s his birthday and he never asks for much, so being the good wifey that I try to be, I get it together and we head out.

Thanks for reading! πŸ™‚

Friday Ramblings

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Today is my hubby’s Birthday. No real celebration going on though. He won’t even let me make or buy him a cake. We are spending the day playing my game he got me for Mother’s day. We only have 2 more chapters left and we are done. He has played the majority of it. He is better at killing the big bads then I am. I usually read the walkthroughs and help him pick up all the extra goodies lying around.

Little L went down for her nap about 30 minutes ago. She didn’t fuss too much, since I let her stay up and watch her favorite cartoon, Blaze, on Nick jr. Her Birthday next month, I am in debate on either Sesame Street cake I saw at Albertsons or look for Blaze or something like that. She does love big trucks. Although she calls them choo choos at times.
Oldest is lying on the couch next to dad. She is pretty much done with school for the year. They have 1 week left to go. She is trying to get a hold of her friend to see if they could have a sleepover this weekend.  Probably here, since the house is finally germ free.

Just a nice quiet Friday. Nowhere to go, nothing pressing to do. Life is good. πŸ™‚

It’s official. I am finally an Arizonian. Got my license Thursday, in the mail. The picture looks better then what the temp card made it look like. The best part is that I won’t have to get another license, because here in the good ole desert, they are good for a very very long time. Mine expires in 2037. Yep, 2037! Now in 2037, I will be pretty old. Atleast that is what my kid and my own mother kept saying after I got it. My birthday is coming up faster then I would like it to and I will be 43. For some reason I was saying I am 41 turning 42. But they let it be known that I was actually 42. So since they couldn’t let me get by with being a year off, I kept saying it over and over. “No, I’m 41.” “No your not,” they both rang out. So the more they said it, the more I said it.  This went on for some minutes. When they finally got tired of arguing. Then I told oldest that I knew I was 42, I was just messing with her. She didn’t think that it was as funny as I did.

When I turned 30 I cried, when I  turned 40, I took it a bit better. No tears. I did call in that day to work, which they didn’t like much, but I didn’t care. I sat and watched movies all day, hung out with my kid, and just took turning 40 in slowly. No big. So turning 43 isn’t much difference. Just a number. Although some days I feel like I am way older, cause my feet hurt, can’t hardly walk, or my knee makes that crazy ass popping sound more then I like. But it will just be another day. πŸ™‚