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What do you do when your toddler won’t take a nap? Won’t isn’t strong enough, let’s see…refuses, abstain, balk, avoid, boycott, I could go on with this. But tell me what do you do? Run and hide? Cover your ears from all the screaming that said toddler is doing, once you say it is nap time? Enlist every member in your home to bar the doors and hold the kid down till she tires herself out enough that she might just close those peepers?Β  Tell me!

Little L doesn’t take many naps. If she wakes up really early I can get her to do it, but that doesn’t happen often. She took a nap earlier this week and only because she woke up at 7 a.m. and we went out to shop. She fell asleep coming home and didn’t wake up til after 4. That meant she didn’t go to sleep till around 10 p.m. I thought maybe she would sleep in a little bit the next morning, but at 7:15 her inner alarm clock crowed and she was wide awake. Yesterday she make it to 7:30 and I tried my hardest to get her to take a nap, but she decided to jump and try doing cartwheels across the bed. When she does this, I give up and she knows it. Today, once again, it was 7:30. She watched t.v. til I decided to get up and get breakfast going. Oldest has all mid term exams this week and next, before Winter Break starts in just one week. I was trying to help her in History and L wouldn’t leave us alone. I told her to go play with daddy and he was trying to keep her busy enough. After 2 hours though she had had enough and wanted us done. Then she decided to get into everything and make messes and beg for munchies that she couldn’t have. My mom made herself some lunch and she eats in her room, so Little L follows her and wouldn’t move out of the way for her to sit. I had to go in and drag her across the bed, cause this kid is very strong and feels like a bag of cement at times. Then hubby came and got her and made her lie down with him. I went with just to help out. He acted like he fell asleep as soon as he hit the pillow and I turned the t.v. way down and about 30 minutes later she dozed off. It was Glorious!!!

She has been out for about 45 minutes now. I know she will soon pop out that door ready to go again. I just hope it will mellow her out a bit and make for a more peaceful Friday afternoon. πŸ™‚


Last night I started to write a post telling about decorating the Christmas tree earlier that afternoon. Well, my big fat fingers hit a key and deleted the whole thing. After a few select words that I yelled out,Β  I gave up and went to watch some old episodes of The Walking Dead with hubby.

So tonight I am going to try to type out the blog. I am sure I don’t remember word for word, but maybe it will come back to me…

Earlier this afternoon, I got out the ornaments for the girls to put on the tree. Oldest was showing Little L how to hang them up and after each one she would yell out “Me did it, me did it!” Then promptly asked for another ornament. I have tons so it was easy to fill the tree quickly. Some I wasn’t going to put on, but since she kept asking, I kept handing them to her. After a little while, Oldest got bored with the whole thing, and disappeared off to her room. L and I kept up the decorating and put some more things throughout the house. She is definitely into this Christmas thing. I love that she is having so much fun.


Hurry up mom, I got work to do!


Finding just the right place.

As we were lying down for her to go to sleep, I asked if she was excited about Christmas coming. She said yes. “What about Santa?” I said, “you excited for him?” She nodded. “Wonder what good ole Santa will bring you?” She says with sheer delight, “TOYS!” “Oh he is, is he?” “Going to bring you a new toy, well that is what he is supposed to do. And is he going to bring Sissy one too?” I asked. “Yes,” she said as she closed her eyes and started to drift off to sleepy slumber land.

I love this time of year!

Thanks for reading. πŸ™‚


Was it a smart idea for me to take my 2 year old with me to do some more Christmas shopping yesterday? No it wasn’t, but both girls wanted to go with my mom and I up to Walmart. I had to pick up a present for Oldest that I had ordered Friday night and it was already in the store. I just needed to drag my hiney up there and get it. I let on that it was for Little L, and told Oldest to keep her busy while I stood in line to get it. That worked pretty well, until Oldest wanted to see what I got her, then I had to tell her to keep out.

My mom wanted to look for Little L something else, of course, so in the toy section we were for a very long time. L was playing with everything she could get her hands on. She was good, so can’t complain. But a couple of things that we put in the cart, we had to take back out then put them in when she wasn’t looking.Β  I know she was eyeballing a Rubble from Paw Patrol that was on the belt when we were checking out. She was very tired by that time and didn’t ask for him, but I know she seen him.Β  Mom also wanted L to pick out a toy for Apollo the dog. She did. She picked out several toys. We put them all back besides one that L was not letting go of. I almost forgot to pay for it, she was holding on to it so tightly.

I have seemed to have miscalculated the gifts and have bought Little L half of what I have gotten Oldest. My mom said that that wasn’t right. I told her that L won’t remember her 2nd Christmas, but Oldest will. Plus, I think things that Oldest wanted was way cheaper then what they have out for the younger kids these days.

Thanks for reading! πŸ™‚

Last year, hubby brought in all the Christmas decorations around Thanksgiving. I thought that it was kinda early so this year, I told him to wait until the 10th to bring them in. But I couldn’t do it, I went out today and got the crates out of the garage, with his help of course, and brought the tree in. I put out some decorations throughout the afternoon and then after we had dinner, he helped me set up the tree. It is one of those pre-lit trees, and we have had it for several years now. Last year it had a few branches at the bottom not working, so we turned them around to the wall. This year, I have a whole row in the top that isn’t working. It has to be a blown bulb, hubby says. I turned off the living room light and it looks really nice other then that one area. Tomorrow we are getting out the crate that has my lights in it, so I will just string a set around the top and call it good. Later in the week I will let the girls put the ornaments on then I will go back later when they aren’t looking and fix them. It’s funny how particular you get over the years about where a certain ornament should be. I have my favorites and I want them out front, of course.

I have 2 sets of ornaments that I bought for Oldest when she was a baby. Rudolph and Mickey’s Christmas Carol. I always hung them at the bottomΒ  so she could play with them, but to my surprise, she was a good baby when it came to the tree. Last year, Little L loved the sets so much, they were lying on the coffee table by the tree more then on it. After Christmas, I took out all the hooks out and let her play with them. I went on a search last week and found almost all of them. Baby Rudolph is missing, and I have 2 that are broke. Hubby is going to superglue the 2 back together and hopefully I will come across baby Rudolph before Christmas eve. πŸ™‚



Library Saturday

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Oldest wanted to go to the library today and since we hadn’t been for awhile, I decided to to take Little L with us. Last time we went, I let Oldest run in and get a couple of books while we sat in the car, because I didn’t want a fight to leave and we had other errands to run that day. But today was a free day and I was going to take them to the park afterwards, but that thought went out the window after we passed it on the way to the library. It was jammed packed. Since the weather is still warm here, they play sports all year round practically and today they had soccer in one field and a baseball game in another.

We got to the Library and went into the children’s play area while Oldest went to look for some books. She made 2 friends while there. First a girl that was several years older, she actually sat down and was reading to her. Before she left, another little boy joined in. They were having a good time, then the girl had to go, but L and the boy, which she kept calling him “brother” kept up their game. It was getting time for us to leave, we had been there well over an hour and Oldest was getting bored. The boy’s mom came over and asked if he was doing ok. I said yes, but I needed to leave so she got him to go with her so I could get L. I had to pick her up and carry her out, but she didn’t kick and scream like she did at that park. When I told her I had fruit snacks in the car, she actually walked with no problem through the parking lot and got in her seat like a big girl.

So glad I remembered to pack them fruit snacks. πŸ˜‰




I took Oldest to her back doctor today for her checkup. It was supposed to have been back in October, but by the time I called to make the appointment, the earliest was today. The doctor is only at this clinic on Wednesdays, so we had to wait.

After waiting for over an hour we had good news. He actually saw a slight bit of improvement on the x-rays. He was very happy and needless to say, I was too. He said that her spine will never fully straighten, but something is better then nothing. Her next checkup is in 6 months. What a relief!

After that, we headed up to Target to look around and pick up the Cyber Monday orders that I placed. Oldest picked out a couple of things to get her sister, but couldn’t find anything for anyone else. I told her that was ok, we had time. After that, we splurged on a pretzel and a drink at the cafe and came home. All in all it was a pretty good day! πŸ™‚

December 1st

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It was a quiet evening, this December 1st. Little L was playing in her bubble bath, I was sitting on the bed, using my tablet. Hubby had just finished his dinner and went back out to the garage. Oldest was doing what Oldest does best…on the computer. My mom went in to let the dog in to eat. All of a sudden there was a ton of noise and lots of stomping coming from the kitchen. At first I was thought the dog was playing, but then I heard my mom say, “Something’s wrong, he’s dying!” I jumped up, threw my tablet on the bed and took off through the house yelling for Oldest to yell for her dad. When I rounded the corner, Apollo was standing in the middle of the kitchen head down. He looked up at me sideways and started trying to walk. But he was stomping. All four feet, stomping and legs going everywhere. He was trying to eat his dinner but he couldn’t stand. Oldest came back in and she headed to the bath to take care of L, who was crying. Hubby finally made it in and I told him what I saw, and he grabbed the flashlight and went out back. He didn’t know if someone had thrown something over the wall to make him sick or worse. Apollo wobbled back to his bowl and started to eat. I stayed and watched and he was standing with no problem, eating normally. He finished, turned around and walked through the kitchen like nothing happened. I told my mom and hubby that I think his feet were asleep. I hadn’t heard him for awhile and usually he wants in at dinner time. He must have fallen asleep and when mom called for him, he wasn’t fully “awake”.

Silly dog! πŸ™‚