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What do you do when your toddler won’t take a nap? Won’t isn’t strong enough, let’s see…refuses, abstain, balk, avoid, boycott, I could go on with this. But tell me what do you do? Run and hide? Cover your ears from all the screaming that said toddler is doing, once you say it is nap time? Enlist every member in your home to bar the doors and hold the kid down till she tires herself out enough that she might just close those peepers?  Tell me!

Little L doesn’t take many naps. If she wakes up really early I can get her to do it, but that doesn’t happen often. She took a nap earlier this week and only because she woke up at 7 a.m. and we went out to shop. She fell asleep coming home and didn’t wake up til after 4. That meant she didn’t go to sleep till around 10 p.m. I thought maybe she would sleep in a little bit the next morning, but at 7:15 her inner alarm clock crowed and she was wide awake. Yesterday she make it to 7:30 and I tried my hardest to get her to take a nap, but she decided to jump and try doing cartwheels across the bed. When she does this, I give up and she knows it. Today, once again, it was 7:30. She watched t.v. til I decided to get up and get breakfast going. Oldest has all mid term exams this week and next, before Winter Break starts in just one week. I was trying to help her in History and L wouldn’t leave us alone. I told her to go play with daddy and he was trying to keep her busy enough. After 2 hours though she had had enough and wanted us done. Then she decided to get into everything and make messes and beg for munchies that she couldn’t have. My mom made herself some lunch and she eats in her room, so Little L follows her and wouldn’t move out of the way for her to sit. I had to go in and drag her across the bed, cause this kid is very strong and feels like a bag of cement at times. Then hubby came and got her and made her lie down with him. I went with just to help out. He acted like he fell asleep as soon as he hit the pillow and I turned the t.v. way down and about 30 minutes later she dozed off. It was Glorious!!!

She has been out for about 45 minutes now. I know she will soon pop out that door ready to go again. I just hope it will mellow her out a bit and make for a more peaceful Friday afternoon. 🙂