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December 1st

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It was a quiet evening, this December 1st. Little L was playing in her bubble bath, I was sitting on the bed, using my tablet. Hubby had just finished his dinner and went back out to the garage. Oldest was doing what Oldest does best…on the computer. My mom went in to let the dog in to eat. All of a sudden there was a ton of noise and lots of stomping coming from the kitchen. At first I was thought the dog was playing, but then I heard my mom say, “Something’s wrong, he’s dying!” I jumped up, threw my tablet on the bed and took off through the house yelling for Oldest to yell for her dad. When I rounded the corner, Apollo was standing in the middle of the kitchen head down. He looked up at me sideways and started trying to walk. But he was stomping. All four feet, stomping and legs going everywhere. He was trying to eat his dinner but he couldn’t stand. Oldest came back in and she headed to the bath to take care of L, who was crying. Hubby finally made it in and I told him what I saw, and he grabbed the flashlight and went out back. He didn’t know if someone had thrown something over the wall to make him sick or worse. Apollo wobbled back to his bowl and started to eat. I stayed and watched and he was standing with no problem, eating normally. He finished, turned around and walked through the kitchen like nothing happened. I told my mom and hubby that I think his feet were asleep. I hadn’t heard him for awhile and usually he wants in at dinner time. He must have fallen asleep and when mom called for him, he wasn’t fully “awake”.

Silly dog! 🙂