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Kids Can Be Jerks!

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Kids can be jerks. There I said it. It had to be done. I am sure that most of you will agree with me, even though you think your child can do no wrong.

I took the girls up to the park earlier today. The weather was right around 70, and very sunny. Since it was so nice, there were alot of other kids there too. L is quite content to play by herself, but today, this little boy that was much smaller then her, wanted to play. He had brought a soccer ball and they began kicking it to each other and running around. Oldest and I sat and watched for awhile, then she went off to swing. The little boy’s mom decided it was time for them to go, so L was alone again. She wondered around trying to find someone else to play with, but she still did her thing with the slide.

There was another ball that someone had brought and left laying that L wanted to play with. I let her pick it up and carry it around with her, but she got bored and dropped it. Soon afterwards, I seen a man kick the ball over to the side, so I figured it was his. She then seen a girl and boy that was probably a year apart, brother and sister. They were running up and down the side of the hill. She loves to run, so she joined in. The girl who couldn’t have been more then 4, ignored L. But she continued to try to join in on their fun. They were walking along the cement wall that divided the play ground from the grassy hill, L was following them. Then the girl turned to L and told her to go get the ball, which was back down on the playground. L jumped down off the wall and got the ball, just like she was told. I was watching, but wasn’t very happy with this. Even Oldest made the comment that it brought back memories of her at the park when she was little, and kids telling her to do stuff, but wouldn’t play with her. I told her I remembered way too well. L had trouble trying to climb back up on the wall, and by the time she made it up, they were gone.

L then had the ball and she came down to where we were sitting, and got down and had a drink of water and I asked if she was ready and she said no. She went to play on the slides for a bit longer. When we were ready to leave, I couldn’t get her to drop the ball. I kept telling her it wasn’t hers, but she wanted to hold onto it and go down the slide. I wrestled with this girl and got the ball from her, but she was kicking my butt that is for sure. She was not leaving without a fight and started crying and screaming. I got her up in my arms and we headed to the parking lot. I ignored all the stares that Oldest said was happening. What? You haven’t had your child throw a fit when you had to leave the park before? I think not!

We made it home and L had calmed down and she was excited telling her gramma and daddy about the little boy she got to play with. Only if he could have stayed longer. 🙂