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Very Long Monday

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Cold weather finally set in yesterday. It has been getting down into the 40’s at night, but warming up into the high 60’s ans 70’s once that sun comes out. But yesterday, it was cloudy and windy and then it rained and rained for a good part of the day and night. Today, it was still cold and windy and lots of dark clouds. With this “looks like snow weather”, Little L has gone total stir crazy. She has so much stored up energy, she doesn’t know what to do with it. She has resorted to climbing up on the back of the love seat, and then sliding down and bouncing. Scaring the life right out of me, everytime I see her do it. I have yelled, threatened, and even spanked her little tushy, but to no avail, she still continues to do it.

This morning, around 10ish, she decided to go into a chant about going to the park. I kept telling her no, not today, too cold out, maybe end of the week. She would not hear of it, and continue on her quest to take her to the park right that minute. Oldest was trying to do her school work and it was getting rather hard to concentrate through the screams. I finally got her to quit around noon, when I made her lunch. Then she wouldn’t go down for her nap, which isn’t unusual anymore. So around 3, my hubby needed me to run to the bank. I tried to get out of it and say I would go in the morning, but he needed me to go right then, was an emergency ya know. While I was getting dressed, L got all happy and said she was going, put on her shoes. I told her no, not today. She cried, begged, whined and pleaded to go. Finally hubby said, get her dressed he would go too. I just love family outings…

Since we were out and I hadn’t bought my turkey for Thanksgiving yet, I had him stop by the little Walmart on the way home. Just the girls and I went in. At first, L was doing just fine, the store wasn’t that crowded and she was running around looking at stuff, then she wanted to push the cart. Which wouldn’t be a problem if she would let either Oldest or I help. Every time we touched the cart, she would yell and everything would stop. I was getting tired and very impatient. I only had a couple of things I wanted to get for next week and I was not making any progress. After more threats, begging and pleading on my part, she got up into the cart and I grabbed a couple of things on my list and we hit the checkout. She kept asking me for goldfish, (cause the last time I bribed her into the cart with a bag of goldfish.) I didn’t see any close by, so I got her a bag of cheetos at the checkout stand.

In a couple of days, the weather is supposed to warm back up and I promised I would take her to the park as soon as it did. Another hour and she should be asleep and I can maybe have a couple of hours of quiet before hitting the hay myself. It has been a very long Monday!

Thanks for reading! 🙂