Archive for October 24, 2015

I made it down to the donation center last Saturday morning, to finally get rid off all the stuff I cleaned out of the garage.  I was definitely off schedule and my hubby was not happy with me about dragging my feet going, but to my defense I was sick that first weekend and didn’t want to deal with it. I got him to load everything up Friday night and promised to take it. I had around 7 boxes and crates full plus an old t.v. and dvd player that still worked, just we don’t use them anymore.

Thursday we had to run an errand and we ended up in the parking lot of the donation place. I asked hubby if we could go in and look around. He doesn’t like shopping unless it is his idea. At first he was like no, then it was fine I will wait in the truck. I took the girls and went inside. We were going through the Halloween items looking for a mask and a bag to go with what Oldest had decided to be. Then we wondered down an isle and ended up in the toy section. Which is L’s favorite place. I let her look and she didn’t know where to start. The kid acts like she has no toys at home. I know she does, cause I trip over them every time I walk through the house. She started playing with this little train that actually had batteries in it and rolled around on the floor. She was sold.  I told Oldest that we made a mistake heading for the toys first. We are never going to get out. Luckily a few minutes later, hubby came walking down the isle. Yes, now we could move and he and L could stay in the toy section. Oldest and I wondered around, never found a bag, but did find a mask. Then we went into the kid clothes and I found 2 pair of pants that would fit L. I asked Oldest if she wanted to look at stuff in her size, she said that it felt weird to look at clothes that other people have worn. I told her it was no big deal, just wash it before you wear it. I mean what do you do with good clothes that you don’t want anymore? She never looked for her anything, but I found me a Halloween shirt that still had the original tag on it. We made it back to the toys and hubby was trying to get L to come with us and look at other things. She did reluctantly, but she had 2 trucks and the toy train. We went into the housewares and Oldest found her a huge white pillowcase for her bag and it was only 99 cents! We wondered around a little while longer and we decided it was time to go. While heading up to the checkouts, I seen something that looked familiar. It was an old jewelry box that I had just donated. “OMG” I said, “here is something I donated.”  I had put a piece of tape on it a long time ago to hold the box shut while it was packed up. I had some odds and ends in it and when I decided to give it up, I threw the stuff in it away and never took the tape off. It still had it on it. I thought that was strange that they left it and put it on the shelf. I almost took it off, but I didn’t. Wasn’t mine anymore. I did look at the price and it was $2.99. Wow, I would have said 50 cent in a yard sale. But the store works with Big Brother Big Sister, so I think it was a good place to donate.

We made our way to the checkout and 20 bucks later and a store card, we left. We were lucky, we went in on a day where everything with an orange tag was 50% off. The card gave me an extra 25% off the blue tag items. I think we did fairly well on all that we bought and I will go back. Especially around Christmas time to see what goodies that have. 🙂