Nail Polish

Posted: October 4, 2015 in blog, kids, toddlers, tweens, Uncategorized
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It is funny watching Oldest and L argue. Arguing with a toddler just doesn’t seem to work. Some how they always seem to win. Oldest likes to paint her finger nails, the other day she asked if she could paint L’s. “Sure,  go ahead,”  I told her. They were both excited and happy and they spent some quality sister time together playing with sissy’s nail polish. L came out happy, saying that she was pretty and showing off her nails.

Today, was a little different. She wanted her nails redone since sissy was doing hers. Oldest set her on the floor in the bathroom and sat down in front of her. She started on her left hand, but after each nail she painted, L would pull away from her making it hard to go to the next finger. I walked in on them when they were doing this. Oldest pleaded with her to stop taking her hand away.  I broke down and told L that she needed to let sissy finish so that she can have pretty nails like sissy. She said ok and gave her hand back. She finally finished the first hand and started on the other on, when L decided she wanted a different color. Oldest got her bag out and said, “Orange or pink?” L immediately said Orange. She likes orange. Oldest starts to set down when she says, “No, pink.” Oldest got back up got the pink. This is the one you want, pink, right?” L nodded. Then like all females, she changed her mind one more time. “No!” “Purple!”  L yelled out. The look on her sissy’s face was priceless! I laughed so hard. In a very funny annoyed voice, Oldest got up and said, “Fine, you want purple. Purple it is then.” She gave me this look like I don’t believe this kid. I laughed even harder. It was great not being on the receiving end for once! 🙂

  1. Anxious Mom says:

    Hahaha! Your girls crack me up.

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