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Why do toddlers have the uncanny ability to make sure that you look like an utter fool, by losing your cool and acting like an idiot in more ways then one?

We went up to Walmart to do a little shopping. Hubby wanted to get some stuff in the auto section. At first, Little L was doing great. Notice those words “at first”. I guess daddy was taking too long and she decided to take off running down the isle. Daddy and oldest both took off after her and didn’t catch her until they hit the electronics section. I heard her little screams twice and the second one, I could tell she was far away. After the workout/marathon race, we strapped her butt in the toddler seat. She whined a little, but the most part did ok. Then…

We were loading the truck and I sat L up in the back seat. She was having fun crawling all over the back seat and even got up in her seat. When daddy was ready to strap her in, she jumped down and wouldn’t let him put her back. He tried, and then had to walk away. One, he is afraid he will hurt her when she does this. Two, when he gets mad, he walks away. I got out and sissy and I tried. She wouldn’t go. She fell to her knees in the floorboard and wouldn’t get up. After a few threats, I asked her didn’t she want to go driving? She said yes and then got up in her chair.

We got home and after arguing with her to come into the house, daddy gave her a piece of candy. She was eating it, then decides she is going into grandma’s room with it. Grandma doesn’t like her to bring food in her room. Especially the melty kind. I got her out once, but she decided to go back. She was standing by her pillow with 2 very gooey looking hands. She already got some on her outfit and I knew I would never hear the end of it if she got it on her bed. I got her over to the door then out into the hall. This is where she decided to drop to her knees and get chocolate all over the floor.  I was already tired and just wanted to take my shoes off, so my words were not coming out the nicest to put it mildly. I got her up and walked her into the bathroom to wash her hands. Once again, she dropped to the floor. I snatched her up and stood her on her stool. She started wailing like I was beating her. Just wash your hands, that was all I wanted.  I got her hands and face washed, the whole time she cried. I took her back into the bedroom, put her on the bed and told her to go to sleep. Took her about 10 minutes and she was out. I hate putting her down so late in the day, but to save everyones sanity, I had to.

I know she will grow out of this stage. I do hope sooner then later. Cause one day, someone is going to think I have Terets with what comes out of my mouth when she acts that way. 🙂