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Science Lab

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At the beginning of school, Oldest was sent a microscope to use for Science lab. She had her first lab this week. We got the microscope out, but I had no idea how to really use one. If I got to use one in school, it wasn’t for very long and the information didn’t stick. Luckily, daddy knew how to use it. The light that plugs into it said you had to charge it for 12 hours prior to use. Since we hadn’t did that, we plugged it up and went on to something else. Last night she asked if she could get it out and look at stuff. We did a quick search online since her assignment was either to use pond water or soil. We don’t live anywhere near a pond and the soil wasn’t that interesting. We came up with a list of 50 things that were cool to look at under a microscope. She started going through the house finding some of the items. A few things she got was an onion skin, a strand of her hair, dryer lint, a leaf from outside and she even found a feather. She, with her dad’s help, was having a blast. I was sitting on the couch and just happened to look down, and see a little gnat crawling across the coffee table. I said, “Ah ha!” and stuck my finger right on it. I told her I caught a bug, she kinda freaked, because well, she is a girl, and she does not like any type of bugs, but this one wasn’t going anywhere. We put it on the slide and under the scope it went. It was actually the coolest item that she had looked at. We had to wait for daddy to get back in from locking up the garage so he could take a look and he moved it all around so we could get different views. Didn’t know bugs could be that interesting. 🙂