No Nap Monday

Posted: August 10, 2015 in blog, family, funny, kids, toddlers, Uncategorized
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Everyday for about a week now, Little L has skipped her nap. I have let her do this because she has slept in everyday until 9:30 or 10:00. She hasn’t slept this late since she was a newborn and her days and nights were mixed up. Today, she actually woke up early, well…8:30, if you count that as early. But earlier then she has all week. I got up thinking good, maybe she will take a nap today and get back on track.

So the day starts our pretty normal, the kids wanted pancakes, and hubby wasn’t picky so pancakes for all. Woohoo easy breakfast. A couple of hours went by and I noticed Little L’s diaper needed a good changing. I got her in the bedroom and I caught a wiff of something that did not smell like roses. I got her diaper changed and looked closely and noticed she had something on her shoulder. I sniffed it like all good mama’s do and it was the wonderful smell of puke. Yeah. I pulled the shirt off of her and went get a clean one. I put the new one on, and I could still smell it. I sniffed again and it was in her hair. She took a coughing fit early morning and I guess spit up a little. So off came the clean shirt and in the tub we went. I got her all washed, had to chase her around the tub to rinse her hair and then I let her play for a bit. We got out and I went to get her dressed, but I could still smell the putrid smell. I took another sniff, I know my nose is going to desert me one day, and lo and behold her hair still reeked. Back in the tub we went and I grabbed some better shampoo and lathered that kids head right up. We got out and dressed and then I noticed that it not only got in her hair but dammit it was on the bed again. You know how hard it is to wash a king size comforter in a regular washing machine. It is not what I wanted to do on a Monday but it was fitting. Then in the middle of it, I was arguing with Oldest about getting her school work done. She kept taking breaks and it was irking me.

The day passed and about 2, I tried to get L settled down to take a nap. Even got dada to lie down and she was all for it for like a split second. First she wanted some milk, which I wasn’t wanting to give to her because of her still having phlegm, then she wanted one of her toys, so we went and found it. Then she wanted to stand on the bed and run around in circles. That is where I had to draw the line and I gave up and opened the bedroom door. No Nap Monday it is. Wasn’t in the mood to fight.

Maybe tomorrow will be better. We will get back on track and have a good day. Nothing to wash would be nice also. I keep telling hubby that she can’t give up her naps. She just can’t. That one hour a day saves my sanity at times. Without the nap, I just may go bald.  🙂


  1. Deborah the Closet Monster says:

    My husband is still at home with Littler J right now. Before I went to bed, he was saying how important naps were … and how it was depressing him that there’s no predicting when the baby will sleep, or if he does, for how long. I suspect he shares your vision for today, or will when he awakens. 🙂

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