A Nice Evening

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Today wasn’t half bad. We got a call from the eye doc yesterday that the new glasses were already in. Yeah! I wanted to go pick them up this morning, but it never happened. I had to run an errand with hubby instead. While we were gone, Oldest let Little L play in the tub. When they got out, L told her she had to pee. So Oldest put her new potty seat on the toilet and set her on it. She said it took her a few minutes and right when she said she was done, she started to go. Another Yeah! She knows when she has to pee, she usually holds her diaper and says UH OH or pee. But we never seem to get to the potty fast enough. I know she will learn soon. I am not going to push it. But I didn’t push it with Oldest and she wore diapers till she was 4. I know, I know.

We were then going to go get her glasses during nap time for L. But it was getting so late, I really didn’t want to trek out into the heat and then fight the beginning of rush hour traffic to get back to the house. We decided to go after dinner, since the eye clinic was open til 7, and L could go and it would be a little bit, (not much though), cooler.

Oldest also got her new school books today. Two big boxes full of wonderful things to read and learn. She said that she was actually looking forward to going back to school. This summer hasn’t been the most interesting, so she is ready to have something to do to consume her time. I told her she felt like this now, just wait. Come August 4, she will be complaining and crying. I know my girl!

Doesn't she look happy, putting all her books in her new book shelf.

Doesn’t she look happy, putting all her books in her new book shelf.

I made an early dinner and we headed out around 6. We picked up the glasses, which look really good on Oldest. She said “Wow” when she first put them on. And I think she actually likes the style too, even though she acted like a total brat when we picked them out. I wanted to say, “Told ya so!” But I didn’t. Mom actually kept her mouth shut this time. Another Yeah!

We then stopped by the park on the way back. We hadn’t been to the park for months. Since it got so hot so fast, I just haven’t felt like taking the kids then fighting with them to come home. The last time we went, L was running around like a crazed maniac, and it was pretty crowded. But she did really well this evening. She was actually listening to us and not just taking off. She was going down the big kid slides by herself. Climbing and running like the bigger toddlers that were there. She loved every minute of it. Then at the end, Oldest decided she was going to roll down the small hill that they have. She used to do this all the time at the park in Washington that we went to almost everyday. Atleast everyday that it wasn’t raining, it was a nice park though. She rolled down it and then when L got off of the swing and saw what she was doing, she joined in. She rolled down twice, got super dizzy, and that was way funny to watch. I got some really cute pics of them and several videos. It was finally a nice, stress free evening. 🙂

My Supergirl's

My Supergirl’s

New glasses!!!!

New glasses!!!!

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    They are so pretty, you have some cool kids!

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