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Oldest finally got her pretzel from Target. We went yesterday, but this is the first chance to write it down, since I wanted to talk about Friday first.

We left out of here about 1:30, when Little L went down for her nap.
I felt bad for not taking her,  but it is even harder to walk out of the house when she is awake. We get into Target and get 2 pretzels, some nacho cheese dipping sauce and 1 large soda to share. Oldest was very happy and she joyfully munched and talked the whole time. We usually have a good time, when it is the two of us. We can joke and be silly. Afterwards, we decided to walk through Target for a bit. When we left there, since it is a strip mall, we went to the next store, then the next, then the next. Just window shopping and enjoying the day. She said it was officially mommy/daughter day. I told her to soak it up, because these chances are far and few. After we went into Michael’s, I told her I would do one more store. The next one in line was Pet Smart.

We went in and headed for the cages to see what all they had. We saw some snakes and lizards,  and a turtle, that I think was trying to escape. It was very sad. They had a few guinea pigs that were cute and some hamsters. We made our way through the whole store then back up to the fish tanks. I pointed out some really pretty colored ones and Oldest asked why she couldn’t have a fish. I told her I didn’t care, her dad always said no. Then she proceeded to tell me that she could set a tank on her dresser,  and she would feed it and take care of it. Again, I told her that dad always says no when I have brought it up in the past. We looked for a few minutes more, then she asks how much tanks are. We started loooking at them and she found the small fish bowls, which were not expensive at all. She told me she wanted to get one. I said talk to your father. Then the tables turned, she went from being nice to a spoiled brat in a matter of seconds. “Why can’t we buy it now? I want it and a fish.” I tried to talk to her, but she was making it really difficult.  I told her we had to go and headed for the door. I hate when she does this. She is usually pretty patient and says maybe for my birthday or Christmas, when she sees things that are either expensive or something I need to discuss with her dad.  But lately, it is give me this, get me that. She can turn a shopping trip into a I just want to finish and get the hell home trip in a matter of seconds.

On the way to the car, I tried to get talk to her. Not argue, just talk. I told her that I thought we were having a good day, but she made life difficult when she pulled stuff like this on me. I told her how I understood not getting what you want right then and there. But to act like a spoiled little kid in the middle of a store isn’t going to keep happening. I told her to grow up. She said “I’m only 11.” I said, “Then act like it.”  We made it to the car and drove home in silence. When we got here, she plopped down on the couch while I went to find L and daddy. They were in the bedroom, L had just woke up a bit earlier. I told him what had happened just to get it off my chest. He didn’t say much to her about it, just kinda let her think about her actions. She set across from us for awhile, then finally came over and apologized.  Hopefully what I had said to her is what made her do it, and our next outing is stress free. If it keeps going like this, I may never want to leave the house again.