A Not So Fun Friday

Posted: July 18, 2015 in blog, Daughter, kids, parenting, tween girls, tweens, Uncategorized
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Friday started out ok. Oldest had an eye appointment at 10 a.m. We were up and made it out of the house on time and even got in early at the office. Her prescription has changed dramatically. She had been saying that it was getting harder to see things far away again and she wears her glasses all the time. The doctor did say that it looked like she had done alot of growing over the year and that is the reason for the big change. Which made me feel better. Poor kid, she inherited my bad eyesight genes.

We went out to look at the new glass frames and she began trying some on. A few she liked, a few she didn’t. Then she found the big nerdy pair that was on top of the glasses display. She put them on and was immediately in love. I, on the other hand, was not. They were too big for her face. The lady that was helping us came over and she looked at them and then told her to hold on while she went to grab another pair that was similar that may fit better. They were the same style, but smaller. Oldest did not approve. She was set on the bigger frames. The lady told her that those didn’t fit her face and wasn’t sitting on the bridge of her nose correctly. She would be constantly pushing them up since they would slide, and she added, with her prescription the lenses were going to be on the thick side, which would make the frames heavy. She walked off for this to soak in, but Oldest has a very hard head. I kept repeating what we were told, but she wanted what she wanted. She finally gave in and said that she would get the other pair. But she wasn’t a happy camper about the whole thing. The lady put in the order for them and then told us that we were allowed one replacement pair and maybe in a couple of months we could come back and get those. That sounded great to me, although Oldest wasn’t listening. She is sooooo stubborn. We left and I knew that the rest of the morning was not going to be much fun.

I had to pick up some milk, so we walked over to the Walmart. (I love having everything in one place.) Oldest wouldn’t speak to me for some time. I was looking around and picking up a few extra things for the house and all she kept saying was “can we go?” Towards the end, her mood started to change, she finally started to talk and joke around with me.  Then she asked if we go could to Target and get a pretzel. Here we go again. Target is close to the house, but in the opposite direction that we were at. She thought it was no big deal to drop off the groceries and head back out just to buy her a pretzel. I said no, maybe this weekend. Once again her smile turned into a frown. I swear this kid sets us up for failure all the time.

Once we were home, she ran in and told daddy that I wouldn’t let her get the glasses that she wanted. I knew that was going to happen.  I told him what the lady said, and he agreed. If she was telling her not to get them, then don’t get them. Made perfect sense to us, and I know one day it will make sense to Oldest. I just hope that day comes soon. 🙂


  1. jezabelle says:

    Did she inherit mummy’s stubborn streak along with the eye sight? 😉 The moods won’t go away, but the good times will make it all worthwhile. Hang in there!

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  2. April says:

    Oh the pre teen years! I have a few years to go, but am so not looking forward to having them. Especially with two girl who will be teenagers at the same time! sigh.. She will get over it momma, eventually lol!

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