A Crazy Chain of Events

Posted: July 14, 2015 in blog, family, funny, husbands, ramblings

I have been trying to sell Little L’s crib on Craigslist. I have only had 2 people contact me about it. One was this passed Sunday. Which is rather funny in itself, but I will share that story later.

Anyway,  hubby and I were in the bedroom talking about the crib and how cray cray people are, when he, out of the blue, reached for my arm. Now I was not expecting him to do this, so I moved and he ended up smacking me right in the nose. Since, it came as such a shock, he retracted his hand quickly and at the same time, he poked me in my right eye. I immediately grabbed my nose and as always, my first instinct is to cry. I ran to the bed and plopped down, but thinking about what happened made me start to laugh. In the meantime, he is saying he is sorry but when he sees me laughing he starts to laugh.

Little L  made her way in after she heard the commotion, and was up on the bed trying to console me. Then oldest came in asking what happened. L was trying to tell her sissy about it,  when hubby decides to reenact it for her. He ends up smacking her right in the nose by accident. Luckily she had on her glasses so no eyes on her were harmed.  She lets out a “that hurts” squeal and starts holding her nose, while I was still laughing and L was rubbing my face saying, “owwie nose”.

And that’s my life…one crazy thing after another. 🙂

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