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Don’t Cry

Posted: July 6, 2015 in blog, family, ramblings
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There was a death in the family last Friday. An elderly cousin of my hubby. It was rather surprising, he hadn’t shown any sign of being ill when he came up for a visit on Memorial Day. By Father’s Day, he was very sick and went into the hospital 2 days later. We drove the 70 miles  for my husband to see him one more time, on Thursday. That is when the ventilator and all tubes were being removed. There was no getting better. No going home.

We stayed the night, although I wanted to come home. Having a just turned 2 year old with you while everyone waits for the inevitable to happen, was very tiring on my part.  I dealt the best I could, but by 9 p.m. I will be honest, I wanted to leave. I  couldn’t do it though.  Hubby kept asking me if I wanted to stay or go. I told him go, but for him, we would stay. I am glad we did. His cousin passed away at 2 a.m.

We made it home around noon Friday. We were both pretty exhausted and starving. Little L had missed her nap Thursday, but she was happy to take one after she had some lunch. We were invited to go back down on the 4th for a family cookout and fireworks. Oldest wanted to go but hubby and I just couldn’t bring ourselves to drive that 140 mile roundtrip again so soon. Maybe next time, I had to tell her.

But not all was lost. We drove up the road and watched the show that the Wet n Wild water park puts on every year. We usually watch it from our back yard. Oldest enjoyed it and Little L was way too busy people watching to care about the show.

I went a different way in this post that I originally wanted to go. I was going to talk about how death affects everyone differently. How it will bring up emotions and memories that are hard to to keep pushed back. Seeing his cousin, although just catching a glimpse of him lying in that bed, brought back some for me.

And I told myself not to cry…