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Oldest has a follow up appointment with the Endocrinologist next Tuesday. Well she did. They called me this past Tuesday saying that I had not went in to have her do the 2 hour glucose test. I had put it off so long that I was going to just cancel the appointment anyways. They asked me if I could take her in this week. I told them the earliest would be Friday and would that be enough time for them to get the results. It was. So we made plans to get up early today and get out of here since she had to fast from midnight on. She is fine with no food, but she couldn’t even have a drink of water. Little L is usually my alarm clock. Always around 7 to 7:30, except for the days I absolutely need her to wake me up. I woke up at 8:06. Not even thinking about having to get up I did anyways since my bladder was calling. I was in the bathroom when I remembered we had to go. I got Oldest up and she went in to get ready. Then L decides she is going to throw an ever loving fit over a popsicle. I was trying to make her a waffle and she was screaming like a banshee because I would not hand her what she wanted. I finally got her to calm down, I turned on Paw Patrol and set down and started to watch. She forgot about the frozen goodie and started eating the waffle.

We didn’t actually leave until 9:15. I had a quick errand to run before we could go to the lab. But it wasn’t so quick and it was going on 10 when we found the lab. Luckily it was only a few miles away and I got a great parking space right in the shade, which is a necessity here. We go inside and the receptionist is very nice and she takes our paper work. There were only a few people in the waiting area, so we should be seen pretty quickly.Ā  One of the lab techs was talking with the receptionist and she seen my insurance and said that they didn’t accept the one I had. WTH? The receptionist apologized and the other lady pulled out a map and showed me where the next lab was that accepted it. Just right down the street. Cool. We get back in the car and head down the road. I thought the lady said it was on the left, so I turned. Oldest said no it was on the right. I got up in the parking lot for one of the hospitals and there was no where to go to pull over to look at the map again. I finally got turned around, and head out of the lot. I had to turn right because there was so much traffic, I could not go straight across. I decide to drive back down and get gas since my light came on while doing all this. When we finally get to the right place after another turn that was incorrect, you had to take a token to have the gate open. Oh great, how much is this gonna cost me? We find a place to park all the way at the end of the lot and walk the mile back up to the office. When we open the door, it is packed. Great, just great. The receptionist was not as nice as the other lady and I tell her why we are here and she says that they close for lunch and they couldn’t see her. But we could drive another so many miles and go to one that is opened at lunch time. Nope not gonna do it. Oldest was already saying her tummy was hurting and having no water in 100 degree weather just isn’t right. So we left the office and in the main area was the station to get your paid parking token. I didn’t know what to do, so I pushed the Help button. I told the man who answered that I was only there for a few minutes and did I still have to pay he said not if you are under 20 minutes. I said thanks, and we ran out of the building, made the trek to the car as fast as our feet could carry us. I was heading to the exit when this other car decided that he was just gonna set and block the traffic that was trying to leave. “MOVE DUDE!” We got up to the gate and I popped in the token and the arm raised and off I went. Oldest had packed a sandwich to eat on the way home. She had it on her lap and asked if she could have it now. “Yes baby, eat.” We got home and I called the doctors office that sent us to the wrong place. After telling them what happened, I cancelled the appointment and they have to send me new lab paperwork and after I get it done, I just have to call them to reschedule.

Now I have a huge headache and Little L won’t take a nap. For a Friday, this day sure has not gone the way I would have liked. Here’s to hoping the weekend is much better. šŸ™‚


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Conversation with Oldest.

Oldest: What is the next holiday?
Me:Ā  The 4th of July.
Oldest:Ā  Oh when is that?
Me: The 4th. Of. July.
Oldest: Ok I get it.

And that ladies and gentlemen is my daughter. šŸ™‚

( I could have said next month, but my evil mom side came out and was wanting to have some fun.)Ā Ā Ā  šŸ˜‰


More Pease

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Funny and adorably cute…that is my Little L. Here are a few things she has said today.

When we were waking up, she cuddles up beside me, and I go to give her a kiss on the cheek. L turns her head and covers her nose. Then she points to me and says, “Mouth.” Makes a face and says, “smelly.” I apologized and laughed. She said it so nicely, and I didn’t even know she knew the word smelly.

She was going with her Grandma to let the dog outside. Apollo goes out and as she helps shut the door, she yells, “Bye Poppo, we wuv you.”  Very nice Awwww moment! šŸ™‚

Little L can be very polite also. Today after eating a slice of canteloup, she says, “More…pease.” After I handed her the next slice, she runs off, (her Blaze show was coming on). She yells back, “Tank you, much.” She always does this. Except when I won’t give her more milka!!  šŸ˜‰

Little L has become a crazy milk fiend over the past few weeks. I had her down to about 16 to 20 ounces a day. At her last checkup, the doc told me to take her down to 16, but somedays it was hard. I had to stop letting her drink from a sippy cup because she was pouring it all through the house. So when she got milk, I gave her a bottle. But it was only twice a day so no big whoop. The last time she was sick, she didn’t eat a lot, so she drank a ton of milk. It was the only thing that she really wanted. After she was over that nasty virus, she still wanted her milk. I was so used to giving it to her, at first I didn’t realize how much she was actually drinking. Then her appetite picked back up. She started eating from morning till night and still having her “MILKA” as she calls it. (She is practicing her Russian or Italian accent, not sure which way she will go yet).

I started to worry about all this moo juice she was devouring. So I did a search on good ole Google and it said for her age, around 24 ounces was plenty. I added up roughly what she had drank that day and I got 35 total. I know, I know. 35 onces! OMG!! Her doc is going to have a field day with me if we keep this up.  Hubby and I talked it over and decided it was going to be hard but we were going to have to show tough love on the little girl and go back to a sippy cup and 24 or less ounces a day. I had bought a cup awhile back but it was hard for L to drink out of because you really had to work on getting the milk out. So I got that cup out and the next morning she had a cup of milk and some dry cereal. She didn’t know what to think, but she reluctantly drank the milk and ate. The first day was good. She only threw a fit once or twice. Then today, oh boy was she not happy with me. It was getting close to dinner and she wanted milka. I told her she could have some with her meal. She did not like that. She started screaming “Milka, milka, milka!!” Over and over. I put some in a cup and gave it to her. She cried. I said oh well. She screamed. I told her to hush it up and she ran off into the living room and threw her cup.

Dinner was done and she didn’t eat alot, but she did drink her milka. šŸ™‚


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A few Wednesday funnies to get you through the rest of your week. šŸ™‚




And last but not least…

weekend is coming


Waking up super early, then taking a 45 minute nap before noon does not a happy toddler make.

It makes a crazy, moody, needy, clingy, try to keep her awake at dinner time toddler.

And a very long afternoon for both momma and baby!


Last night I was obsessing thinking about Little L’s birthday and that stupid cake again. I opened up Google for the hundredth time and searched once again for Sesame Street cakes. Well that was disappointing. Every thing was so gorgeous. I can’t do this, what the hell. I was getting really upset about the whole thing, when my hubby said, “Why don’t you look at Ebay and see if they have anything for toppers.” *LIGHT BULB* Why didn’t he say something sooner? He has an Ebay account, he is on there all the time. So my happy little fingers typed in Ebay Sesame Street cake decorations and toppers and Wa la! We have 6 glorious pages to scroll through. Oh OMG I want that and that and that!! We found several items, and it was very hard to choose. We asked Oldest to come help, and she liked the opposite of things I liked. UGH! After about an hour we narrowed it down to 3 different cake toppers. One was a 9 piece puzzle, how cute is that, right? The other was the same that I had seen up at Walmart. Big Bird in a tow truck pulling Elmo behind him and it said the cars really worked. And the third one was an Edible Cake Topper! Yes, you heard me, edible! I had heard of these before but totally spaced it. You just lay the scene on top of the icing and it melts into it, and it could also be personalized. This is it, this is it. I was saying over and over. But then…more choices. We found a couple more that were really cute, but I finally decided on the one that has baby Big Bird, baby Elmo and baby Cookie Monster sitting together. After we did that, we were taking a break from looking when I decided to type in Blaze and the Monster Machines. L loves this cartoon! Well low and behold they had edible toppers for him too. Now I was stumped. What to do and why did I have to type that in? We got Oldest back out of bed. Yes we are bad parents. It is midnight and I have pulled my child out of bed to look at cake toppers for her baby sisters birthday, because I can’t make a decision to save my life.Ā  At least she is on summer break! She picked out the one she liked and I put it in the cart. Then I went on a search for toys. They haven’t hit the stores yet, but Toys R Us has them mainly online to order. We found a talking Blaze. Put that in the cart. She also likes the car named Pickle but he isn’t available yet, so we have to wait on him. Then hubby got up to get some water and he came back and said, “You know, she may have a problem with us cutting into a picture of Blaze when we go to eat the cake.” I never even thought of that. A picture of my darling 2 year old toddler meltdown right over top of the cake went through my brain. I also pictured her smashing her little fists into it, too. Oldest had made it back into bed, so I had to go tell her. She agreed. Toddler meltdown would for sure take place. Scrap the Blaze cake. Which was fine, since I had already bought Sesame Street decorations.

We closed it down since it was getting so late and decided to take a look first thing this morning then place the order. Which I did, and I got all 3 toppers. The puzzle is going to be a gift instead of going on the cake,Ā  the cars will sit beside the cake for her to play with also.Ā  And of course we got the talking Blaze for her big present.Ā  šŸ˜‰

Little L’s Birthday is coming up soon. The big 2 is finally right around the corner. This year instead of making the cake, I was wanting to buy one. I had went to walmart and they had several really cute Sesame Street sheet cakes and cupcakes. I had Oldest take pictures with her phone so we could show daddy and figure out which one to get.

Once we got home and we were settled down, I went into how cute the cakes were. Right in the middle of my sentence, hubby broke in and said, “Why don’t we just make it ourselves?”Ā  Omg, hadn’t he been listening. I didn’t want to make one this time, since last years was…bad so not what I had intended. We argued for a few minutes when Oldest chimed in and said she wanted to bake the cake too. Wait…what? She was all for buying it earlier. She always takes her dads side, especially when it means more work for me. We all started arguing some more. I thought I had a valid point. And I like to bake, but a cake decorator I am not. Hubby kept saying store bought cakes were not good. But he only had one piece of last years cake. That I made. And he wants me to do it agian? Oh come on.  šŸ™‚

What are the Odds?

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Oldest has only a few chores around the house that we constantly have to remind her to do. One is to take out the recycle and trash cans. The second, make sure the dog has fresh water outside, which we both fail at miserably, (I forget to remind her most days) but he stays inside more now since it is so hot. Third, get the mail. Not too bad of a list. So Thursday afternoon, her dad got onto her about the dog’s water again. She was eating lunch, so when she finished she was going to fill his bowl. I then told her to go ahead and check the mailbox.

Ā  Her dad needed me to come outside to show me something. I asked Oldest to keep an eye on her sister and went on out. While we were talking, I decided to go ahead and get the mail myself. Now the mail box is kind of catty corner to the house. It’s a good little distance too. When I got to the box, I heard a noise, sounded as if someone threw a rock. Then another hit the mailbox.Ā  “Well Hell!! It’s starting to hail.” I said outloud. After a little snicker to myself over the funny I just made, (yes, IĀ  know I’m a nerd), I began to walk at a brisk pace towards the house. My brisk pace wasn’t brisk enough because I was getting majorly pelted with these hard ass little ice pellets. And WTF? It’s the desert for crying out loud. Where did this freak hail storm come from? I made it into the yard and I see hubby coming out of the garage with an umbrella. A little late, but it is the thought that counts! I got to the steps the same time he did and by now I was laughing and screaming, “Let me in the house!!”

By the time I got in, the hail was letting up and it started pouring the rain.  We all had a good laugh at my expense, but it was pretty funny. I mean what are the odds?

Next time, I am definitely sending Oldest! šŸ˜‰


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It’s a bit disturbing when you are woken up at 3 in the morning by your toddler saying “Dada wake.” “Momma wake.” Over and over in a voice that sounded a lot like Danny, the kid out of The Shining.

Although, I was scared out of my mind for a few seconds, I am thinking about getting her into acting.