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Today was Little L’s 2 year checkup. I almost didn’t take her in because the nurse practitioner that she usually sees is on vacation this week. They told me it would be her actual doctor this time. Which I don’t really care for. She has only seen both girls one time in the 2 years they have been going there. I didn’t like her the first time, and I still don’t. She is kind of abrasive to me. But there was nothing else going on, so I kept the appointment. Might as well get it over with, right?

L did great. When the nurse weighed her and took her height, she stood very still. She let her take her temperature and get her head measured. Then here it came, “She has gained some weight since last time.” “Yes, I know. She likes to eat.”  “How much milk does she drink?”  Fibbing just a tad,  “I try to keep her around 3 cups.” “Sometimes she does get more.” She left and we only had to wait a few minutes when the doctor came in. The first thing she said to me, “Why is that in her mouth?” Talking about her pacifier. “Because she wanted it and I gave it to her.” “You need to just throw it away.” When people do this I listen, make my own comments in my head, but I just nod and say ok. I know she needs to get rid of that thing, but please don’t talk to me like I haven’t a clue. She then examined L, everything was good. She laid perfectly still while she mauled her over, but did swat at her tongue depresser bacause she kept sticking it in her mouth. She didn’t say much about her weight but then commented that she needs to eat fruits and veggies as snacks. Making me think that she thinks all I give her is junk food. She lives on grapes, strawberries, and watermelon. Then on the print out, it said for her to get atleast 30 minutes to an hour of exercise a day. Have you seen my kid?  She is non stop from morning till night. She also said she was at the limit of milk consumption,  and to switch her to 2%. I had already did this and I told her. When she was done all she said was ok then and walked out the door.  I was the polite one and said thank you.

The good thing is that she didn’t have to get any shots. Plus she got in the car with no problem, and even got in her seat and let sissy buckle her up. When we got home, she ate lunch and munched a little, watched some Blaze and went down for her nap right on time. 🙂