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Father’s Day was spent at a family barbecue about 70 miles away from home. We never go anywhere, never get invited to go anywhere, so when the message popped up on my Facebook, I was surprised and excited. Yes, something to do! And we actually did it. The drive wasn’t too bad, straight interstate and being a Sunday,  the traffic was decent. But 30 minutes into the hour and 15 minute drive, Little L started fussing. Then crying. Then screaming. She wanted out of her seat, she didn’t want any toys, books, drinks, or snacks that we packed. She just wanted to be free to roam the cabin!  🙂

About 10 miles from the exit, there was a rest area. We stopped and got out to stretch and use the restroom. L was having a blast. She can find fun anywhere.  Then…it was time to get back in the car. Yeah boy, that is a job that hubby and I dread. She kicked and screamed and fussed some more. She sounded like a mad cat.  Daddy finally got her strapped in and we were on our way. When we hit the final exit and trying to listen to the gps, Little L started her screaching again. Daddy got annoyed with her at this point and she fully understood. She quieted down and we found the house. Their were lots of people already there, and more were coming.

Since we had never been here, I was a bit nervous. But once we were in, it was fine. They have an inground pool that I am totally jealous over, so the kids got to go in. I sat on the side helping Little L. She loved every minute of it!! Sissy took her out into the middle and she held onto her back several times. All with a big smile on her face. I, was trying to take pictures while getting soaked sitting on the ledge. The towel I sat on was not helping at all. I think I was the only person that didn’t bring a change of clothes with them.  I thought about it too, but that is as far as that went. I was too busy trying to make sure I had enough diapers and clothes for the girls. You can tell that we never go anywhere.   By the time I got L out and settled down, my top was as wet as my shorts. Great! I felt so stupid, but no one paid attention to it, atleast they didn’t say anything. 

The older folk left before dark and L got more comfortable running through the house. Oldest went to hang out with her older girl cousin and a friend, so she had something to do. L had her little cousin to play with and they were chasing each other and having popsicles.  We left around 9:30. L fell asleep as soon as we hit the freeway, after a quick stop at the corner store for a bottle of milk of course. She slept the whole ride home. It was nice compared to the ride down. 🙂