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Won’t you be my neighbor?

Posted: June 19, 2015 in blog, family, ramblings

One of our neighbors moved. The “for rent” sign went up at the first of May. They left over a week ago. They had the biggest U-haul you can rent. Took them 2 days to load up.  They were a young couple, gone all day, home at the same time every evening. No kids, just a cat and a dog. I can tell you all that, but if you asked me what their names were, I would have to say, I didn’t know.

They were quiet people, they kept to themselves. Rarely saying hi at times. Maybe it was because of their age, or the hours they worked. Maybe they felt out of place. Or that was all it was, a place to sleep at night. Not really a home.

Growing up, we knew all our neighbors. When they drove by, everyone would throw their hand up to say “hey”. Some would even stop to have a quick chat, usually about the weather, before heading home. In the summer, you would usually find a basket of fresh grown veggies from someone’s garden, on your porch. Everyone was friendly, willing to lend a hand when needed.

Now, the “for rent”sign is gone, but no sign of new neighbors. Oldest is hoping for a family with kids. Preferably a girl her age. And maybe, just maybe, we will get to know their names. 🙂