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Conversation with Oldest.

Oldest: What is the next holiday?
Me:  The 4th of July.
Oldest:  Oh when is that?
Me: The 4th. Of. July.
Oldest: Ok I get it.

And that ladies and gentlemen is my daughter. 🙂

( I could have said next month, but my evil mom side came out and was wanting to have some fun.)    😉


More Pease

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Funny and adorably cute…that is my Little L. Here are a few things she has said today.

When we were waking up, she cuddles up beside me, and I go to give her a kiss on the cheek. L turns her head and covers her nose. Then she points to me and says, “Mouth.” Makes a face and says, “smelly.” I apologized and laughed. She said it so nicely, and I didn’t even know she knew the word smelly.

She was going with her Grandma to let the dog outside. Apollo goes out and as she helps shut the door, she yells, “Bye Poppo, we wuv you.”  Very nice Awwww moment! 🙂

Little L can be very polite also. Today after eating a slice of canteloup, she says, “More…pease.” After I handed her the next slice, she runs off, (her Blaze show was coming on). She yells back, “Tank you, much.” She always does this. Except when I won’t give her more milka!!  😉