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Little L has become a crazy milk fiend over the past few weeks. I had her down to about 16 to 20 ounces a day. At her last checkup, the doc told me to take her down to 16, but somedays it was hard. I had to stop letting her drink from a sippy cup because she was pouring it all through the house. So when she got milk, I gave her a bottle. But it was only twice a day so no big whoop. The last time she was sick, she didn’t eat a lot, so she drank a ton of milk. It was the only thing that she really wanted. After she was over that nasty virus, she still wanted her milk. I was so used to giving it to her, at first I didn’t realize how much she was actually drinking. Then her appetite picked back up. She started eating from morning till night and still having her “MILKA” as she calls it. (She is practicing her Russian or Italian accent, not sure which way she will go yet).

I started to worry about all this moo juice she was devouring. So I did a search on good ole Google and it said for her age, around 24 ounces was plenty. I added up roughly what she had drank that day and I got 35 total. I know, I know. 35 onces! OMG!! Her doc is going to have a field day with me if we keep this up.  Hubby and I talked it over and decided it was going to be hard but we were going to have to show tough love on the little girl and go back to a sippy cup and 24 or less ounces a day. I had bought a cup awhile back but it was hard for L to drink out of because you really had to work on getting the milk out. So I got that cup out and the next morning she had a cup of milk and some dry cereal. She didn’t know what to think, but she reluctantly drank the milk and ate. The first day was good. She only threw a fit once or twice. Then today, oh boy was she not happy with me. It was getting close to dinner and she wanted milka. I told her she could have some with her meal. She did not like that. She started screaming “Milka, milka, milka!!” Over and over. I put some in a cup and gave it to her. She cried. I said oh well. She screamed. I told her to hush it up and she ran off into the living room and threw her cup.

Dinner was done and she didn’t eat alot, but she did drink her milka. 🙂


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