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Little L’s Birthday is coming up soon. The big 2 is finally right around the corner. This year instead of making the cake, I was wanting to buy one. I had went to walmart and they had several really cute Sesame Street sheet cakes and cupcakes. I had Oldest take pictures with her phone so we could show daddy and figure out which one to get.

Once we got home and we were settled down, I went into how cute the cakes were. Right in the middle of my sentence, hubby broke in and said, “Why don’t we just make it ourselves?”  Omg, hadn’t he been listening. I didn’t want to make one this time, since last years was…bad so not what I had intended. We argued for a few minutes when Oldest chimed in and said she wanted to bake the cake too. Wait…what? She was all for buying it earlier. She always takes her dads side, especially when it means more work for me. We all started arguing some more. I thought I had a valid point. And I like to bake, but a cake decorator I am not. Hubby kept saying store bought cakes were not good. But he only had one piece of last years cake. That I made. And he wants me to do it agian? Oh come on.  🙂