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Sea Monkeys

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Oldest talked me into letting her get sea monkeys again about 2 months ago. I say again, because she got some when she was around 7 and I was the one that fed them. Well, until the food ran out and eventually they all went to sea monkey heaven. So I let her get another package and told her that SHE has to take care of them. Everything started out good. She followed the directions and soon there were a couple of babies swimming around. They got bigger and more babies were hatching. Then one of the adult ones died. Don’t know why, but he turned black and was at the bottom of the tank. But that didn’t affect the rest. She had around 10 at one time happily swimming around day in and day out. I believe it was a Sunday, I reminded Oldest that they needed fed soon. She got the food out and measured and poured and sat them back in there spot on the windowsill in the kitchen.

The next day, I noticed that there were no swimmers. I seen some  floating near the bottom. Uh Oh! WTH happened? Are they asleep? Crap I think they are dead. Oldest was really bummed. She walked around saying she killed them. We watched for a day or two. Then we seen 1 swimming around. “We have life!” I yelled. It seemed to be doing ok, then a few more days, there was another one. Yes! Oldest was happy again.

Now we have 5 swimming around. 2 adults one teen and 2 babies. This morning Oldest is looking at them and says, “Those 2 are hooked together. Looks like they are giving each other piggy back rides.” I almost choked when she said that. I had to laugh. She looked at me like what did I say? I looked into the tank and yes there were 2 hooked together. I agreed with her about the piggy back ride. Now I don’t know how sea monkey’s have relations, but I guess they’ll be more little ones soon. 🙂

Oldest had her friend stay over Friday night. For breakfast Saturday, I made pancakes, 2 each. Now he can be a picky eater, but I know he will atleast eat 1 whole pancake, before saying he is full. So I get all the cakes of pan done, and holler for the kids. They come into the kitchen, and he is starving because he announces that he is going to have seconds. In my head, I am thinking sorry dude, didn’t make enough for seconds. I usually do and no one eats them. So they sit down to eat. I holler for hubby who is enthralled in a 007 movie at 9:30 in the morning. I tell him 3 times to come eat. (Funny how they always tune us out when watching t.v.) I finally make eye contact with him and he says, “Why didn’t you tell me?” Oh geeze give me a break. He then wants to eat in the living room, so he doesn’t miss any of the movie that has captivated him. I, being the good wifey that I am, brings him his plate and the sugar syrup bottle. He is spoiled I know. I go back to see if Little L is eating and she is, watching the boy the whole time. She loves when he comes over. I am trying to get my lonely pancake onto a plate when everyone needs something to drink. I go to open the fridge and had an idea. I shall promote Oldest to milk pouring duty. Momma is gonna eat a hot meal even if it is a measly pancake. I get my plate and am ready to sit at the table when suddenly everyone else is done. Oldest suprisingly couldn’t eat all of hers, but her little friend actually finished both of his.
They all scramble back to the cave, for some more xbox, before his dad comes to get him. I sit down thinking atleast I have my little baby to eat with. Nope, she sees them leave and off she goes, with the rest of her pancake in her little hand. “Oh well, atleast I have some peace and quiet while I eat.” I think to myself, since there was no one to say it to. I am about half way through,  when L comes back into the kitchen and points at her diaper. “Leave it on.” I tell her. Crap, I forgot to button the onsie when I changed her earlier.

She begins pulling at the tape and one side is loose within a second. Can’t I just eat one meal, without yelling, fussing, fuming, or threatening? No, not in this house. The other side is not coming loose, but this does not stop her. She pulls and tugs and finally wiggles free from its grasp. I slowly finish my breakfast. At this point it doesn’t really matter. She is happily running through the house with her bare booty a showing. Oldest comes through and I ask her to find the diaper. It was on the living room floor.  She picks it up and instead of trying to wrestle L back into it or even bring it to me, she takes it to the bedroom and throws it on the stack of diapers by the bed. Luckily, it was clean. After retrieving it, I cornered L in the cave and got it back on her then snapped her onsie. No more escaping today little one! 😉