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Sunday Fun Day

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Sunday wasn’t a bad day after all. Why? Because from Tuesday till Saturday, my husband turned into a cleaning Nazi. Everything had to be wiped down, from top to bottom.  Not because it desperately needed it or we were bored and needed something to do. Oh no, it is because my hubby’s cousin and family was coming up for a visit.

So we started cleaning on Tuesday afternoon. Now I am not saying that the house didn’t need it. It did. With a 23 month old and a big smelly dog, it needs it all the time. But he made it feel like we were under a thorough inspection. That they were going to walk through the house wearing white gloves, swiping their finger along the tops of the cabinets and looking under the stove and behind the refrigerator. Looking in the cabinets and seeing if I had all the labels facing outwards and in the correct order.  Checking every nook and cranny they could possibly check.  UGH! Friday, we got the bathroom finished and all was left for Saturday was our room and then just straightening with a quick sweep on Sunday morning.

They contacted my hubby Saturday evening, said they would be here around 11 and planned to stay all day.  After dinner we ran out to the store and got hamburgers, buns, chips and some drinks. I wasn’t looking forward to cooking for so many people, but I told hubby I would. Then Sunday morning, Little L decides to wake up at 5 a.m. Since she came down with that fever last weekend, her sleeping habits got pretty messed up. So wide awake she was. I got her some warm milk, changed her diaper and rolled over. Told her to go back to sleep. It didn’t work. So from 5 to 7 she kicked and flipped all around. Got up, watched t.v. Whined that we wouldn’t get up. I talked her back in to the bed and she passed out a little after 7. Which made hubby and I sleep late. I got up around 9, got some breakfast going. Started trying to get hubby up around 9:30. He decided to stay in bed till 10. Why not, right? Panic set in because there were still a couple of things I needed to do, and I was still waiting on him to move out of the bed so I could do them. I told him that this was his family not mine, and he needed to get the hell up. Finally up, he ate, and was in the shower. He got out and dressed and they were knocking at the door. Talk about punctual!!

It started out kinda slow. L was being her shy self, they have a 3 year old boy and he was trying to find something to get into. Once he started going through the toy boxes, she came around and joined him. They ran and played through the house for atleast 4 hours. Hardly stopping for a drink of water. She loved every minute of it, I could tell. I made lunch around 1 and everyone ate. I guess they liked it. I told hubby as long as I didn’t make anyone sick, then it was all good. He laughed, but I was serious. I just get weirded out about cooking for people I don’t know. They offered to help, but I told them no. I was better off doing it myself.

They left around 4. We were having a good time and the kids were still going at it, but they had a long drive to get back home. Everyone promised not to let such a long time go between visits and try to get together again real soon. Maybe we will go down to their neck of the woods next time. It would definitely be nice to get out of the house for awhile and have some fun. 🙂