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Before dinner, I asked Oldest to help me by getting the laundry out of the dryer and taking into the bedroom. Little L was in a mood, so this was a good way to get her distracted. She loves to play in the clean clothes. So off to the bedroom they went and Oldest started folding and L was playing. I sat down to wait on the oven to preheat. That can take forever, that is for sure. L came out of the room carrying one of the kitchen towels. “Go give that back to sissy so she can fold it, ok.” I said to her. She turned around and headed back. A few minutes later, she came back out, this time carrying a dryer sheet. “Cool, thank you.” She again goes back in. Another minute passes and she comes out, this time carrying what I first thought to be another kitchen towel, but upon inspection I realize that it is a pair of underwear. My underwear. I tell her to take that back in the bedroom. She must of sensed the urgency in my voice, because she did not turn around and go back. Oh no, she stood right there in the living room with my undies in her hand. My mom was sitting right beside her and she didn’t make a move to grab them, which I was kinda grateful for. So I jumped up and went over to her, which made her run past my mom. “Give those to me.” I said. She gives me this weird look then puts them around her neck, like they were a trophy. I caught her off guard and snatched them off of her before she could turn and run. I ran into my room and threw them inside the closet so she couldn’t get them again.

After dinner, I was trying to get the kitchen cleaned up. My mom likes to do the dishes, so I let her.  Hey I just stood in the kitchen for an hour cooking, if she wants to do the dishes, go for it! Anyways, I got through with my part and headed into the living room. There, I seen Little L standing by the coffee table. Then I noticed she didn’t have on a diaper. I say pretty loud, “Where is your diaper?” Her response, she takes off running as fast as her little legs could go. This girl can haul ass, literally! She rounds the couch and scoops up her diaper, luckily it was clean, and circles the kitchen table. I just stop and it caught me so funny, that I just burst into laughter. I mean, what else could I do. So I grab my camera to see if I could get a pic of her in action. She stops and hands Grandma the diaper. Then she turns around for me to take a pic of her little bare behind. Yes, I am not kidding you. I took the pic and got her into the bedroom, and wrestled the diaper and a pair of shorts onto her.

Hubby comes in and decides that he does want something sweet for his birthday after all, and wants to go to the store. Oh yeah. I knew I should have showered earlier. And now I got to wrestle L into pants and socks and shoes. Oh and clean her face and brush her hair. At one point, I wanted to say, you and Oldest go, I will just stay. But I didn’t, it’s his birthday and he never asks for much, so being the good wifey that I try to be, I get it together and we head out.

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Friday Ramblings

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Today is my hubby’s Birthday. No real celebration going on though. He won’t even let me make or buy him a cake. We are spending the day playing my game he got me for Mother’s day. We only have 2 more chapters left and we are done. He has played the majority of it. He is better at killing the big bads then I am. I usually read the walkthroughs and help him pick up all the extra goodies lying around.

Little L went down for her nap about 30 minutes ago. She didn’t fuss too much, since I let her stay up and watch her favorite cartoon, Blaze, on Nick jr. Her Birthday next month, I am in debate on either Sesame Street cake I saw at Albertsons or look for Blaze or something like that. She does love big trucks. Although she calls them choo choos at times.
Oldest is lying on the couch next to dad. She is pretty much done with school for the year. They have 1 week left to go. She is trying to get a hold of her friend to see if they could have a sleepover this weekend.  Probably here, since the house is finally germ free.

Just a nice quiet Friday. Nowhere to go, nothing pressing to do. Life is good. 🙂

I really hope this phase in Little L’s life will soon pass. It is so hard to take her anyplace. She gets so excited about going, I can hardly get her dressed. We get in the car and she does ok for the ride. When we get to the store, she will be great for the first few minutes. Trickery I tells ya. Then she will go crazy and take off running, laughing all the way.

We managed to take Little L to the Library with us the other day. It was her first time actually stepping her little feet inside. I haven’t taken her since she is such a handful.  But that day, daddy decided that they would ride along with Oldest and I. There was only one other little girl in the tot play area, and she left soon after we got there. She was a little older then L and her mom was following her around with a Starbucks drink in her hand. All I could think of was Hey you aren’t allowed to bring drinks in the Library, Lady. When they left, L had the run of the place, which was cool. She checked out all the seats. Climbing up into everyone and seeing if they were comfy. She played with blocks and looked at books. Oldest, after she found what she was looking for, came over and crawled around on the floor with her. They checked out all the neat things together. When it was time to leave, L ran off into the older kids section and was trying to check out all the seats there. Luckily daddy scooped her right up before she made a mad dash to another area. She didn’t cry or make a fuss either. Which was truly a surprise.


I had to go get diapers yesterday, and hubby wasn’t too thrilled about going, but my van is still acting stupid so I wanted him to drive us to the store. In his truck. Which is lifted and huge and although I have driven a truck most of my adult life, this one is really hard to park. So he is mad cause he doesn’t want to go and I know part of it is because the van isn’t running right. We get there and I jump out to grab a cart and he is holding L. She sees the cart and immediately goes nuts, not wanting to get in. We fight with her, wrestle with her, I try to get her feet in the little holes, lost a shoe in the process, but it was no use. You win kid. But did she. Back in the truck she went and daddy stayed with her. She also started acting like a nut in the Circle K store. I ended up not getting any drinks, just scooped her up with all my might and took her back outside.

Oldest didn’t act like this at all, so I am a little dumbfounded by it. She would hide in the clothes racks when we would go shopping, but she would always come to me and get in the stroller. She would fuss, but never would she flop around on the dirty floor acting like a fish without water, when I would try and pick her up.

I am hoping by not letting her get her way by not taking her in the store or taking her out of the store will sink in and this part of the terrible 2’s soon gets the hell over with. I don’t like it one bit! I see other little kids younger and older then she staying with mom and/or dad. Not acting like a wild wolf child that has never been in public before in their little life.