Mother’s Day

Posted: May 10, 2015 in blog, family, ramblings
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Hubby asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day.  That was a good question. What did I want?? I am not that kind of person that can go out and spend money on herself. I feel bad when I do, because there is always something else that we may need that is more important. I told hubby that we needed diapers and he said o.k. but what do I want for my day.

I remembered a couple of years ago, he and Oldest went out and bought me some cards, a balloon, and a huge bouquet of red roses. The thought was sweet, and I adore red roses, but I told him he shouldn’t have spent the money on flowers. I was pregnant with L, so it could have been the hormones talking, but I just couldn’t get over the money spent on something that was going to die. I know, I am awful.

So I  thought about it for a little while yesterday, then I remembered the game we had been wanting since Christmas, The Evil Within. We both love scary video games, so this would be something we both would enjoy. I told him and he said that he was thinking about that too. After dinner we headed to the game store and got a great surprise. It was actually marked down from 60 to 30 dollars.  Yes! Score!!

Here is to all the mommy’s, old and new. Hoping you enjoy your day no matter how you celebrate it or what you do!! 😉

  1. You are the pure definition of motherhood. Generous and caring.
    Happy Mother’s Day

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