She weighed how much?

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I read this headline on Facebook today about a woman in Australia that weighed 600 pounds and gave birth to a 40 pound baby. WOW! Now if that story is true, WOAH BABY!!! I didn’t read the whole thing but I did see a picture of a very overweight little guy lying on a table in a hospital and it said he holds the record for biggest baby born. It got me thinking about when I was pregnant with Little L. It’s been almost 2 years and I still remember how the nurse acted when she came out at 9lbs., 4oz. The doctor was trying to get me to induce, but I didn’t want to. I wanted her to come on her own and she did. I was being told that she could be 10 or 11lbs. by what the ultrasound measurements were saying. Oldest came out weighing in at 8lbs. But with her I could not keep anything down. I ate, I threw up. I thought about eating, I threw up. I ended up losing 20 pounds in the first 5 months. With Little L, I didn’t have morning sickness all that much. She liked food and I didn’t mind giving it to her. (Although, I can’t stand the smell of peanut butter now, which is what I craved the most of.)

morning sickenss

So this nurse kept saying how heavy L was. 9 pounds didn’t feel all the heavy and I really resented her saying it over and over. Then I got a new nurse that night. “Oh she is a big one.” she said.Β  Give me a break would ya.Β  I had to go to the nursery with L so she could get her blood drawn. They brought in another baby weighing over 9lbs. They were talking about how they couldn’t believe 2 babies the same night. Well, how little do you want them? I wanted to ask. But I was too tired to have this conversation. When she was done, I wheeled L back to my room and hugged on her for awhile.


My cousin and his wife had a girl a little after I had L. I haven’t seen my cousin for years, nor met his wife, but my mom had before she moved out west with us. When the baby was born, they sent her a text and a pic saying that she was right around 6lbs. My mom told me and I said, oh she is little. Not really meaning anything by it just trying to come up with something to say. My mom, then says, “Well yeah Kay is not that big.” Wow nice jab at me, thanks mom. She may have not meant the way it came out, but it sure stung a bit. And the whole time I was pregnant, she talked about how my 2 brothers both were born weighing in around 6 pounds, but I came out weighing 9.

But I didn’t care if Little L was 8, 9 or even 10 pounds. As long as she is healthy then I am a happy mom! πŸ™‚

  1. I had 2 at 9lbs 7oz and one 9lb 12oz…but mine were all via c-section cause I did not want my who ha going through that! I’m a wimp!

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  2. My youngest was 9 lbs 14 oz, I had to have a c-section, for several reasons. Very few nurses talked about his size, but other parents would look at him, then look at their baby and comment on his size. He was also very long, to be honest he didn’t really look like a newborn. One time my husband was pushing him around the halls when he passed another dad doing the same thing, they both slowed down, looked at each others babies and before the other dad could comment, my husband said, “I bet my baby could kick your baby’s a**”

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  3. Lol! This reminded me of when I was pregnant. My Sister in law was pregnant at the same time but she was due 3 months before me and my nephew was born at 11lb4oz! He was called ‘massive’ and ‘huge’ too. He was a big baby, very chubby and chunky. I went on to end up with a huge bump and I thought I was going to have a 9lb baby but when she was born she weighed 6lb10oz, she was actually tiny, even I thought so, we have a picture of her sat in front of her cousin and she fitted in his lap! Cute though! Babies come on all shapes and sizes, you’re right, as long as they’re healthy, who cares πŸ™‚

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  4. OneBusyMama says:

    You go girl! I think the “norm” is between 7-8lbs. BeanBoy was induced a week early and was 8lbs 1oz. If he had been full term they say he would have been 9 or more. And my sis n law had 2 of her 3 at 9. You aren’t alone! Just meant you have them such a comfy home in your belly!!! πŸ˜€

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  5. how2fangirl says:

    My 2nd baby was 9lbs. I don’t understand why people worry so much? You had a healthy, happy little baby! Good job mom!

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  6. Jeeze did they need to rent a crane to lift that baby out of your vagina? πŸ˜‰ Haha (kidding)
    I think 9 lbs is an average and healthy baby! Most babies lose a little weight in their first few days of life too so if they are already tiny, they will become too tiny and you’d receive criticism of the that too I suppose. Can’t win!

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