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Don’t Be A…

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I have never really been into the Star Wars trilogies. Oh don’t get me wrong, I have seen them, in the theatres, because my oldest brother was into them. But now that I am older, I don’t watch them and my kids have never watched them. That being said, Oldest and I were talking about the incident Saturday night with Little L going poo in the shower stall, and since it’s May 4th, I said it looked like a miniature Jabba the Hut. She looked at me and said “Who’s that?”


“You know, the ugly bad guy in Star Wars.” She said, “I only know R2D2 and he is a robot.” She knows more then that because her friend likes Star Wars and for Christmas she got him a Darth Vader pillow. I said, “You know Yoda.” She said she didn’t.  I went to my tablet and pulled up a pic of the little green fellow and she said, “Oh he’s the one that is looking for his precious.” “Wrong!” I tell her. She reaches for the tablet and I say the worst thing to her although in my defence, I was joking. “That’s a totally different movie, don’t be a dumb assssss”….Yes, that is what I said. To my kid that knows nothing of the movies. After realizing how bad it sounded as it escaped from my mouth, I just wanted to eat those words. Make them dissappear. If I could get my foot up there, I would have crammed it in. The poor, hurtful look in her eyes. I tried to say I was sorry. I told her I was kidding around. But it was not working. I felt horrible. But Oldest surprised me. She did storm off to her cave, but the next time I seen her she was o.k. Not mad at all. I am glad she can let stupid crap like that slide right off her. 

She may make a pretty good Jedi yet. 🙂

This is actually a few days too late, but I forgot all about posting it till now. 🙂

Friday was not a very fun day. My van had a leak,  and hubby didn’t feel well enough to fix it. He was in the house all day. Little L, once again, decided she didn’t need a stinking nap, even though she was wide awake from 4 to almost 6 a.m. that morning. See how my day was going? L was hanging out with her dad, so I took a chance and even told him I was going to sneak off to use the computer, which is always being held hostage in the Cave of Oldest! I get to the computer, first I have to check her school work and do attendance and see what is in store for the next week. Now that I did that, I went on to do what I wanted to do. Within a matter of seconds, I hear, “Where’s your mommy at?” Really! I hadn’t been away for more then 10 minutes tops. Then my hubby opens the door, which is not a good move. L gets into everything in the Cave. We yell, we argue, but will not take her out. Oldest gets up and leaves, but L stays. Why not right? It’s free for all time! The only way to get her out is to leave the room also.

Oldest does it to me too. It never fails, just when I think I may get a few moments of quiet, I hear, “Take it to Mommy.” Over and over. This makes for a very annoyed mommy by the time she finds out what the little monster sweetheart has in her hands. “Take what to mommy?” I will eventually say. But I am actually saying I know, why don’t you take it to daddy. He is sitting right there. Why is it always Mommy?

Then there is bathroom time. Everyone gets plenty of privacy but…you guessed it…me. I will even announce that I am going to use the bathroom and it’s only a matter of minutes before one of them are poking their heads in to see if I am done. Because no one can change a diaper or make any kind of food around here other then Dear Ole Mom.

Oldest has a bad habit of saying Mom over and over again until I look at her, so she can tell me something. Even if I say “What?” She still wants me to look at her. I have told her many times that I am going to change my name. She thinks it would be fun to guess the new one. *SMH*

To hear the word Mom, over and over, can get a bit overwhelming and frustrating. With the upcoming day of all days, please kids, I am begging, give your old mom a break and some peace and quiet. Before she loses her mind and goes totally nuts.