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Checking out my stats and they are totally jacked up. lt says I have had 2 views  and 9 likes. The likes are right but only 2 views. What’s up with that???
Yesterday I had 6 views and 18 likes. Can someone tell me what’s going on?

Little L was having a rough morning. She woke up in pretty good spirits, ate some oatmeal, threw her toast on the floor, stood up in her chair. The usual. Then about 10:30 the mood changed, and I blame the t.v. That new t.v. that we had to have is driving me crazy. It has the Smart features where you can access Netflix with a click of a button. At first, L only wanted to play Daniel Tiger from PBS. No problem. She would sit and watch and laugh and smile when his cute little orange face popped on the screen. But now she doesn’t want just Daniel. She wants me to stand and scroll over all the pics in the kids section. I will ask is this one good? She nods yes. I choose it, go to put the remote down. Then she cries wanting me to show her something else. OMG KID! Talk about driving me bonkers. This morning was the worst so far. I got to the point of handing her the remote and walking away. She would press a few buttons then bring it to me whining about what was on. I tried several times to find just the right show, but nope,  wasn’t happening. I turned it off, put on Nick Jr., and told her to deal with that or go play with some toys. She in turn cried, I started to walk away, she grabbed onto my leg and wouldn’t let go. I was determined to not give in. She was determined not to let go. I’m the the boss, not her. But Little Mess Miss has a strong grip and giving her all shes got. I make it to my destination, then daddy walks in and she runs to him throwing her fit.

Oldest and I left for day 2 of testing, Little L was still crying and having her fit as I drove off. I felt bad for like a half second, then realized I have been on the other side of that door my fair share, so getting out of the house for a few hours wasn’t going to hurt anyone.

I tried texting hubby after Oldest was all signed in but no answer back. I figured he took her in for a nap and fell asleep himself.

He always has all the luck! 🙂

Today is the first day of state testing for Oldest. I am sitting in our van outside the University of Phoenix. Parents can’t stay inside, it has to be off site or in their cars. It’s pretty warm today. I hope she gets done fairly quickly. Momma is going to be a hot mess when 2:30 rolls around.

I am pretty much alone, all the other parents have left. There is a Circle K across the street may have to venture over there for something to snack on.

Sitting here reminds me of Oldest having to do her test 2 years ago. We had just moved to Arizona from Nevada. Her teacher said that we could stay with Nevada as long as we made it to one of the testing sites. We chose the closest one to the border which was in Laughlin.  We made plans to make it a mini vacation, since I was 7 months pregnant, we knew it would be the last trip for awhile. We borded the dog, rented a car, and booked a room. It was a lot of fun. First night we stayed at a casino but we really didn’t like it, the next 2 nights we found this lovely inn that had a view of the Colorado River, over in Bull Head City. Her test was at the Laughlin Library. We sat out in the car and waited on her. I was addicted to Candy Crush at that time, so it kept me busy. She was always the first one done, which worried me, but afterwards we went and saw the sites. Found a park and played in the river. Brought home a ton of rocks that for some reason were so neat that we had to have them. Just had a wonderful time.

Well I have been out here for about an hour now, there is a slight breeze blowing, making it bearable to sit. Rather quiet too. Finally some alone time. No toddler fussing at me for food or a new cartoon, no having to help Oldest with her work.  Although I worry and hope she is doing well. I think I am going to enjoy this next hour. 😉

Spin Again

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Saturday evening, Oldest and I got to go to a Spring Carnival. It was just down the street at one of the local churches. She was so excited to go. Me, not so much at first. Little L has been sick and I was going on just a few hours of sleep from Friday night. Once we got there, I have to say, there were too many rides that went up into the air for my taste. I definitely do not do heights. My feet need to be on the ground. We walked around trying to find a ride that Oldest could get me on. At the very back end, we found the Tilt A Whirl. Yes, now that is my kind of ride”, I told her. She looked at me, “Are you sure?” “Definitely…I think.” We walked closer to it,  and got in line. Oldest counted out the tickets we had bought. We got on and selected our car and climbed in. When it started up it was kinda slow, but then we got going and spun around a few times. I was screaming like a little kid who found a cookie! I forgot how much fun it was. Oldest didn’t scream, but she did bury her face down in my arm a few times. We laughed and she laughed some more at me when ever it spun around. Although, at one point our car wasn’t spinning at all like the car in front off us. I then started complaining,  saying our car was broken. Come on, I want to spin, dammit!! It had one big spin left in it before the ride ended.  We got off and followed everyone to the exit. “Can we go again?” Oldest asked.  Why not, I just spent a small fortune on ride tickets, I thought. We got back in line. This time we got a different car that had more spins in her then the first one. After it was over, we headed back to see what else we could find.


We came across one called the Gravitron. Looked like a huge spaceship,  and spun around really really fast. Oldest begged me to go on, but I balked. Part of me wanted to go, but the scared part of me said no way José!  “Can I go then?” “By yourself?” I asked. “Yes!” I finally broke and said ok. She handed me her glasses, gave the guy her tickets and went in. A few minutes later the door closed and off it went. Spinning and spinning. It was a 4 minute ride, that I taped on my phone. When the door opened, she was the first one out. She came up to me, and I asked her, “How was it?” She looked at me kinda shrugged her shoulders and I thought, oh wow, must have been boring. I then shut my recording off for her then to look me dead in the eyes and seriously ask, “Is my face sagging?” I cracked up. “No, your face is not sagging!” She was still really serious and wanted to know the truth.  The only thing I could think about was missing that part on my recording. Ugh!!!


After that, we walked around looked at some other rides, and then she got her some cotton candy. We decided to go on the Tilt A Whirl one more time then head home. This time it was a different guy running it and we got a car that spun around like a top. The guy let the ride go  longer then the last 2 times. Which was way cool, definitely getting my money’s worth on that one. We laughed and I screamed some more. I think even Oldest let out a little yell a time or two.

We had 2 tickets left and Oldest was trying hard for us not to leave. She counted the money I had left, which was enough to buy 6 tickets. With that and the 2 we had we could do one more ride. So we walked back through the crowd over to the ticket booth. Then all the way back over to the favorite ride of the night.  “Last time then home”, I told her. We did our last ride, I screamed less cause I was getting hoarse from it. We laughed and joked some more. Oldest put on her best poker face, trying not to enjoy the fun. It made me laugh. When we got home, I drank too much water too fast and was sick for a little bit. All that spinning got to me. Then we had to tell daddy all about it.

I’m happy we went. Oldest loved it and it was nice that there was something for us both too enjoy. She wanted to go back today, but darn, it was just too hot! Which is code for, Thank You Lord, I wasn’t ready to spin again!    😉


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Watching the sun rise at the ass crack of dawn this morning would have been so much nicer if I didn’t have a %&#$! toothache. 😦


Yesterday was a pretty sad day. *sniff* Yesterday, we had to replace a very dear member of our family. Something that has kept us company when we were lonely, entertained us through many nights. *wipes tears*  Kept the children occupied while mom took well deserved breaks. Yesterday, we had to say good bye to our…*sniff sniff*…our T.V.  Why oh why did you have to get those nasty black lines running across your beautiful screen!!!???

OK. Sorry, I’m better now. Just had to get that out. Our t.v. had been acting up for several months. First it would only have the black lines for a few minutes, then would maybe last as long as a couple of hours, but would eventually clear up. Then 3 days ago, it started getting worse and worse. Started with one row of black lines, then another, then another. This morning the whole screen was covered, you could still see the picture, but the right lower corner was real jumpy and at times it looked like the character had 4 rows of eyes. Did it know that we had gotten our tax refund back and we had a little bit of money squirreled away. I think it did. Greedy little…

So we went on over to Best Buy and looked at their t.v.’s. We have had the Samsung for so long, it was hard to choose just the right one to replace our friend. We weren’t satisfied with what the first store had to offer, so we drove in the opposite direction to go to another Best Buy. They had a few different ones to look at, and my hubby picked a brand that I never thought he would go for. But it was almost the same price as the Samsung we were going to buy but a 60″ instead of a 50″. The new one is also one of them there Smart televisions. *said in my best southern accent*  OOOOH! It does look nice, but the picture is going to take sometime to get used too. Our other one, it wasn’t 3D but when we first got it, it was pretty darn close. The bad part was, that once you got used to it, you didn’t see how great the graphics were on it. People would walk into our house and say “Whoa, that’s cool!”   I have adjusted the settings several times tonight, trying to get the colors to come in crisp.  It looks better, but I am still not satisfied. I guess it is just me. But I am having buyers remorse. I hate spending so much money on things like this. There are a ton of other things I would rather have spent that money on. Lots of things we need and want. Take the kids on a much deserved shopping spree, maybe even buy me a little something. But no. The t.v. took first place. My hubby even put getting new tires for his truck on the back burner.

Here is hoping that this t.v. will last as long as our other. Or atleast half as long, but a long long time, cause I don’t think I can spend that much money again so quickly. 🙂

The end of the school year is fast approaching for Oldest. Next week, since she does online public school,  I have to take her to do her state testing 3 days in a row. I am not looking forward to it and neither is she. Luckily they have chosen a place that is definitely closer then it was last year. They go by your address, but our address was a good 30 plus minutes away from testing site. After getting her signed in, I sat in the car and waited and waited and waited. There was no way I could drive home. I didn’t feel comfortable enough leaving her where she was so far away.

During the 3 days, she has Writing, Language Arts and Math. Now she does pretty well in the first two, but Math…that is a whole other story. I am not saying she is not good in math, I am saying that it takes awhile for her to catch on then she will forget what she learned as soon as the final test is over.


So if this test is going to be about what she learned over the past school year, this kid doesn’t stand a chance. She inherited two things from me definitely, my clumsiness and my lack of math skills. Although at times, she does surprise. I told her all she could do was do her best. That is all I ask. That is all any parent could ask.

Looking around on the internet one night I came across some pretty funny math memes. I thought of both of us while I scrolled through them and laughed out loud more then once. This is for all that struggle just a little bit in the arithmetic department. We are not going to let you push us around anymore Math! We are tired of trying to find your “X”. Just accept the fact that she is gone. Move on, dude!!!  🙂







This evening when going into make dinner, hubby asked what we were having. I told him I was thinking about hamburgers and french fries. Something easy for a Saturday evening. He said that he wanted something else, then he came up with going to Taco Bell. We haven’t visited the Bell in 2 years. I lived there back in Vegas. It was like my number one place to eat on my days off. So, I said ok. I love not having to cook, especially on the weekend.


When we got there we had to go in. We should have went through the drive thru, but you know what they say…You always get f****** in the drive thru. We go in and there is like no one in the place. 3 tables were taken and that was it. There was no one in line, and there, behind the counter, was a very eager Taco Bell employee ready to take our order. We looked at the menu for a minute. It had been so long since we had been there I had forgotten what I usually got. Upon finding it on the board, I told her what Oldest and I wanted. I always ordered the taco salad with beef. Oldest gets Nachos Bellgrande. Then it was hubby’s turn. He was trying to tell the girl what he wanted, but she was getting everything mixed up. UH OH a newbie. Well, you got to learn somewhere right. So he tried and tried to tell the girl, then actually had to take her over and show her the picture on the board. While that was going on, Little L was running a muck all over the front end. She thought we were at a park, an amusement park that is. She ran around the bars that on a busy day would hold all the people like a line of piggies waddling up to the counter. She ran over here and over there. Oldest was trying to make her stop, but it wasn’t working. I felt like people were saying, “Oh look the after dinner entertainment is here.” She even got down on the floor and was rolling around. *Please Lord, give me strength!!* Then L started doing this high pitch squeal that I really have never heard before. It was rather funny but annoying all at the same time. Maybe going through the drive thru wouldn’t have been a bad idea after all.

I finally paid and got my ticket and hubby took the kids to sit down and wait. Little L was on the inside of the booth and she was still being rather loud. I told her to knock it off. She gave me her sad look and kissed my arm. Then thought it would be a great idea to crawl over the table. Daddy stopped her of course, so her next move was to crawl under the table. Which she did and she made it out. She ran to the next table and crawled up in it. Oldest went over and sat down to block her in. Nope not gonna work dear sissy. The little brat did it again, crawled under the table. I said that’s it and told hubby to take her back to the truck. When they left they called us up to get our order. Which was in like 10 bags, because they packed everything separate. Geesh!!

We got home and dug into our haul. Little L wasn’t too thrilled but she managed to eat a bit of a soft taco and part of a bean burrito. I’m gonna be hating tomorrow’s diaper changes! They messed up on mine, of course. Gave me steak instead of beef. It was good, although looking at the bill, the girl did put in steak which is a dollar more then the beef. Hubby ate the majority of the food and now he is sitting beside me feeling rather full. It was his idea. The sad thing is that we hadn’t been for 2 years and I think I could go another 2. Really haven’t missed out on anything.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Knock-knock jokes for parents

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Oldest to Little L: Sissy, do you love me?

L: Shakes her head yes.

Oldest: Am I the best sister ever?

L: Shakes her head yes again.

Oldest: Awww, I love you. And your the best sissy ever too.

L: Once more, she shakes her head yes.

My heart melts and I leave the room

*10 seconds later*

Oldest: No put it down. Leave it alone. Get it out of your mouth!

*the sound of L running through the house begins*

Oldest: MOM!!!!!