Don’t Wear Blue

Posted: April 26, 2015 in blog, funny, ramblings, Uncategorized
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So if you have read my previous post about the Mom Shirt, this post will make more sense. If you haven’t read, well…what are you waiting for?  Get your read on on over to that link I just put in there and take a looksy.

As you know, I shop a lot at Wal-mart. Wal-mart doesn’t bother me one little bit. I know so many that say they would rather run naked through the wilderness being chased by a crazed Michael Myers look alike. Well, maybe I don’t know anyone that has actually said that, but they may as well say it.  I am not ashamed to admit that I have worked for Wal-mart, 2 times, but it was at the Grocery store chain. Wal-mart is cheap and I am cheap. I can get whatever I need plus save some mulah. I say it’s a win win situation.

But…NEVER. WEAR. BLUE. when going to Wal-mart. I say this because that is what the workers wear. BLUE! I love the color blue, used to be my favorite color. Not so much anymore and it isn’t due to the fact that it’s a Wal-mart color, my taste have just changed over the years. I have been asked where an item is located before.  I usually don’t mind trying to help someone out, but when they realize that you DON’T actually work there, it can be very amusing.

Now, you would think that my mom only owned 2 shirts. This is because she will only wear one of 2 shirts when we go anywhere. She has different ones that she wears around the house, but tell her we are going to the park or go shopping, she will put on either the blue shirt or the blue shirt with the flag on it. No lie. So Friday, I needed some things at the store, to Wal-mart we headed. My mom dawning her blue shirt with the flag. While she was getting her coffee, this lady asked her if she knew where the salad dressing was. My mom told her, but then the lady was all apologetic about it, saying that she thought she worked there. Mom told her it was ok, she knew where it was cause we were just in that isle. They laughed and we went on our merry way. This morning, my mom comes out and tells me that she didn’t get the last 3 things on her receipt. Oldest, which has done this before, and who is supposed to be my helper, left a bag at the checkout. I called them and the lady said that the items had been turned in, just go get the stuff and come to customer service. No big deal, just have to get up the ambition to go back to Wal-mart on a Saturday. After Oldest left for her outing with her little friend, we loaded up. Mom was wearing the same damn blue shirt, with the flag, she had on the day before. UGH! She decides that once we are there, she needs to go over and look at the vitamins. OK…I am standing at the end of the isle waiting and I see her talking to someone. A few minutes pass and she makes her way down the isle. “This man thought I worked here, he was asking me where the Ensure was?” she states. Then adds, “that makes the second time in 2 days that someone thought I worked here.” I started laughing. “Maybe you need to wear a different colored shirt.” So I headed straight for the ladies department. She is looking at the shirts and she asks me which one I like. I said anything is good, just not blue or black. I walk away for a few minutes, when I turn around, she is coming towards me with a black shirt in her hands. “OH NO!” I said, “put that back.” “Well, which one?”  I look…”I like the green one”, (she used to wear green a lot.) Then she picks up a yellow shirt. “That will work too”, I say. She finally puts both shirts in the cart. I then ask her what happened to the shirts she bought last year. I know I returned a few for her, but she had bought like every color. “I just didn’t like them.” Yep that is my mom. A shopaholic, and won’t return a damn thing.

Hopefully you all got a little laugh out of this post and please, please, I beg you to heed my warning. If you do venture into Wal-mart, and I know you will sometime in your life, don’t wear blue. Unless it is your only shirt that you own, then run to any close clothing store and buy a different color, for heaven’s sakes. 😉

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