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Checking out my stats and they are totally jacked up. lt says I have had 2 views  and 9 likes. The likes are right but only 2 views. What’s up with that???
Yesterday I had 6 views and 18 likes. Can someone tell me what’s going on?

Little L was having a rough morning. She woke up in pretty good spirits, ate some oatmeal, threw her toast on the floor, stood up in her chair. The usual. Then about 10:30 the mood changed, and I blame the t.v. That new t.v. that we had to have is driving me crazy. It has the Smart features where you can access Netflix with a click of a button. At first, L only wanted to play Daniel Tiger from PBS. No problem. She would sit and watch and laugh and smile when his cute little orange face popped on the screen. But now she doesn’t want just Daniel. She wants me to stand and scroll over all the pics in the kids section. I will ask is this one good? She nods yes. I choose it, go to put the remote down. Then she cries wanting me to show her something else. OMG KID! Talk about driving me bonkers. This morning was the worst so far. I got to the point of handing her the remote and walking away. She would press a few buttons then bring it to me whining about what was on. I tried several times to find just the right show, but nope,  wasn’t happening. I turned it off, put on Nick Jr., and told her to deal with that or go play with some toys. She in turn cried, I started to walk away, she grabbed onto my leg and wouldn’t let go. I was determined to not give in. She was determined not to let go. I’m the the boss, not her. But Little Mess Miss has a strong grip and giving her all shes got. I make it to my destination, then daddy walks in and she runs to him throwing her fit.

Oldest and I left for day 2 of testing, Little L was still crying and having her fit as I drove off. I felt bad for like a half second, then realized I have been on the other side of that door my fair share, so getting out of the house for a few hours wasn’t going to hurt anyone.

I tried texting hubby after Oldest was all signed in but no answer back. I figured he took her in for a nap and fell asleep himself.

He always has all the luck! 🙂