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Conversation with Oldest on a Friday morning.

Oldest: Mom, is it ok if I get into the shower?

Me: Didn’t you take one last night?

Oldest: Yes. But you told me to take another one before my sleepover tonight.

Me: Yes, but I didn’t say to take one at 9 in the morning. Wait till later, maybe noon.

Oldest: I want to take one now.

Me: You need to wait, because you will put on your good clothes then get them dirty before you leave. And you aren’t leaving til atleast 5 this evening.

Oldest: But I want to take it now. It’s no big deal.

Me: No you will not. You have to wait.

Oldest walks away in a huff…and I am shaking my head saying I actually told her to NOT take a shower! *face palm*